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Here is a sampling of some of my artwork from the Sinai Art Gallery.

Thumbnail: Lochinvar, Ariecha and Dalton Lochinvar, Ariecha and Dalton
The three heroes who stopped the rampage of the shadow creature, Jishyo, in Himar. Lochinvar (c) Francisco Azinsan. Ariecha, Dalton (c) May Wasserman. Brush, pen and colored pencils. (31 Jan 2001)

Thumbnail: Cyprian Cyprian, Mage of the Sphere of Mind
Cyprian, an Eeee (bat-morph) mentalist NPC from SinaiMUCK. Cyprian (c) May Wasserman. (30 Jan 2001)

Thumbnail: Rephath Rephath: Goddess of Vengeance
Rephath, a villanous bat goddess of the Babelites. Pen, brush, colored pencils and computer coloring. (23 Jan 2000)

Thumbnail: Wyrmwood Wayside Inn Wyrmwood Wayside Inn
"Watches-Quietly" (also known as Pouncer Zoltan, but disguised as a Savanite) helps the blind Eeee, Srinala, to an Aelfin-run hotel in the port town of Wyrmwood, on the fringe of the Forbidden Zone of Shabar. Pen on paper, colored with Painter Classic. (11 Dec 2000)

Thumbnail: Airship #3 The Arborean Dream
An airship design with three envelopes and two cabin sections. The envelope frameworks look something like a stylized tree if viewed from the front - though, alas, the resolution of this image doesn't really bring that out. Rendered in Macromedia Xtreme 3D, with background and touch-up in Painter Classic. (11 Dec 2000)

Thumbnail: Tink (B&W) Tink (B&W)
Tink, an Aelfin Journeyman Artificer of Aeronautical Quantification. Tink is (c) Coyohti. Ink & brush on paper. (7 Dec 2000)

Thumbnail: Captain Gavin Captain Gavin
A pencil sketch of Gavin, a rough and tumble airship captain. Character (c) MacRae. Pencils colored in Painter Classic. (6 Dec 2000)

Thumbnail: Wandering Sylph Wandering Sylph
An airship design inspired by an illustration by coyohti. Rendered in Macromedia Xtreme-3D, with a backdrop drawn in Macromedia XRes. (24 Nov 2000)

Thumbnail: Sir Jarik of Krydon Sir Jarik of Krydon
Sir Jarik, an Exile fox knight who is the leader and sole member of his order. Ink and brush, and colored pencils on sketchpad paper. Jarik is (c) Jarik Jurkiewicz. (1 Sep 2000)

Thumbnail: Kia's Shop Kia's Shop
Kia's Renewal (since renamed to Kia's Restoration), a tinker's shop in the Bazaar. Kia (c) May Wasserman. Colored pencils and felt tip pen on bristol. (28 Mar 2000)

Thumbnail: Arkold the Legionnaire Arkold the Legionnaire
Arkold Volkenheld, Jupani noble-turned-thief-turned-Offworld Legionnaire in the service of the Kampfzengruppe and the Khattan Emir, blasting away with a spine-gun and a gatling pistol. Arkold is (c) Brenna Bechard.
This was done in pencil on Bristol during lunch hour at work. (23 Mar 2000)

Thumbnail: Kawasaya Kawasaya
Kawasaya, an Ashtorean mermaid (an "Abyssinian Mariner") playing in the waters of an alien world. This piece was drawn in ink on cardstock, then colored with Prismacolor pencils and touched up in Macromedia XRes. (Mar 2000)

Thumbnail: Ariel Ariel, Messenger of the Gods
A magical NPC introduced in a plot for Willow the Wisp, a PC belonging to Genesis Whitmore on SinaiMUCK.
Story-wise, she's an artificial, magical construct created by a warped wizard millenia ago on the world of Sinai. Whereas her "father" attained a dubious form of immortality and is feared on Sinai as a "dark god", Ariel on the other hand is a kind and gentle spirit in the midst of evil and gloom.
This is a fair sample of my pen-and-ink style circa late 1999/early 2000, done on a sheet of Bristol with some Pigma markers.

Thumbnail: Amber House Amber House
A rendition of a possible home for Mage Envoy of Lothrhyn.
This picture was made with Macromedia 3D-Xtreme 1.0, touched up in Macromedia Xres. The cloudy background was taken from a photograph of my dad's old airplane. (1999)

Thumbnail: Jynx Animation Jynx Falls (Animation)
Feli "Jynx" Kurai, also known as "The Unlucky One", here is shown falling out of an airship (something he has done more than once).
This is my first attempt at GIF animation, just using some crude drawings done with a felt tip pen on some typing paper (all the frames on a single sheet, but scanned in and "clipped" separately), then stuck together.
Jynx is (c) Greg Crothers. (1999)

Thumbnail: Qing Qing, Spirit Mage
Qing, six-armed Rokuga Witchdoctor of the Sphere of Spirit, is here shown casting a spell used to combat an undead kitsune spirit in a major showdown in Rephidim City.
This piece was done with felt tip pens on a piece of cardstock.
Qing is a PC created by and (c) copyright by Shawn Mulligan. (1999)

Thumbnail: Sinai Animation Sinai, Animated
A GIF animation (almost 1 meg in size) of the rotating globe of the planet Sinai.
The textures for the background, the planet and the ring were created with Macromedia XRes, and then the frames were rendered in Macromedia Xtreme-3D, then put together with GIF Animator. Alas, Xtreme-3D's idea of a "sphere" is a geodesic sphere, making the end product look very polygonal. I also had to manually clean up a "seam" on the texture. The planet texture was made from a map drawn of the surface of Sinai, with the "oceans" filled in blue, then the continents filled in with texture samples pulled from satellite photos. The cloud cover was pulled from a projection of satellite photos of Earth. (1999)

Thumbnail: Ashes Ashes, Champion of the Black Lance
The Black Knight of the Knights Templar of Rephidim, an NPC from SinaiMUCK.
The Knights Templar of Rephidim are the closest thing to a true knightly order that Rephidim has, although Rephidim is not a feudal system. They are members of an elect order of warriors dedicated to the defense of Rephidim and the upholding of the law. While this makes them a lawful order, it doesn't always make them the "good guys", since the government of Rephidim is corrupt at many levels.
This picture started as a pencil sketch, then was colored in using the airbrush tool in Adobe Photoshop. (1998)

Thumbnail: Commisar Brueggel Commisar Brueggel of Chronotopia
Law enforcement officer from the (relatively) technologically advanced country of Chronotopia on SinaiMUCK.
Chronotopia is a pseudo-European country on the surface of the world of Sinai, populated by a mix of different sapient species -- but also many humans. "Commisars" here are probably best compared to "U.S. Marshals" in the Old West, having considerable authority to dispense law and order over a large domain -- and to deal with "monster problems" as well.
This started as a simple ink doodle on paper, colored in with Macromedia XRes. (1998)

Thumbnail: Francisco Francisco the Five-Tailed Kitsune
Grey fox with taste in loud shirts.
Francisco (c) J. Doran.
Francisco is the alter ego of the nice fellow who is kind enough to give me this web site space! =) It's also his sign-on on SinaiMUCK. In real life, he has a taste in loud shirts, too, and really likes steak! (Plus, he's got the coolest British accent.)
This particular piece was an ink drawing -- not really made purposefully for coloring -- with some coloring added via Adobe Photoshop and the airbrush tool. (1998)

Thumbnail: Francisco Mage Francisco, Illusionist
Here, Francisco (the PC, not the player) is an Apprentice in the Sphere of Illusion, using his powers to inspect a necklace for any magical taint, in the service of the Babelite Embassy on Rephidim Sky Island.
This was originally a doodle on a scrap of paper, which I then scanned in and colored using Macromedia XRes (and did a little bit of clean-up, too).
As before, Francisco is (c) J. Doran. (1998)

Thumbnail: Jezebel Jezebel, Shadow Mage
Jezebel, also known as Third-Vision, Priest-Queen of the reborn Savanite Empire, and friend of the Vartan hero once known as Zoltan. She originally started as a villainess NPC on SinaiMUCK, but the plot took completely unexpected twists thanks to the typically just as unexpected behavior of PCs. Eventually, under the guidance of Zoltan Cambio, she avoided an evil destiny, though she eventually died in battle, defending the capitol city of her people, the City of Hands, against the invading forces of the Nagai Empire ... or, that is what the Nagai would have us to believe....
This piece was done in felt tip pen on a sheet of bristol. (1998)

Thumbnail: Rory Rory and Silhouette
Rorschach, a unicorn child and Apprentice Shadow Mage, dances with his imaginary friend, Silhouette.
Rory is my my PC on SinaiMUCK, though I haven't played with him for a while (too busy being a GM).
This particular piece was done in felt-tip on typing paper, scanned in, then colored in Adobe Photoshop. (1998)

Thumbnail: Rose Rose, Champion of the Magenta Lance
A sword-dancing warrior of the Knights Templar of Rephidim, an NPC from SinaiMUCK.
The Champion of Roses was one of several NPCs comprising the ranks of the Knights Templar of Rephidim. She had a very unusual history, being raised amongst the people known as the Savanites, then captured by slavers with her adoptive family. When it was discovered that she was not actually a Savanite (a "slave race" on Sinai), she was raised and trained by the Rephidim Temple, and eventually joined the Knights Templar, attaining the highest rank of Champion of the Magenta Lance. Alas, she was one of the many valiant warriors to die during the war between Rephidim and the Babel/Nagai Coalition. (1998)

Thumbnail: Wynona Wynona "Wrong-Way" Windcaller
A bat-like "Eeee" Air Mage of Sinai.
Wynona was originally created on SinaiMUCK as an NPC in one of the earlier plots, but for the sake of testing out the magic system and character creation, she was written up as a PC for a while. Since then, she's pretty much been retired to NPC status once more, since her "gimmick" of being a sneezy mage has gotten a bit old.
This particular piece started as a quick sketch on paper, then scanned in and colored with Adobe Photoshop. (1998)