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Greywolf's Star Wars RPG Page

A long time ago, in an apartment miles, miles away, a great adventure took place. I ran a role-playing campaign set in the Star Wars universe, using the rules created by West End Games, with a small group of friends meeting at my place. Now, I'm taking up the challenge again, using the d20 System. This page is devoted to material for my new campaign, for the benefit of my players - and, possibly, anyone else who stumbles across it.

AliensAlien species in the Star Wars universe, converted to the d20 System
CampaignDetails about the setting of our Star Wars RPG campaign
Feorri SectorDetails on the region in which the campaign takes place
House RulesHouse rules for my Star Wars RPG campaign
ReferenceMiscellaneous reference material for my Star Wars players

Wizards of the Coast Star Wars

Star Wars and all characters and creations therein are copyright and trademark by Lucasfilm Ltd. The d20 System is copyright and trademark by Wizards of the Coast, Inc. The material on this web site, including all artwork save for logos of the aforementioned companies and products is (c) T. Jordan "Greywolf" Peacock, and any artwork inspired by the Star Wars setting, or articles intended for use with the d20 System do not constitute any sort of legal challenge to the ownership of those properties.