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Here are a few photos that I got from my wife's collection, that I've scanned in and put up, plus a few more recent shots with the digital camera. After all, what's a self-indulgent web page without some photos to show off?

Thumbnail: Origami Cats Origami Cats
For a work-related project (no, really!) I folded up a company letterhead sheet and several pieces of colored tissue paper to make some origami cats. On a whim, I decided to take a photograph of them on top of the dining room hanging lamp. I'm sure I could make a story out of this, if only I tried. (6 Jun 2003)

Thumbnail: Goth Wendy Goth Wendy
For Necronomicon 2002, Wendy decided that she was going to dress the part. No more being the victim of goth games of "freak the mundanes" -- through goth camouflage, she would pass herself off as one of them! I especially like the little box she carried around as her "purse" and to hold her gaming dice. Doesn't she look happy at being dragged along to the convention? (Seriously, she seemed to be having fun, but insisted that goths aren't supposed to look happy.) (4 Oct 2002)

Thumbnail: Possum! Possum!
Look what the cat dragged in! I don't know how this little critter got into the garage, but Tiger dragged him through the cat flap from the garage into the living room. It got through with "playing dead" before I could extract him, and wandered into the bedroom. I finally found him underneath the dresser. It's just a little possum. He's cute in a possum sort of way, I guess. =) (13 May 2002)

Thumbnail: Bye Bye, Possum! Bye Bye, Possum!
Alas, we couldn't keep the little critter. (Or, at least, it would have been a really bad idea.) The camera was being uppity, but here's one shot that we managed to salvage, of the critter wandering off once I set it down on the back porch. (13 May 2002)

Thumbnail: Air Car Air Car
Sun-n-Fun Air Show, Florida -- My folks came to visit in April, I took some vacation time, and we went to visit the local Sun-n-Fun air show, near Tampa. Wendy went along, and we saw a great many airplanes doing acrobatics, or just sitting on the grass and looking great. I snapped off lots of photos for the hope of using them as future photo-references. Most of them aren't really worth "showing off," but I am really curious about this vehicle. I am thinking that it's supposed to convert into an airplane by attaching a couple of wings that it probably can pull around on a trailer ... but there wasn't really much by way of explanation. But, goodness, this is weird (and neat) looking! (8 Apr 2002)

UPDATE: I got a message from "Kelly E" that there are no wings involved at all. Kelly's father built this craft back in the 1970s as an "ice boat" that would go around on frozen lakes in Wisconsin - the "air" part of it just being that it moves via propeller in the back. No flying. It was later donated to the air museum. (Thanks for the clarification!)

Thumbnail: Cardcaptor Wendy Cardcaptor Wendy
Megacon 2002, Orlando, Florida -- Wendy made up a Cardcaptor Sakura costume for the occasion. (24 Feb 2002)

Thumbnail: Kimono Wendy Kimono Wendy
Megacon 2002, Orlando, Florida -- And what convention is complete without spending lots of money on things? Wendy got a kimono (and accessories) being sold at a booth in the dealers' room, and found it to be a bit more convenient for walking around in the winter time than a short costume skirt. (24 Feb 2002)

Thumbnail: Tuxedos Tuxedos
Yours truly and Conrad "Lynx" Wong, dressed up in tuxes at my wedding to Wendy Amanda Rice (soon to be Wendy Amanda Rice Peacock). Lynx was best man. (24 May 1998)

Photographs on this page were taken by (or taken for) Wendy Amanda Rice Peacock, and may not be reproduced without permission.