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Now and again, I draw unicorns, whether "anthropomorphic" or more traditional.

Crystal Unicorn Crystal Unicorn
I drew this as an illustration for Kevin L. Anderson's fairy-tale-themed adventure, "The Crystal Unicorn" - an adventure that he wrote for his daughter, who has recently expressed an interest in roleplaying games, and is very interested in such things as fairies and unicorns and such. (2 Aug 2011)

Crystal Unicorn - MLP Style Crystal Unicorn
Here's another illustration I drew, inspired by Mr. Anderson's "Crystal Unicorn" adventure - except that this was done, by request of Mr. Anderson's daughter, in an attempt at a style evocative of the "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" cartoon. (Disclaimer: My Little Pony is a trademark of Hasbro, Inc. This is a fan illustration, as are any other MLP-inspired pictures on this site, and no challenge to trademark status is intended.) (2 Aug 2011)

Dark Lady Unicorn, Steampunk Inventor Dark Lady Unicorn, Steampunk Inventor
Some time ago, I established a sort of "tradition" of sorts that I really should draw at least one unicorn a year, or it just isn't a proper year, and toward that end, I've often scrambled to draw another unicorn toward the end of the year. It's often a pencil sketch done wherever I happen to be on New Year's Eve, and it rarely actually gets scanned in (and sometimes is just given away). Here, I decided to draw something at the computer: a unicorn! Except not just any unicorn - it's a dark steampunk inventor lady unicorn with a zappy gun! (31 Dec 2010)

Happy, Girly, Prancy, Sparkly Pink Unicorn Happy, Girly, Prancy, Sparkly Pink Unicorn
A colored and sparklified version of the unicorn drawing below. (13 Sep 2007)
Happy Unicorn Drawing Happy Unicorn Drawing
A happy, prancy unicorn! I also have a larger-resolution version for printing off and coloring in with markers, crayons, and so forth. (I plan on sending it as part of a "color-me-in" packet to my nieces.) (10 Sep 2007)
Victorian Unicorn for Liza's Birthday Victorian Unicorn for Liza's Birthday
Liza, the creative department director at work, had requested that I draw her as a unicorn. Her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice, and her favorite color is orange, so those figured into the picture. Voila! (29 May 2007)
Doom Unicorn Doom Unicorn
A strange product of the phenomenon of "I haven't got any ideas of what to draw!" while at the Art Jam: A cute unicornish creature transplanted into the Doom universe. Despite appearances, I'm sure that any demons encountered would be the ones in trouble. (17 Aug 2006)
Warcraft Quel'Thalas Unicorn Warcraft Quel'Thalas Unicorn
Another experiment in sketching directly in Adobe PhotoShop (as opposed to the "pencil, scan and color" method I usually employ), this time of a unicorn of the high elven lands of Quel'Thalas, from the Warcraft setting. (24 Jul 2006)
Warcraft Dark Unicorn Warcraft Dark Unicorn
Unlike my typical work, this was drawn directly on the tablet, rather than following my usual method of coloring in a scanned pencil sketch. (I may have to work more on this method. Although it's very sketchy, it still has more of a "painterly" feeling than I can manage with a colored-in sketch.) The subject is a "dark unicorn" from Warcraft - a once-noble creature from the high elven lands of Quel'Thalas, corrupted by fel magicks with the fall of the land to the evil Scourge, and the swaying of the former high elves to pursue the dark arcane arts as "blood elves". (21 Jul 2006)
Warcraft Barrens Unicorn (Zhevra) Warcraft Zhevra "Unicorn"
A colorized sketch I drew at one of our "art jams" - this time of a creature known as a "zhevra" in the World of Warcraft online game. It's the closest I can find (yet) to a unicorn in this setting, though unicorns appear in decorative motifs (particularly those associated with the mysterious High Elves). (6 Jul 2006)
Thumbnail: Unicorn Crusader Unicorn Crusader
Alas, no real story behind this. Just something I doodled at the "art jam". (8 Jun 2006)
Thumbnail: Unicorn Sisters Unicorn Sisters
An "art jam" picture of two unicorn characters from a story that I'm unlikely to ever actually write. I might color this picture later. But probably not, what with my track record. I'm such a pessimist! ;) (4 May 2005)
Thumbnail: Argent the Unicorn Argent the Unicorn
Pencil sketch of "Argent", a Unicorn Companion of Sir Ent, a character from my "Dante's Inferno" D&D campaign. (3 Mar 2004)
Thumbnail: Unicorn with Flute Unicorn with Flute
On my birthday, I realized that I hadn't drawn any unicorns in quite a while ... so I decided to doodle one, just because. (10 Dec 2003)
Thumbnail: Kersplash! Kersplash!
A little unicorn takes a dive into a pool. Pencil sketch colored with Painter Classic. (9 Dec 2002)

Thumbnail: Marshmallows Marshmallows
Computer-colored version of a doodle I did for the Necronomicon 2002 art show -- yet another silly idea involving small mythic creatures. (3 Oct 2002)

Thumbnail: Pop! Pop!
Computer-colored version of a picture I drew for the Necronomicon 2002 art show, along with several other doodles, in a panic last-day art jam right before going off to the convention. I just got some silly ideas in my head for cute little mythic creatures doing strange and silly things. Unicorns and balloons! POP! Whee! I am told that in the art auction, I was declared to have won for "longest artist name" with "T. Jordan 'Greywolf' Peacock." (3 Oct 2002)

Thumbnail: Walking Unicorn (color) Walking Unicorn (Color)
This is the colored version of an animation loop of a little walking unicorn. (19 May 2002)

Thumbnail: Walking Unicorn Walking Unicorn
This is a rough animation loop of a little walking unicorn. (19 May 2002)

Thumbnail: Unicorn Ring-Toss Unicorn Ring-Toss
(13 Oct 2001) Fun with mythical animals!

Thumbnail: Autumn Dance (Color) Autumn Dance (Color)
Partially colored version of the "Autumn Dance" picture, done up for Necronomicon 2000. (Alas, nobody wanted to bid on it!) Pen brush and india ink on paper, with colored pencils. (16 Oct 2000)

Thumbnail: Yazmina in Flight Yazmina in Flight
Portrait of a winged unicorn character, and online "avatar" of "Yazmina." Ink brush on paper, colored with Painter Classic. (5 Sep 2000)

Thumbnail: Autumn Dance Autumn Dance
One of my typical unicorn pictures, though here I was inspired by a scene called "The Crows", from a book of Art Nouveau designs, thus the swirling clouds in the background. Ink (via brush, pen and marker) on sketch paper. (1 Sep 2000)

Thumbnail: Journey Journey
This is a unicorn picture I drew in 1999, and used for the back cover of Pawprints Fanzine #11. I envisioned a marvelous, quasi-Jules-Vernian starship controlled somehow by a grand mechanical organ-like device. Ink on bristol. (1999)

Thumbnail: Rory Rory and Silhouette
Rorschach, a unicorn child and Apprentice Shadow Mage, dances with his imaginary friend, Silhouette. This particular piece was done in felt-tip, scanned in, then colored in Adobe Photoshop. (1998)

Thumbnail: Daydream Daydream with Flowers
A little unicorn with flowers. This character was originally an NPC from GenesisMUCK for a plot that centered around a weird and magical "pocket dimension" contained in an artifact called "Pandara's Box". Much, much later (in 2002), I actually recycled this plotline as the basis for a side adventure in my Ironclaw RPG campaign, and for a scenario at Necronomicon 2002. (Jan 1997)

Thumbnail: Power-Uni Power-Uni
A cutesy unicorn in power armor, drawn in the sketchbook of Genesis Whitmore; she was kind enough to give me a photocopy. (12 Oct 1996)

Images on this page are copyright by T. Jordan "Greywolf" Peacock and by the respective owners of any characters depicted.

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