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Arcane Arts: Lost Magic Books

For my own Ironclaw campaign, I decided to make a few new brands of magic to fill in a few gaps and support some character archetypes I had in mind that weren't quite covered by the existing rules. Here are some of my incomplete notes on some new branches of magic, in case this might give a Game Host some ideas. That said, these spell lists are not properly playtested -- that is, I've made use of them, but they really are in need of some large changes for purposes of play balance, clarity of rules, fitting with the setting, and general playability.

Right now, the only reason these are here is for the purpose of quick reference for some of my friends who, now and then, offer me suggestions on how to improve things. When I get the time, I intend to make major changes to these lists. ("Infernal Magic" is bound to be almost unrecognizeable when I get through with it.)

So, you have been warned! Without further ado, my scattered notes....

Orange College Arborean Magic

Ironclaw Gaming System

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