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These are rough sketches and studies, some of them included more as a sporadic "pictoral diary" than for the sake of showing off my dubious ability to do "life drawings".

1927 Ford Model T at Wildwood Springs Resort - Steelville, Missouri 1927 Ford Model T at Wildwood Springs Resort - Steelville, Missouri
A pencil sketch of a 1927 Ford Model T owned by a member of the family that runs the Wildwood Springs Resort at Steelville, Missouri. They let my dad drive it around - and I got to take a ride in it. (9 Jul 2006)
Thumbnail: Dad's Mustang II Dad's Mustang II
A pencil sketch of my dad's "Mustang II" kit plane in flight. (He built it in his basement ... then had to knock out a wall to get the airplane out! Apparently this isn't unusual when it comes to homebuilt airplanes. Anyway, I took a few photos of it when I went to visit, and used them for reference for this doodle.) (15 Dec 2004)
Thumbnail: Sylves Highbrow Sylves Highbrow
A pencil sketch of "Sylves Highbrow", an Elven Druid, with her wolf companion - a D&D character played by Stephie Stone in my "Inferno" campaign. (I drew this one during a Thursday night "art jam" at Panera Bread this week.) (10 Jul 2004)
Thumbnail: Sister Paenitia Sister Paenitia
A pencil sketch of "Sister Paenitia", a Tiefling Cleric of Kord - a D&D character played by John Boulton in my "Inferno" campaign. (I started this one while I was in the hospital, and finished up during a Thursday night "art jam" at Panera Bread.) (10 Jul 2004)
Thumbnail: Sir Ent Sir Ent
A pencil sketch of "Sir Ent", a Half-Elf Paladin of Ehlonna - Wendy's D&D character in my "Inferno" campaign. (I drew this one while I was in the hospital.) (10 Jul 2004)
Thumbnail: Goth Girl Goth Girl with Roses
A pencil sketch of a little goth girl with roses, based on a superheroine character concept by Wendy Peacock, drawn at a "Wednesday Night Art Jam" at Panera Bread. (10 Mar 2004)
Thumbnail: Kathmandu #1 Kathmandu #1
A rough character concept sketch inspired by a talk with John Boulton about a possible character for an upcoming superhero RPG campaign: a guy who has a cursed necklace from ancient Siam that has the power to turn him into a feline form. I arbitrarily came up with the name, for the sake of a label, though it is by no means approved! (10 Mar 2004)
Thumbnail: Kathmandu #2 Kathmandu #2
The aforementioned shapeshifting superhero, in housecat form. (10 Mar 2004)
Thumbnail: Kathmandu #3 Kathmandu #3
The aforementioned shapeshifting superhero, in oversized kitty-cat form. (10 Mar 2004)
Thumbnail: Cat Necklace Kathmandu: Cat Necklace
A rough sketch of a Thai necklace, with a "cat" design on the pendant. (10 Mar 2004)
Thumbnail: Scars Scars
A character concept sketch very loosely based on a rough superhero character concept mentioned by Patrick Dowden - a fellow who has remarkable ability to regenerate, quickly healing wounds, though they still often leave a mark. (10 Mar 2004)
Thumbnail: Tori Face Tori Face
A pencil sketch of my little niece, Tori. =) (3 Mar 2004)
Thumbnail: Kitara Kitara
Pencil sketch of Kitara, a Halfling Ranger character in my "Dante's Inferno" D&D campaign. (3 Mar 2004)
Thumbnail: Little Joe Little Joe
Pencil sketch of "Little Joe", a recurring character in some bedtime stories for my little niece, Tori, as told by my mom. =) (3 Mar 2004)
Thumbnail: Ehlonnhin the Unicorn Ehlonnhin the Unicorn
Pencil sketch of "Ehlonnhin", a Unicorn Companion of Sir Ent, a character from my "Dante's Inferno" D&D campaign. (3 Mar 2004)
Thumbnail: Xith the Dragonling Xith the Dragonling
Pencil sketch of "Xith", a dragonling familiar of Maori - a character from my "Dante's Inferno" D&D campaign. (3 Mar 2004)
Thumbnail: Cancun Beach Cancun Beach, 07 Jan 2004
A sketch I did with colored pencils while sitting on the beach at a resort in Cancun, Mexico. (I was trying to capture the varying shades of blue and green I noticed in the water.)

Thumbnail: Hannah Sketch #5 Hannah Sketch #5, 13 Nov 2003
A concept sketch for a commission of a character, "Hannah", from the Mirari Campaign on SinaiMUCK. This is a line art version. (I'm just playing around with poses and such.)

Thumbnail: Hannah Sketch #1 Hannah Sketch #1, 1 Oct 2003
A concept sketch for a commission of a character, "Hannah", from the Mirari Campaign on SinaiMUCK. This one is the adult Hannah.

Thumbnail: Hannah Sketch #2 Hannah Sketch #2, 1 Oct 2003
A concept sketch for a commission of a character, "Hannah", from the Mirari Campaign on SinaiMUCK. This is Hannah as a child.

Thumbnail: Hannah Sketch #3 Hannah Sketch #3, 1 Oct 2003
A concept sketch for a commission of a character, "Hannah", from the Mirari Campaign on SinaiMUCK. Here's another partial sketch of Hannah as an adult, experimenting with another angle/pose.

Thumbnail: Butterflies, 16 Jan 2003 Butterflies, 16 Jan 2003
On my way back from an interview, I went by the library, and got out a field guide to butterflies. I scribbled down rough sketches of various wing patterns, in the hope that the next time I draw a sprite, fairy, pixie or the like, I can draw wings that look more convincingly butterfly-like -- and, therefore, more appropriate for a more fanciful creature as well. I noted that quite a few butterflies have fantastic names as it is: pixies, nymphs and satyrs, at the very least. (I noticed that several were called "commas," and I took special note at those called "question marks.") (16 Jan 2003)

Thumbnail: Thunder Mountain, 9 Jan 2003 Thunder Mountain, 9 Jan 2003
We went to the Magic Kingdom, and Wendy wanted to ride Thunder Mountain. I've ridden it before, and wasn't too keen on it, so I waited outside. While I was waiting, I saw some scenery I wouldn't have minded taking a photo of, but the digital camera's battery was already out. So, I got the idea that I might as well just try sketching some of the scenery, since, hey, it's less likely to move around than ducks or seagulls or tourists, and I had a while to wait. (The wait time was listed as 30 minutes.) (9 Jan 2003)

Thumbnail: Skull, 9 Jan 2003 Skull, 9 Jan 2003
This is a cheery little piece of decor lying outside Thunder Mountain, which I sketched while waiting on Wendy to come out of the ride. (9 Jan 2003)

Thumbnail: MGM Sketches #1, 17 Dec 2002 MGM Sketches #1, 17 Dec 2002
We went to MGM Studios to take some photographs of Wendy around various attractions, but the camera's battery went out quickly (as usual). So, we just sat on a bench by the "Villains in Vogue" and "Sunset Spells" stores, and watched people go by for a while. I had my sketchbook ... so I started doodling them. For my online comic project, I've had trouble drawing a librarian, so the upper-left corner picture is a quick attempt at sketching someone who looked vaguely like the character. The upper right is a kid bouncing a super ball. The lower left is a little girl who was munching on a Mickey-eared ice cream treat across the street for a bit. The lower right is a rough sketch of the facade across the street. (17 Dec 2002)

Thumbnail: MGM Sketches #2, 17 Dec 2002 MGM Sketches #2, 17 Dec 2002
More sketches! Upper left: one of a group of kids, shouting across the street to someone else. Upper right: a kid looking oh-so-cool in baggy pants and a Sorcerer's Apprentice cap. Lower left: a little girl with permed hair, trendy clothes and big glasses who went by. Lower right: a lady who was brushing hair out of her face. (17 Dec 2002)

Thumbnail: MGM Sketches #3, 17 Dec 2002 MGM Sketches #3, 17 Dec 2002
Yet more! Upper left: a girl who wandered past me as I drew, pausing momentarily at the curb as if habitually looking both ways (for traffic?) before stepping into the flow. Upper right: a person in a wheelchair parked for a while across the street. Bottom: some castmembers chattering in the street; the one on the viewer's right kept on licking his fingers - I don't know if it was because he'd eaten something sticky, or it was some sort of bizarre nervous habit, the way he went on! (17 Dec 2002)

Thumbnail: MGM Sketches #4, 17 Dec 2002 MGM Sketches #4, 17 Dec 2002
Sketchiness! Upper left: a lady across the street, sketched because of her rough resemblance of that librarian I was trying to draw. Upper right: a castmember in a bright blue suit making his way across the street. Lower left: a mom with a camcorder, pausing to film Dad and kids in the street. Lower right: tourist scratching his back and scanning the crowd. (17 Dec 2002)

Thumbnail: MGM Sketches #5, 17 Dec 2002 MGM Sketches #5, 17 Dec 2002
This page was sketched down in the "New York" section of MGM Studios, as people waited for the sky to darken and for the "Festival of Lights" to open. Upper left: some guy with steaming cup. Upper right: lady chatting with friends. Far right: guy on curb. Bottom: I noticed I was leaving out peoples' feet a lot, so I decided to deliberately draw a few. (17 Dec 2002)

Thumbnail: Yakatori with Gwendel, 17 Dec 2002 Yakatori with Gwendel, 17 Dec 2002
After our little adventure at MGM Studios, we headed over to Epcot. I was starving, so we went to the Yakatori House for supper. Wendy kept dropping bits of food on the back of her hand, and then licked it in a way that made me think of a cat grooming her paw. I snickered and drew a little doodle (although it was a bit difficult due to the poor lighting) of her as her alter ego "Gwendel." (17 Dec 2002)

Thumbnail: Birthday, 11 Dec 2002 Birthday, 11 Dec 2002
Just when I thought Wendy had forgotten my birthday entirely, she surprised me at midnight with a birthday cake! To commemorate the occasion, I did a doodle of our online alter-egos. (11 Dec 2002)

Thumbnail: Wolfwings Sketch, 10 Dec 2002 Wolfwings Sketch, 10 Dec 2002
A fellow online whom I know only by the handle of "Wolfwings" sent me the Half-Life: Blue Shift game CD, in exchange for a con badge drawing of his character. (And just what is his character? A spotted-owl-red-wolf-gryphon hybrid. How's that for chimeric?) This is a rough sketch of the critter in a generic "action pose." (10 Dec 2002)

Thumbnail: Once Upon a Time, 10 Dec 2002 Once Upon a Time, 10 Dec 2002
On my birthday, I decided that I should finally start working on a comic idea (yet another one!) that has been on my mind for a long time, set in a sort of children's-book fantasy setting. (The working title is either "Legends of Arborea" or "Legends of Aeonia." I just can't seem to solidly decide on much of anything.) Although the original page that I sketched will likely be redone entirely at this point, I scanned in a small portion of the art for posterity. (10 Dec 2002)

Thumbnail: Amber Walker, 29 Nov 2002 Amber Walker, 29 Nov 2002
I have an old idea for a mini-comic involving anthropomorphic animals and unlikely meka designs that's been bouncing around in my head for a while. During one of my forays out to the local bookstore with John Boulton, we had an "art jam" session, and this is one of the sketches I produced, of the primary character (Amber), and an attempt at a design for the walking machine that she operates. (29 Nov 2002)

Thumbnail: Dream, 29 Nov 2002 Dream, 29 Nov 2002
Another sketch done during the aforementioned art jam session, inspired by a weird dream that I had. (29 Nov 2002)

Thumbnail: Fashion Sketches, 13 Apr 2002 Fashion Sketches, 13 Apr 2002
I wanted to work on a 1920s/1930s "pulp action" Sparks set, so I went to the library and looked through books on fashion, photographs from the early 20th century, etc. This is a page from my sketchbook that I filled with sketches based on various pictures I saw. Some of these images have been incorporated into Cairo Moon, a Sparks set at Cumberland Games. Some of the rejects went into a "Greywolf Paper Heroes" freebie set on my fonts page. (13 Apr 2002)

Thumbnail: Fashion Sketches, 13 Apr 2002 Personality Sketches, 13 Apr 2002
These are assorted sketches meant as ideas for a 1920s/1930s "pulp action" Sparks set, though the pilot in the upper left corner is really more appropriate to World War II. (13 Apr 2002)

Thumbnail: MGM Studios Castmember, 10 Apr 2002 MGM Studios Castmember, 10 Apr 2002
When my parents came to visit, we went to visit MGM Studios, and at one point sat down on some steps to await a parade that would be coming by shortly. Having nothing better to do, I tried to sketch some of the passersby. This fellow was one of those responsible for ushering people to the sides of the street. (20 Apr 2002)

Thumbnail: Mother and Child, 10 Apr 2002 Mother and Child, 10 Apr 2002
"But MOMMMMM!" Before the parade, I saw several people walking by, looking for a spot to sit down, or just trying to get by before the street got blocked off. Here, a mother walking along and looking about seemed to have a not-totally-cooperative little kid (with a Goofy cap) more interested in whatever it was they'd left behind. (20 Apr 2002)

Thumbnail: Father and Child, 10 Apr 2002 Father and Child, 10 Apr 2002
I saw another cute twosome passing the steps where I was sitting: a big muscular guy in a tank top and evidently having visited the Indiana Jones area earlier (judging from his hat) was striding along with a little girl hanging on his left arm. He'd hold it out, and she'd hang off of it, and sometimes lift herself so both feet were off the ground for a few seconds, before dropping down again. (I was impressed. I mean, that sort of leverage would be hard on the arm!) Dad as jungle gym. (20 Apr 2002)

Thumbnail: Keeping Cool, 10 Apr 2002 Keeping Cool, 10 Apr 2002
I saw a young boy walking along with one of these little devices sold at the booths: a water bottle connected to a sprayer and electric fan. He seemed rather pleased with his gizmo. (I could have stood to use one myself, though I doubt my sketchpad would benefit from it.) (20 Apr 2002)

Thumbnail: Stroller, 10 Apr 2002 Stroller, 10 Apr 2002
I saw a little kid being pushed along in a stroller, looking excited and grasping at the air, as if just trying to GRAB every neat thing he could see. The parent looked not quite so enthusiastic -- rather exhausted, really. (20 Apr 2002)

Thumbnail: Mustang II Mustang II, 7 Apr 2002
My parents took Wendy and me to Sun-n-Fun, a Fly-In event put on by the EAA. My dad intends to build a Mustang II airplane kit, so while we were at the Mustang II tent, I sketched the airplane that was on display. (7 Apr 2002)

Thumbnail: Wendy Drinking Water, 05 Jun 2001 Wendy Drinking Water
Wendy takes a break during exercise over at John's house to drink a glass of water. I got a miniature sketch pad back on the 24th of May, and I've been carrying it around and trying to be more diligent in doing "life sketches" for the practice (which I need very badly). This image and those going back to May 24th were all done on that little pad. (5 Jun 2001)

Thumbnail: Talking at the Food Court, 04 Jun 2001 Talking at the Food Court
A kid at the food court in Altamonte Mall uses animated gestures while talking to some seated friends (not shown). (4 Jun 2001)

Thumbnail: Reading a Newspaper at the Food Court, 04 Jun 2001 Reading a Newspaper at the Food Court
A man reads a newspaper at a table at the Altamonte Mall Food Court. (4 Jun 2001)

Thumbnail: Zsofi, Goddess of Destruction, 27 May 2001 Zsofi, Goddess of Destruction
Zsofi, the more visible of John's two pet cats. (The other one, Bombay, is black, too, but is usually hiding.) Zsofi is named after a recurring NPC on SinaiMUCK that was "adopted" by John into a pseudo-PC. Zsofi had delusions of grandeur of being a "goddess of destruction" -- the cat happens to be a bit feisty as well. (27 May 2001)

Thumbnail: Wendy Exercising at John's, 27 May 2001 Wendy Exercising at John's
Wendy exercises over at the house of John Boulton, a good friend of ours who has encouraged us to join in on regular exercise by walking around the neighborhood and lifting weights. (So far, I've been basically just joining for the neighborhood walk, then catching up on doodles while everyone else is doing the serious exercise. Wendy's not likely to let me keep out of the serious work-out for long!) (27 May 2001)

Thumbnail: Wendy Looking Tired, 27 May 2001 Wendy Looking Tired
Wendy takes a break in exercise to write down some notes in her exercise journal, and sighs, looking quite tired. (However, she follows this up by weight-lifting, so she's not all that tuckered out!) (27 May 2001)

Thumbnail: John with Leg Weights, 27 May 2001 John with Leg Weights
John Boulton works out with leg weights. (27 May 2001)

Thumbnail: Wendy's Exercise Journal, 27 May 2001 Wendy's Exercise Journal
Wendy takes notes in her exercise journal -- one of the few moments I can actually catch her standing still long enough for me to sketch her, when she's over at John's for exercise. (27 May 2001)

Thumbnail: Little Ducks, 24 May 2001 Little Ducks
For our third wedding anniversary, Wendy and I went to the Polynesian Resort at Disneyworld. No, we didn't actually stay there. We couldn't possibly afford that! We just went there for supper, and then to walk around. On our way out, we stopped by a little foot bridge, and I noticed a strange brown fuzzy lump under the bridge -- It turned out to be a cluster of baby ducks, all huddled together! Wendy and I both paused to make sketches. (24 May 2001)

Thumbnail: Quack, 24 May 2001 Quack
We followed a very brave (and apparently well-fed) duck around the docks outside the Polynesian Resort, as he begged from tourists and got fed several cookie crumbs. (24 May 2001)

Thumbnail: Beggar Duck, 24 May 2001 Beggar Duck
On the docks out at the Polynesian Resort, Wendy and I sat on a bench and were enjoying the relative cool, when we were much surprised to find that a duck waddled right up to us, and even stood still as I started to sketch him! However, he soon enough figured out that we weren't actually going to feed him, so he moved along. (24 May 2001)

Thumbnail: Supper at Ohana's, 24 May 2001 Supper at Ohana's
It's certainly not the sort of thing we can afford on a regular basis, but to celebrate our third wedding anniversary, Wendy and I went out to Ohana's at the Polynesian Resort at Walt Disney World Resorts. While it's pricey, you don't go away hungry -- It's all you can eat, and not your standard "sitting out all day" buffet fare, either. They grill up chunks of steak, chicken, pork and shrimp (yum!) and bring them out to you on skewers. I was rather fond of some fresh bread they had as something of an appetizer, that had the faintest hint of banana to it. The dessert is great: pineapple chunks with caramel sauce to dip them in. Goodness, but I make myself hungry just thinking about it! Nonetheless, I stuffed myself surprisingly quickly, and took a moment to roughly sketch out Wendy, who eats a bit more slowly than I do -- she actually savors her food, whereas I inhale it. (24 May 2001)

Thumbnail: Animal Kingdom Sketches, 24 Mar 2001 Animal Kingdom Sketches
Some rough sketches I drew of some bats, ringtails and birds I saw at Animal Kingdom, plus some more detailed drawings of some bat skeletons on display in the "Asia" area. (24 Mar 2001)

Thumbnail: Stave Church Stave Church
A "stave church" from the Norway Pavilion at EPCOT. Wendy and I went to EPCOT this day specifically so I could do a study of the stave church there, as a reference for a possible picture for a story illustration. (28 Jan 2001)

Thumbnail: Petland (19 Sep 2000) Petland (19 Sep 2000)
After Panera Bread, Wendy wanted to go home, but she changed her mind, and we went over to Petland to sketch ferrets. She went on to sketch rabbits and other critters, but I got too distracted playing with the ferrets to draw them as much as I had the chance to! =) (19 Sep 2000)

Thumbnail: Panera Bread Art Jam (19 Sep 2000) Panera Bread Art Jam (19 Sep 2000)
Wendy and I have kept talking about going out to Panera Bread at Waterford Lakes to have an "art jam" session, and do some sketches, while having a couple of desserts and some tea and coffee. (That's hot tea for me, coffee for Wendy, and free refills to last us a good long time.) We would have spent a longer time there, but Wendy has art class projects to finish ... though instead of heading on home, we took a detour by Petland, to see the ferrets. ;) (19 Sep 2000)

Thumbnail: Magic Kingdom Sketch #2 Magic Kingdom Sketch #2
We sketched some more (see description for "Sketch #1" below) at the Village Haus, and then moved on to Adventureland, where we sheltered from a rainshower by ducking into "El Pirata Y El Perico", a counter-service restaurant there. The lighting was pretty bad for drawing, but we still got in some more sketches. After visiting Tomorrowland and taking the "TTA" (Tomorrowland Transit Authority) ride around three times (It was the only one without a line), we got some ice cream, saw the Main Street Electrical Parade from a bridge by the castle (We'd gotten a tip from a Castmember that this would be a nice, non-crowded spot - She was right!), and then went back to Adventureland. We went through "Pirates of the Carribean" with no waiting, and then meandered toward the exit, stopping here and there to talk about architecture and design that we saw. A very nice evening. I just wish it weren't so hot! (3 Sep 2000)

Thumbnail: Magic Kingdom Sketch #1 Magic Kingdom Sketch #1
The squirrel at the top was actually sketched while I was at Lake X for a company picnic for the M&A ("Mergers & Acquisitions") department at Kirchman. It stood still for a moment while I was on a forest trail, so I sketched it. The rest were done while Wendy and I were sitting in the Village Haus at the Magic Kingdom. We were celebrating Wendy's birthday a week early by going to Disneyworld and visiting Epcot (for lunch at the Garden Grill), Animal Kingdom (to see the tigers ... except that the exhibit was closed), and Magic Kingdom. We wanted to go to the Harbor House for dinner, but it was closed to refurbishing. (Oops.) So, we sat in the Village Haus, and although our order got thoroughly messed up, we still had a good meal. Wendy challenged me to draw a baby I saw, and we both started sketching. (3 Sep 2000)

Thumbnail: Kitties Kitties
While I was at Wildwood Lodge, I often got distracted by the antics of some of the cats running about the place -- particularly the kittens, and a friendly cat by the name of "Shoonee". (I have no idea how to spell that, but that's how the cook pronounced it, and it's supposed to be Portuguese for "cat", or something like that.) I attempted several times to do quick sketches of the kittens, but they just wouldn't hold still for me. ;) This is the best of the bunch, done on my last full day at the Lodge. (2 Aug 2000)

Thumbnail: Tree at Wildwood Lodge Tree at Wildwood Lodge
I spent most of a week at Wildwood Lodge in Steelville, Missouri, for a family reunion. I did several studies there, but most of those were portraits of relatives (or of some of the hotel staff), and I gave those away. (Ah, if only a pocket scanner device could be invented ... and I could get one!) The weather was pretty nice compared to Florida, and I got up one misty morning to do this study of one of the trees in the back "yard", next to the pool, using a brush pen that Gen gave me. (This pen is rather nice for quick studies, I think.) (31 Jul 2000)

Thumbnail: St. Augustine Zoo Sketches #1 St. Augustine Zoo Sketches #1
"Sketches #2" will have to wait until I can go back and darken the lines enough so that Wendy's scanner will actually pick them up. In any case, these are a few of the sketches I made of animals I saw at the zoo up in St. Augustine on Independence Day. I had the day off, and Wendy didn't have classes or work, so we went up with Gen and Scott to visit the zoo. It was pretty hot, but it was nice to visit, and I got to see a few animals up close. (Alas, the cheetahs were off lounging in the grass somewhere, so I didn't get a good look at them.) (4 Jul 2000)

Thumbnail: Tiger in his Natural State Tiger in his Natural State
Tiger, my wife's not-especially-responsive tabby cat, asleep on a folding chair in the game room. Pencil sketch on cardstock. (3 Jul 2000)

Thumbnail: Scribble Face by Wendy Scribble Face by Wendy
Actually, this isn't my art, unless I try to claim it as "found art". (Wendy drew it, threw it away. I found it.) This was just a little thumbnail on a page full of sketches, but for some reason this scribbled face really appealed to me. Now if only I could intelligently explain to Wendy just why I think this works. (Jul 2000)

Thumbnail: Falls at the Polynesian Falls at the Polynesian
As a slightly early celebration of our wedding anniversary, Wendy and I went to EPCOT and the Magic Kingdom at Disneyworld, and spent some time sitting around at the Polynesian Resort and Hotel, waiting for a reservation at Ohana's (which I have decided is now my favorite expensive place to eat). We both did some sketches of a decorative "waterfall" in the center of the main area, though it was starting to get a bit dark in there. I went ahead and inked my sketch in, going for bold areas of black. (20 May 2000)

Thumbnail: Italy Masquerade and Tourists Italy Masquerade and Tourists
To celebrate our second anniversary, Wendy and I visited Epcot. While sitting and resting in the shade in "Italy", I tried sketching some of the tourists who were watching some musicians in frills and powdered wigs playing "classical music with a beat". (The band's name was "Nova Aire" or something like that, but I couldn't actually see them from my vantage point.) Later, some people in fancy costumes -- the "Masquerade" -- started prancing and strutting about, posing for pictures. I did some quick sketches of those who stood still long enough. (20 May 2000)

Thumbnail: Ducks at Tom Sawyer Island Ducks at Tom Sawyer Island
One really nice place at the Magic Kingdom at Disneyworld is Tom Sawyer Island, if for no other reason than that it's not swarming with other people edging to get into this ride or that. I really love looking at all the scenery ... and I had a really great day with Wendy, sitting on the "dock", sketching scenery (including some fairly brave ducks). Pencil on bristol. (April 2000)

Thumbnail: White Tiger White Tiger
During my first visit to Animal Kingdom, to see where Wendy worked, we went through the "Asia" area, and saw some tigers. One white tigress was sitting on the grass, looking quite content, evidencing no movement save for the frequent flicking of one ear. I figured I needed some practice drawing tigers that look like tigers, so I whipped out some paper and did a sketch. (Mar 2000)

All images on this page are copyright by T. Jordan "Greywolf" Peacock, with the exception of "Scribble Face", which is copyright by Wendy "Gwendel" Peacock.