Greywolf's Wonderland Gallery
Wonderland Gallery
Here is an assortment of illustrations created for the Wonderland No More setting created for Triple Ace Games.

Except where noted otherwise, all illustrations on this page (with the exception of the images by Sir John Tenniel used in the title graphic) are by Jordan Peacock, and by Triple Ace Games (All Rights Reserved).

Last Updated: March 28th, 2012.

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  Chef Ala Carte Blanche, Chessman Gourmancer Chef Ala Carte Blanche, Chessman Gourmancer
This character is an example both of a Chessman (an animated wooden chess piece from the Looking-glass Lands), and of a Gourmancer (a cook whose recipes have magical properties for those who consume the drinks or dishes). Never mind how he's supposed to sample his own food without a mouth. It's a Wonderland thing. (29 Aug 2010.)

  Stan the Gunflower ... er, Sunflower Stan the Gunflower ... er, Sunflower
It's not easy being edible. Stan is one of those talking Plants hailing from the garden that Alice passed through on her second visit to Wonderland. He's no longer planted in a bed, now free to pull up his roots and roam about. While he can get sustenance by putting in his roots and soaking up some sunshine for a while, there are still creatures (vegetarians! herbivores!) that pose a threat to him; they want to eat his sunflower-seed face! Out of pure necessity (and maybe just a little homicidal glee), Stan totes a shotgun to dissuade any would-be seed-eaters. (29 Aug 2010.)

  The Cheshire Kit The Cheshire Kit
One of the pre-generated heroes presented in the WNM Players' Guide, not to be confused with the Cheshire Cat ... though, quite honestly, this prankster feline would take it as a compliment! All sorts of Animals might be found in Wonderland, though they don't constitute a distinct "race" as might be found in more conventional fantasy settings. In Savage Worlds terms, it's a basic template, with a number of "Racial Edges" to select from to customize to make your character more cat-like, bat-like, rat-like, gnat-like, or whatever is most appropriate. (26 Aug 2010.)

  Jack o' Kent Jack o' Kent
Jack o' Kent is representative of the Playing Card (or just "Card") race of Wonderland. As this is a dream-like, fairy-tale setting, at times a Card is perfectly capable of doing anything a normal person could (including baking, stealing, and eating tarts), and even be mistaken for human. At other times ("when it serves the story"), a Card could exploit his card-like properties, say, by falling flat to the ground to try to hide, or perhaps even to slip under a door. (26 Aug 2010.)

  The Maniac Haberdasher The Maniac Haberdasher
The Maniac Haberdasher (often confused with The Hatter simply on account of his trade), is an example of the sort of craftsman who can be found in Wonderland, with such a level of skill that it becomes a sort of magic. In this case, the Maniac Haberdasher can conjure useful things out of his hat ... including other hats that he can put on or hand to others to "pretend" to be a member of another occupation (gaining temporary use of or improvement of a skill). He's also a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, as he (ahem), "wears many hats." (26 Aug 2010.)

  Black Kitten Chessman Queen Black Kitten Chessman Queen
This was inspired by the two illustrations in Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There that depict Alice following through on her threat to shake the Red Queen "into a kitten," though here I've merged the two concepts. Actually, since Animals are a playable race in Wonderland No More, and it's possible to pick up an Edge to be an "Honorary Chessman," this could be a player-character concept. (24 Aug 2010.)

  The Tree With a Door In It The Tree With a Door In It
A depiction of the tree that curiously has a door in it, leading to somewhere else entirely. There might actually be several of these to be found in Wonderland. (24 Aug 2010.)

  Taking Tea in Wonderland Taking Tea in Wonderland
Another "conceptual" illustration done in a Wonderlandish style, again not meant to convey any particular scene or event in Wonderland No More, per se. (28 Jun 2009.)

  Alice vs. the Jabberwock
Alice vs. the Jabberwock
A conceptual illustration depicting an event that does not happen in any particular Wonderland No More adventure, but, hey, it's an RPG, so it could! This was an early experiment on my part to try to make a picture look at least a little bit "Tenniel-esque." (10 Jun 2008.)



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