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On the official Ironclaw site, you will find free "cardboard hero" paper models for the Ironclaw RPG. But what if you want an army of horses, and there's just one horse soldier on the whole sheet? Rather than wasting twenty sheets of paper for twenty models, here's an alternative: paper models stored as a font that you can load into your PC, then arrange on a document, scale as you see fit, and print out, cut out, fold up, tape and use!

Fox Knight Model Ironclaw Stand-Ups #1, "Allies and Adversaries," features 24 models of assorted species and professions, with a focus on NPCs found in large groups: soldiers, brigands, hostile lizards, a mob of angry peasants, or even a horde of zombies! Accessories (weapons and shields) are also included. You can find a full preview in the gallery.

Ironclaw Stand-Ups #1 (TrueType) Ironclaw Stand-Ups #1 (Type 1)

Jadeclaw Phoenix Ironclaw Stand-Ups #2 is a set of paper models for use with the new Jadeclaw expansion to Ironclaw. 27 paper models are contained in this set: peasants, soldiers, monsters and lizards. A "riding lizard" special model is included for depicting mounted characters, as well as blank frame templates and accessories. You can find a preview in the gallery. (Changes: Version "1.1" replaces a missing back view for the "Viper.")

Ironclaw Stand-Ups #2 v. 1.1 (TrueType) Ironclaw Stand-Ups #2 v. 1.1 (Type 1)

Mavra Ironclaw Stand-Ups #3, "Heroes," features 28 models based on illustrations from the main rulebook by Tracy Butler, Phil Burgess, Mary "Kitsumi" Lai, Chris Goodwin, Jason Holmgren, K-9 and yours truly. This includes the 10 sample characters, the NPCs from the (first printing) introductory adventure, elementals, and more! You can find a full preview in the gallery.

Ironclaw Stand-Ups #3 v. 1.0 (TrueType) Ironclaw Stand-Ups #3 v. 1.0 (Type 1)

Concoran Ironclaw Stand-Ups #4, "Closing of the City Gates," features 28 models based on illustrations from the main rulebook by Tracy Butler, Phil Morrissey, Nami Jarret, Jeff Robinson, Sara Palmer, Jason Holmgren, and Conrad Wong. This includes characters from the "mini-comics," as well as NPCs from the sample adventure, "The Closing of the City Gates." You can find a full preview in the gallery. This is the "beta" incomplete version, as the final version will have two more models to make a total of 30.

Ironclaw Stand-Ups #4 v. 0.1 (TrueType) Ironclaw Stand-Ups #4 v. 0.1 (Type 1)

Barrel, Carpets, Scrying Ball Ironclaw Scenery #1 is an assortment of paper model designs for doors, furniture, and other inanimate objects for use to mark out playing areas for games of Ironclaw. This is the incomplete "beta" version, and as time allows, more images may be added to the set. Version "0.3" has been updated as of 25 Oct 2002, with the matrices cleaned up a bit so that the front/back sides line up better.

Ironclaw Scenery #1 v. 0.3 (TrueType) Ironclaw Scenery #1 v. 0.3 (Type 1)

Symbols Sample Ironclaw Symbols #1 is a collection of symbols of various brands of magic, religions and orders shown in the Ironclaw rulesbook and supplements (including Jadeclaw), plus a few I've made up on my own. Updated to "version 1.1" as of 23 Oct 2002, to add a few more runes to the symbol keys.

Ironclaw Symbols #1 v. 1.1 (TrueType) Ironclaw Symbols #1 v. 1.1 (Type 1)

You can also find .pdf sheets full of "cardboard heroes", plus blank template sheets at the official Ironclaw site:

Ironclaw Gaming System

And, if you like this format for TrueType fonts, and would like to find more paper models for use with games of Ironclaw or other RPGs, I highly recommend checking out the following link:

Sparks: Paper Miniatures

So, do you like the fonts? Would you like to see more? Do you actually have a use for these in your role-playing games? Is there some other format that would be more useful to you? If so, please let me know, because it's very helpful to get some feedback to help me determine the direction(s) I should go next.

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