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Wonderland Gallery
Here is an assortment of illustrations created for the Wonderland No More setting created for Triple Ace Games.

Except where noted otherwise, all illustrations on this page (with the exception of the images by Sir John Tenniel used in the title graphic) are by Jordan Peacock, and © by Triple Ace Games (All Rights Reserved).

Last Updated: March 28th, 2012.

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  Gourmantic Horror: Saltwater Taffy Terror Gourmantic Horror: Saltwater Taffy Terror
A peculiar form of magic found in the realms of Wonderland No More would be that of Gourmancy, the art of fashioning magical food and drink. There are inherent risks involved, as formerly inanimate objects occasionally gain sentience or even sapience; their subsequent behavior is unpredictable at best, violent at worst. (22 Mar 2012.)

  The Very-Nearly (But-Not-Quite) White Rabbit The Very-Nearly (But-Not-Quite) White Rabbit
It happened to be the first day of March, so I figured I'd draw a rabbit, though not necessarily the hare usually associated with March, and although he's more-or-less white, and happens to be a, that doesn't mean he's the White Rabbit, either. Really, naming conventions in Wonderland can be such a bother! (1 Mar 2012.)

  Dire Bunny Dire Bunny
Dire wolves, dire bears, dire kangaroos, dire chickens ... none of them compare to the horror that is ... THE DIRE BUNNY! (26 Feb 2012.)

  Riddling Sphinx Riddling Sphinx
As one might expect, when these chimeric creatures are found in Wonderland, they simply have nothing better to do than to sit around devising riddles with the most obscure of "solutions." Until, that is, some hapless traveler wanders along, and then the sphinx demands that he answer the riddle satisfactorily, or be torn apart and eaten on the spot. Since the riddles are nonsensical, and there's no guarantee there actually is an answer, it's a rare and sad sphinx who's beaten at her own "game." (26 Feb 2012.)

  Mr. Henry Madden, Mad Haberdasher Mr. Henry Madden, Mad Haberdasher
Mr. Henry Madden is a denizen of Real-world London, circa 1888, who has taken over the family haberdashery business. Even though the dangers of mercury poisoning are well-known by this time, and there's simply no good reason for him to be "mad," he nonetheless plays to the outlandish stereotype, perhaps as a vain attempt to get away from mundane responsibilities. (A supporting character for my online Wonderland No More campaign.) (26 Feb 2012.)

  Mr. Griffin Paisley, Memento Mori Photographer Mr. Griffin Paisley, Memento Mori Photographer
Mr. Griffin Paisley has taken up his father's profession as a photographer, specializing in the staging of morbid "memento mori" photographs of the recently-deceased. However, with very recent advances in photography paper, exposure times have dropped considerably, and he's tried to branch into photographing more lively subjects, such as wildlife, when the opportunity presents itself. (A player-character created by P. Osze for my online Wonderland No More campaign.) (21 Mar 2012.)

  Mr. Achilles 'Ace' Johnson, London Times Reporter Mr. Achilles 'Ace' Johnson, London Times Reporter
Mr. Johnson is an investigative reporter for the venerable London Times, circa 1888. His need for stories often leads him into the darker parts of London, but he has a natural charm and a knack for remembering names and faces and little details that has carried him far. (A player-character created by Conrad Wong for my online Wonderland No More campaign.) (21 Mar 2012.)



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