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Ainarii Although their history has been almost entirely lost to time, the Ainarii are in fact descendants of human colonists from the earliest age of the Old Republic, fleeing a brief period of religious persecution during a time of turmoil on the human-dominated worlds. Although technology was by no means primitive at that time, xenobiology was still in relatively early stages, and the colonists were ill-prepared for adapting to local diseases and to mild toxins in food. Some scientists amongst the colonists came up with a radical plan to adapt the stock animals brought with the colonists to be able to survive on this world by engaging in genetic splicing with samples obtained from local wildlife, creating hybrids that could live on Ainar III, but which would be able to bear meat, milk and other byproducts that would not be harmful to the colonists.

This was, to a certain degree, successful, and they moved on to a more radical plan yet: to engage in genetic recombination to ensure that subsequent generations of the colonists would be better adapted to life on Ainar III. The initial products of this genetic manipulation were outwardly indistinguishable from normal humans, and so this practice continued for several generations. However, over time, some of the "dormant" genes began to surface, resulting in characteristics that were not quite so human -- Initially, such problems were corrected with cosmetic surgery, or else on a genetic level, but the colony was cut off from the outside galaxy, and lacked the resources to maintain much of their high-technology equipment. Even though the religious persecution that originally drove them to this world would no longer be an issue several generations later, the colonists still remained isolated. Eventually, the original equipment they had brought with them had long since passed into uselessness, and any hope of making contact with the outside galaxy was lost, should the interest ever arise.

Over time, the appearance of these non-human traits as a result of the genetic manipulation were allowed to carry their natural course, and gradually the people transformed, over many generations, into their current form.

Personality: Ainarii, originating amazingly enough from human stock, are fairly similar in mental makeup, and exhibit just as wide a range of personalities.

Physical Description: Furred humanoids with vulpine characteristics, similar in appearance to Nalroni, but possessing human-like hands and feet (i.e., four fingers plus opposable thumb on each hand, and five toes on each foot), and having a wider range of coloration tending to vary with geographic location.

Ainarii Homeworld: Ainar III.

Language: Basic (and variants).

Example Names: Lallinan, Mitzuna, Kizun

Adventurers: Even in the New Republic era, the Ainarii are isolated from the rest of the galaxy, and have a primitive lifestyle, free of modern technology. Any Ainarii who succeeds in leaving the planet, therefore, is unlikely to be greatly versed in technological skills.

Ainarii Species Traits

  • No modifications to basic ability scores. Ainarii are technically Near-Humans, and therefore are treated, rules-wise, the same as Humans.
  • Medium-size. As Medium-size creatures, Ainarii have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Ainarii base speed is 10 meters.
  • Versatile. Thanks to their human heritage, Ainarii are very versatile, and gain an extra Feat at first level. They have an extra 4 skill points to spend at character creation, and 1 additional skill point upon attaining each successive level.
  • Automatic Languages: Basic.
  • Origin: This alien species was invented for the Feorri Sector campaign, as a PC species for Lallinan. (c) Inari

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