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The following is a selection of "fan art", character portraits and illustrations for the Star Wars RPG Feorri Sector campaign.

Thumbnail: Group Shot Group Shot
A photograph taken by John Boulton of miniatures representing the player characters for our "Feorri Sector" Star Wars campaign, posing on some of the modular "techno" scenery used for the game. (Left to right: Professor Vashti Solaris, Jedi Guardian Trini, Pardu Technician Zaky, Jedi Consular Paddy Valero, and Ex-Imperial Scout Bail Solaris.) (2001)

Thumbnail: Ghia Ghia
A Trianii salvager and pilot. (c) coyohti (May 2001)

Thumbnail: Lallinan Lallinan
An Ainarii Force Adept from a primitive world. (c) Inari (May 2001)

Thumbnail: Karl Sturmwulf Karl Sturmwulf
A solder and pilot hired to help defend Feorri Sector from the forces of the ex-Imperial warlord, Shel Abadan. (c) Scott Whitmore (May 2001)

Thumbnail: Jigah Garoh Jigah Garoh
A Gungan soldier from a moon colony of Naboo, out to prove his worth. (May 2001)

Thumbnail: Paddy Valero Paddy Valero
An ex-police officer found to be proficient in the use of the Force, and trained to be a Jedi Consular. (c) Scott Whitmore (May 2001)

Thumbnail: Trini Trini
A young Jedi Guardian skilled in the use of the lightsaber and the Force. (c) Stephie Stone (May 2001)

Thumbnail: Zaky Zaky
A Pardu technician and hero. (c) John Boulton (May 2001)

Thumbnail: Choma Choma
A Pardu user of the Force, and brother to Zaky. (c) Mach (May 2001)

Thumbnail: Bail Solaris Bail Solaris
An ex-Imperial technician and pilot turned mercenary hero. (c) John Zielinsky (May 2001)

Thumbnail: Professor Solaris Professor Vashti Solaris
A professor of life and physical sciences from Feorri Sector, assigned to assist a group of heroes as they battle the forces of the nefarious warlord Shel Abadan. (c) Wendy Peacock (May 2001)

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