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Unusual Species

A great many sapient species can be found in the world of Ironclaw, more than are specifically detailed in the main rulebook and the published supplements. Here, then, are statistics written up as house rules to cover some of the species less commonly found in the lands of Calabria.


Cheetah Hunter Cheetahs are golden-furred, black-spotted felines best known for having among their number the fastest runners - faster than any other land creature, whether person or beast. They hail from the wide plains of the southern continent of Akoma, though some have come to Calabria in search of adventure -- or, less fortunately, as slaves for the markets of Bisclavret. Unlike most cats, cheetahs are not adapted to climbing trees, and lack sharp retractile claws and nightvision; they are far more adapted to overtaking prey in the open savannahs in broad daylight.

Cost: 7 points
Racial Gifts: Teeth (1), Extra Move (4), Sprinter (2)
Racial Flaws: None
Racial Skills: Hiking, Stealth

SPRINTER (2 points)

You are capable of sprinting. At the cost of 1 Fatigue point, you can move DOUBLE your normal Dash, for one Instance. Note that a Run consists of THREE Dashes; you'd have to suffer THREE Fatigue points to sustain the doubling for all three rounds. There is no bonus to Stride.

While sprinting, you may not turn sharply -- only 45 degrees. The Game Host is the final arbiter of how much you can or cannot turn.

In game terms, during a Chase test, if you spend three Fatigue points, then treat all degrees of success in your favor by one step greater. Overwhelming Failure becomes a Failure, Failure becomes a Tie, Tie becomes a Success, and Successes become Overwhelming Successes. If both parties sprint, however, then the benefits cancel out on both sides.


Dolphin Elementalist Dolphins are mysterious denizens of the deep, sometimes mistakenly thought of by land-dwellers as "fish men." In fact, they are air-breathing mammals, just well-adapted to life in water. The dolphins have little concern for the affairs of Calabria or the other continents; language barriers further prohibit interaction with surface-dwellers to any appreciable degree. Dolphin player characters, therefore, are the exception: they are separated from their people by choice or accident. Dolphin guides can often find lucrative employment on sailing vessels, but those that deal with the land-dwellers rarely find a warm reception among their exclusively sea-dwelling kin.

Cost: 0 points
Racial Gifts: Echolocation* (2)
Racial Flaws: Lame (-2)
Racial Skills: Fishing, Hold Breath, Swimming

* "Echolocation" for Dolphins only works underwater, and does not require (as per the usual Echolocation Gift) "Keen Ears" as a prerequisite.

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