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The following are statistics for a number of alien species for my Star Wars campaign, some "translated" from the West End Games Star Wars RPG to the d20 System.

Ainarii Radically altered descendants of humans in Feorri Sector
Chadra-Fan Short humanoids with bat-like features
Jawa Diminutive desert scavengers native to Tatooine
Nalroni Charismatic furred aliens from a merchant world
Narseti Rodent-marsupial aliens native to the Feorri Sector
Pardu Feline humanoid aliens from a cold world in the Feorri Sector
Quarren "Squid-Heads": amphibious humanoids
Sarkan Reptilian humanoids with a sense of superiority over "warm-bloods"
Shistavanen "Wolf-Men": furred humanoids with keen senses
Trianii Matriarchal feline humanoids.
Tusken Raider Fierce desert warriors from Tatooine
Xonephi Avian/reptilian aliens resistant to heat extremes

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