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Houses of Calabria

On the island of Calabria, many noble houses, minor and major, have come and gone. The following is an attempt to catalog those that have been mentioned by name so far in the Ironclaw rulebook and the various sourcebooks. The "Book" column indicates in which supplement the house is first mentioned (and in some cases, on what page or pages). For the major houses, I've opted to just list the books devoted to them, rather than cataloging the mentions.

HouseSpecies Book Page(s) Notes
Aoreilles Rabbit Avoirdupois 10 Subject to Avoirdupois
Avinge Shrew Doloreaux 13, 14, 30, 61 Harpoon and Iceberg Whaling town of Mortemere
Avoirdupois Horse Avoirdupois - The 7-Layered Maze Chivalrous, religious, militant
Bisclavret Wolf Bisclavret - Wolf Biting Sword Pseudo-Scottish; nobles wear kilts; militant, ambitious, interested in new technology (clockwork, gunpowder, steam engines, etc.)
Blaireu Badger Avoirdupois,
13/8, 27 The Tree Former subjects of Rinaldi, Avoirdupois; now subjects of Bisclavret
Casque Armadillo Avoirdupois 10, 30, 157 Not-so-loyal subjects of Avoirdupois
Chevernaise Goat Doloreaux 12, 28 The Horns Mountain-dwelling raiders
Doloreaux Boar Doloreaux - The Pomegranite Followers of the "Old Faith," Lutarism
Ecorcheur Rhinoceros Avoirdupois 6, 30, 158 Raiders subdued by Avoirdupois
Esclage Hedgehog Bisclavret 8, 27 The Slave and Thorns Declining house with delusions of grandeur; originally slavers, now bureaucrats in service of Bisclavret
Feocullan Skunk Phelan 26 Swamp-dwelling raiders
Fiach Raven Phelan 26 Look like normal ravens; serve druids
Keylljeyder Elk Phelan 25 Woodsy, mysterious
Lissemanteau Ermine Avoirdupois 10, 30, 158 Gained lands through suspect means during war with Rinaldi
Phelan Wolf Phelan - The World Serpent Pseudo-Celtic, wild, lots of Atavists
Plessis Wild Dogs Avoirdupois 10 Conquered, reduced to serfdom
Quennel Squirrel Doloreaux 10 "Crushed" by Doloreaux
Repense Bat/Mouse Bisclavret 8, 28 The Heavens Astrology-obsessed bat nobles served by mouse peasants
Rinaldi Fox Rinaldi - The Shells Declining, once ruling house of Triskellian
Screeberagh Wild Cat Phelan,
26/? Hate Phelan; some tribes serve Bisclavret
Thierry Bear Doloreaux 10 Driven from "Walls of Calabria"
Triskellian various Rinaldi - The Triskele City formerly dominated by House Rinaldi, now by merchants; "melting pot" of Calabria, home to many species
Wallon ??? Avoirdupois 10 Species not indicated; defeated by Avoirdupois

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