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nalroni Nalroni are golden-furred humanoids with long, tapered snouts, sharp teeth, large ears, and large tail-brushes. Their builds are slight and slender, and they are possessed with a certain grace in movement. They seem to be gifted with an almost instinctive insight into the psychology and behavior of other species, giving them a tremendous advantage when dealing with others.

On their homeworld of Celanon, the dwellers of Celanon City (who call themselves Celanites) are the undisputed rulers of the planet, and are dedicated to a culture centered around the merchant class and commerce with alien cultures. The vast majority of Nalroni, however, live a more agrarian lifestyle, divided into clans and tribes -- While they may complain about the excesses of the merchant upperclass in Celanon City, they still benefit from the comforts brought to Celanon by trade with the off-worlders.

Personality: The stereotypical Nalroni that offworlders are likely to deal with is a showman and sweet-talker, intent upon earning trust and turning it into a profit. Nalroni in general are very social, and are often seen as gossips and wrapped up in intricate politics amongst their own clans and tribes.

Physical Description: Golden-furred humanoid with a tapered snout, sharp teeth, pointed ears, and brush tail, three fingers and thumb on each hand, and four clawed toes (one at the heel) on each foot.

Nalroni Homeworld: Celanon.

Language: Nalroni.

Example Names: Runnor, Desetor, Jelldar, Cekbar, Holvi, Arradi

Adventurers: Nalroni venturing beyond their homeworld are most probably either merchants looking to open new markets for their Trade Guild, or entrepreneurs aiming to make a quick credit for personal profit.

Nalroni Species Traits

  • -1 to Strength, +2 to Charisma. Nalroni are light of build, so not physically strong. Their strength, rather, is in their keen insight into the psychology of other creatures, and their natural poise and grace in movement.
  • Medium-size. As Medium-size creatures, Nalroni have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Nalroni base speed is 10 meters.
  • Sharp-Eyed. Nalroni have a keen eye for detail, and gain a +2 on all Search and Sense Motive checks.
  • Automatic Languages: Nalroni, Basic.
  • Origin: Adapted from WEG Star Wars RPG. For more information on this species, check out Star Wars Planets Collection, page 40.

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