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Mutant Chronicles

Here is a collection of artwork created for my online Mutant Chronicles RPG campaign -- in particular, pictures of player characters, non-player characters and locations created specifically for this campaign.

Thumbnail: Cybercurity Guard Cybercurity Guard
Standard uniform of "Cybercurity", Cybertronic's security force. (24 Mar 2001)

Thumbnail: Zenithian Soulslayer Zenithian Soulslayer
A Zenithian Soulslayer, alien servant of Muawijhe, Lord of Insanity. (And this one is quite nuts!) Brush, pen and colored pencils. (30 Jan 2001)

Thumbnail: Montage #2 Montage #2
Another montage of character faces, mostly Bauhaus. Upper left: Ducal Militia Trooper; upper right: Duke Richthausen; middle left: Etoiles Mortant Trooper; center: Dik Quigley, editor of the Lunar Voice; middle right: Overlord Mishima Nagoya in ceremonial armor; lower left: Prophet Khoman of Crescentia; lower right: Hussar Cavalier with mount. Pencil, Sharpie and pen on bristol. (10 May 2000)

Thumbnail: Montage Montage
A montage of character faces, mostly Bauhaus. Upper left: Imperial Serenity Lady Paladine; upper right: Venusian Ranger; middle left: Bauhaus noble; center: Duke Saglielli; middle right: Bauhaus Executioner; bottom left: BLEU officer; bottom center: celebrity advertisement; bottom right: Bauhaus Blitzer. Pencil, Sharpie and pen on bristol. (5 May 2000)

Thumbnail: Jimbo on a Sky Shark Sky Shark
Officer James 'Jimbo' Watterson on the Sky Shark Systems KA-67 Great Grey Mk. I hoverbike that he received as a gift from Antonia after the incident at Feldspar Auditorium. Pencils on bristol. Jimbo is (c) Shawn Mulligan. (3 May 2000)

Thumbnail: Destiny Blue Destiny Blue
The Kitsune nightclub singer from the debut plot with Duffy and Jimbo at the Pagoda Garden. Colored pencils on bristol. (29 Mar 2000)

Thumbnail: Jet Danzwyck Jet Danzwyck
Jet Danzwyck, police officer for Dawn Alert in Luna City. Pencils on bristol board. Jet Danzwyck is (c) May Wasserman. (28 Mar 2000)

Thumbnail: DA Cop DA Cop
A Dawn Alert officer in standard light armor/uniform. Pencils on bristol, with a bit of "airbrushing" so the background wouldn't be stark white. (27 Mar 2000)

Thumbnail: Jamie Collins Jamie Collins
Jamie Collins, formerly an Imperial Highlander, now an operative for the Dawn Patrol Civilian Protection Service in Luna City. Character (c) Trask Anderson. Pencil, Sharpie, colored pencils, felt tips, markers on Bristol, touched up in Macromedia XRes with the "airbrush" tool to touch up the face. (The scan made the face look yellow.) (26 Mar 2000)

Thumbnail: Taro in Action Taro in Action
Taro Hikada, a Kitsune police officer, squaring off against Triad toughs. Pencils and ink on bristol. (c) Brenna Bechard (25 Mar 2000)

Thumbnail: Taro Taro
Taro, an ex-Mishiman Kitsune. (c) Brenna Bechard (18 Mar 2000)

Thumbnail: Devilcat Devilcat
My concept of a genetically engineered "hybrid" blend of human and Devilcat Rex DNA, resulting in a feline creature with roughly humanoid proportions, courtesy of Straker Biotech. (15 Mar 2000)

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