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Here are scans of some of my attempts at miniatures sculpting, and painting of various miniatures (mostly Heartbreaker) for Warzone or as "kitbash" jobs for role-playing games.

Thumbnail: Malevore Malevore
"Malevore", a Cauchemar (Huge-class advanced Nightmare) from my "D&D Inferno" campaign, kitbashed from a "Pegasus" toy, a metal base from Thunder Mountain Miniatures, and a bit of Magic Sculp. To the viewer's right of Malevore is a flaming skull spirit I made from a plastic flight base, a plastic skull that I got in a thrift store toy grab bag, and some more Magic Sculpt for the flames. (To try to get a "flaming ashes" effect, I first painted the skull in yellow, gave it an orange wash, then highlighted with black.) In the foreground, dancing in the lava is a doomed spirit (or fire elemental - take your pick) that I sculpted several years ago and made a mold of - and a few resin and pewter castings. (This is one of my pewter castings, touched up with putty, as I never was very good at really bringing out the details with my castings.) (4 Sep 2004)

Thumbnail: Bail Solaris Bail Solaris
Another Star Wars RPG PC model. A Shadowrun "rigger" model, unmodified, though I had a bit of fun touching up the face to give it a particularly weird expression. (1 Apr 2001)

Thumbnail: Zaky Zaky
Another Star Wars RPG PC model. Originally a Grim Reaper "gargoyle" miniature, with wings removed, right hand replaced with a hand and gun from a plastic "Space Ork", left hand holding an unidentified "techno bit" from my collection, gargoyle head removed, and sharp bits filed off. I then used putty to sculpt a new head, to add a "vest", to cover up the "claws" with paws, and to add two fingers to the left hand (not shown). I added another unidentified "techno bit" to the back of the head as some sort of "scanner", and used some leftover putty to make a tail and a cable going from the "scanner" to the vest. (1 Apr 2001)

Thumbnail: Paddy Valero Paddy Valero
Another Star Wars RPG PC model. A Shadowrun "street mage" miniature, with the headpiece filed off of a staff held in the model's left (viewer's right) hand, and most of the staff chopped off, filed, then reattached at the top as a "lightsabre blade". (1 Apr 2001)

Thumbnail: Professor Professor
An unmodified Shadowrun miniature, painted up to represent my wife's as-yet-unnamed professor character for my Star Wars campaign. The colors of the costume are inspired by a mad scientist character, Washu, from an anime series called Tenchi Muyo. My wife isn't necessarily a fan of the series, but she likes the "Pretty Sammy" spin-off, and likes the mad scientist character. (27 Mar 2001)

Thumbnail: Trini, Jedi Guardian Trini, Jedi Guardian
A modified Shadowrun miniature, equipped with a beam sword (i.e., "lightsabre") from a Space Knight figure. The cape was added with a bit of putty. (27 Mar 2001)

Thumbnail: Crucifiers Crucifiers
Quite possibly the strangest type of Brotherhood troops yet, here are a couple of Crucifiers, armed with Mortis Blades and Nemesis Pistols. (1999)

Thumbnail: Heretic of Semai Heretic of Semai
The local game store had a really great clearance sale, and some of the miniatures I got were copies of this model. This is an example of one of them that I painted up to represent a Heretic of Semai, complete with fancy design on the back of the cape, as shown by front and back views. (1999)

Thumbnail: Lesser Nepharite Lesser Nepharite
This was originally a model for the Mutant Chronicles Role-Playing Game, listed as "Nepharite with Land Weapons", though I suppose they really meant "Nepharite with Hand Weapons". In 1st Edition Warzone, I used copies of this model as "Nepharite Warlords" to lead squads of Undead Legionnaires. In 2nd Edition Warzone, I use them in a similar fashion as "Lesser Nepharites". (1999)

Thumbnail: Nepharite of Semai Nepharite of Semai
I wasn't too happy with the original Nepharite of Semai miniature that came out for 1st Edition Warzone. It basically just looked like a larger version of the Callistonian Intruder. There were a few copies of the "Nepharite of Demnogonis" miniature on clearance at the local game store, so I got one, removed the horns and axe head and smoothed down some of the sutures and sores, and painted it up as a Nepharite of Semai. (The idea to do this wasn't originally mine, though.) (1999)

Thumbnail: Sasta on Pegasus Scout Bike Sasta on Pegasus Scout Bike
This is a modified Pegasus Scout Bike model that I puttied and painted up for John Boulton, to represent his special hero, "Sasta" and her flying bike, "Mako". Barely seen clinging to the opposite side of the bike is one of her pet rats. She's a genetically-engineered cougar-morph, in case you're wondering. (1999)

Thumbnail: Tekron Tekron
A Tekron miniature, one of the models dropped in the move from 1st Edition to 2nd Edition Warzone. Pretty ugly guy, eh? (1999)

Thumbnail: Walker Model Walker Model
This is my home-sculpted Hurricane Walker model, which I made before the official model came out. (And, all things considered, as lumpy as my sculpt might be, I still prefer mine!) The main body was made with Super Sculpey on a wire frame, with the wing tips and engine exhaust borrowed from a busted WWII fighter plane model kit. Discs were borrowed to stick on the legs from a busted tank model kit. The guns under the wings are a Deathlockdrum and a Charger from the Weapons Packs. The clear windshield "glass" was made with plastic from one of the miniatures blister packs. The details on the miniature were made with Magic Sculpt (I highly recommend it!) and Type I Duro Epoxy Putty (the same stuff Games Workshop sells in blister packs). The flagpoles were made with (surprise!) toothpicks. (1999)

Thumbnail: Wild Bill Wild Bill
This is a special Hero I kitbashed up for 1st Edition Warzone. The original model was the Martian Banshees Hero, though I stuck an eagle on one hand (clipped from a really ugly Games Workshop wood elf) and give him a flag in the other (made from a toothpick and some paper), and I stuck a cowboy hat on him with some putty. (1999)

Thumbnail: Zoltan Zoltan at the Red Cliffs
This was a kitbash of what was originally a werewolf miniature, adding putty to add a beak, and taking the talons and wings from a gryphon miniature. (Zoltan is a hippogryph character from SinaiMUCK.) Zoltan is (c) Genesis Whitmore. (1999)

Thumbnail: Antagons Antagons
These are kitbashes of the Antagons, a special squad introduced for Capitol in the Dark Eden supplement to Warzone. Each Antagon is armed with the CAR-24, though the HMG specialist is carrying the Improved M-89. These are made from assorted Capitol miniatures, using putty and weapons from the Weapons Pack to convert them into Antagons. From left to right, I used the Infantry Captain, Infantry Heavy Weapon, Sea Lion Sergeant, and Martian Banshee Hero. (1998)

Thumbnail: Atlas Megacannon Atlas Megacannon
This was originally a model of "Big" Bob Watts, a hero from Capitol, but I used some putty to cover up the embossed Capitol Eagle emblems on the shoulderpads, and to add a Bear Cresthelm. This is now a hero of the Order of the Bear, sporting the Atlas Megacannon, as per 1st Edition Warzone. (1998)

Thumbnail: Bauhaus Templars Bauhaus Templars
The model on the viewer's left is a Firstborn warrior from Chronopia, while the model on the right is a Ral Partha Space Knight, with a right hand replaced with the sword from a Heartbreaker wraith, and the left hand made from putty. These I painted up to represent "Templars" of the noble Bauhaus Orders, as described in the Mutant Chronicles Role-Playing Game. In Warzone 1st Edition, I used the one on the viewer's right as a Bauhaus hero. (1998)

Thumbnail: Blue Lion Blue Lion
This is a Blood Beret Captain miniature painted up to represent a trooper of the Blue Lions, equipped with a Mandible autoshotgun. (1998)

Thumbnail: Chef Beauardee Chef Beauardee
This was originally a plastic Imperial Guard miniature from Games Workshop, but it was modified with a Gehenna Puker from the Warzone Weapons Pack, and the apron, floppy hat and frying skillet were added with epoxy putty. This represents Chef Beauardee (or however it's spelled this week), the personal Warzone hero of Genesis Whitmore, who many a time has played Bauhaus against my forces. (1998)

Thumbnail: Combat Warhead Combat Warhead
This is a "classic" Warhead, meant to represent the sort described in the Mutant Chronicles role-playing game, rather than the HMG-toting robots in Warzone -- or, later, in 2nd edition, people in suits. This was made from a plastic "torpedo" from a G.I. Joe accessory pack (circa 1980s), with the cap from a bottle of superglue on the rear as a thruster nacelle, and a Dragonfire HMG mounted under the nose. (1998)

Thumbnail: Deuce Deuce
This is a Heavy Infantry Anti-Tank Specialist ... or, in 1st Edition Warzone, that would be a Heavy Infantry Captain with a Deuce Rocket Launcher. This was made from a model of a Capitol Infantry Captain with the right arm clipped off, replaced by a Deuce rocket launcher sculpted from putty, and an arm also made of putty. (1998)

Thumbnail: Fury Elite Hero Fury Elite Hero
This was a Fury Elite "Hero" model that I painted up to serve as a "Doomtrooper" for one of my Warzone scenarios at Necronomicon. (1998)

Thumbnail: Great Grey Great Grey
This is a home-made resin casting of a home-made master I sculpted of a Great Grey ... before the official model came out. (I was basing my model off of a picture I saw of a collectible card with this vehicle on it, and thought it'd be neat to have one. ;) ) The master was made out of Super Sculpey, and Dury Epoxy Putty (Type I). (1998)

Thumbnail: Jonas Jonas the Highlander
This is a Ral Partha miniature I painted up to represent Jonas, an ursine player character from SinaiMUCK. (1998)

Thumbnail: Kabukiman Kabukiman
This was originally a "Nepharite of Ilian" miniature, and an ugly one at that. It all started with Warzone games at my place, when it was joked that my Nepharite of Ilian looked like a samurai in drag. One of my fellow Warzone players, Steve Scott, came up with a special "personality" hero (based on the stats of a Demon Hunter), named "Kabukiman". It just so happened that I found another Nepharite of Ilian miniature in a clearance bin at the local game store, so I filed down the chest area, replaced the Voriche pistol with a Dragonfire HMG, used a bit of putty to smooth things out, and painted up the model as ... "Kabukiman". (1998)

Thumbnail: Missionary #1 Missionary #1
This was originally a model I got on clearance, and modified to try to represent the "Missionaries" from the Dark Eden supplement to Warzone, by adding wires to the staff, and by using putty to add a facemask. (1998)

Thumbnail: Mortificator Green Mortificator Green
This is my unfinished attempt at sculpting my own Mortificator with a Mephisto sniper rifle. I started this back before 2nd Edition Warzone came out, when it would actually be possible to give a Mephisto sniper rifle to a Mortificator (provided one could agree on the points cost). However, given 2nd Edition's restriction on equipment, and my lousy proportions, this one may take a while for me to finish. (1998)

Thumbnail: Recon Warhead Recon Warhead
This is a "classic" Warhead, meant to represent the sort described in the Mutant Chronicles role-playing game. This particular version sports a couple of "sensors" on the nose, in the form of the plastic tops of some banners from the Milton Bradley "Battle Masters" board game. (1998)

Thumbnail: Shadow Walkers Shadow Walkers
Two warriors of the Shadow Walker cult -- elite assassins in the service of the Mishima corporation. These models were originally a couple of old Games Workshop "generic science-fiction" miniatures, with some putty added to make masks, and the left hand (originally holding a gun) replaced with sword-hands. (1998)

Thumbnail: Suicide Warhead Suicide Warhead
Of the three Warhead types, the Suicide Warhead is the simplest, its mission just being to fly until it gets over a target, drop from the air, and explode. Thus, I didn't modify this at all from the original "torpedo", other than to add the plastic "flight" stand, and paint it up in a simple scheme meant to suggest one of the Japanese "Zeroes" of WWII. Alas, the clearcoat paint has yellowed greatly -- that's not the fault of the scanner. (1998)

Thumbnail: Visionary Visionary
Originally an "Assassin" figure from Games Workshop, I added two Punisher handguns (leftover from other conversions), and used putty to add the cowl, tabard and weapons belt, to make a Brotherhood Visionary. (1998)

Thumbnail: Yojimbo Yojimbo
Yojimbo, a member of the Hatamoto of Overlord Mishima Nagoya, and a personality from 1st Edition Warzone that somehow slipped through the cracks in the transition to 2nd Edition. The big bulky weapon he carries is known as the Deathshrieker Screechgun. (1998)

Thumbnail: Bauhaus Executioner Bauhaus Executioner
This model was sculpted out of wire and epoxy putty, then molded with silicon rubber, then cast in lead-free pewter, then painted, all by yours truly. Alas, it shows, but I'm still pretty happy that I actually managed to sculpt, cast and paint my own Mutant Chronicles/Warzone miniature. This represents a law enforcement character type from the Mutant Chronicles RPG, and which I turned into a Bauhaus hero for 1st Edition Warzone. I have yet to come up with stats for 2nd Edition Warzone, since it would have little utility beyond myself. (Nobody else has any of these figures, after all.) (1997)

Thumbnail: Blessed Legionnaires Blessed Legionnaires
It's the attack of the play-doh commandos! No, seriously, these are resin castings of some "Undead Legionnaires" I tried sculpting. I decided that I could use more Blessed Legionnaires than Undead Legionnaires at this point, so I painted them all green and put the rune of Demnogonis on them. They're pretty lumpy, but, hey, it's something I made myself. (1997)

Thumbnail: Classic Brotherhood Miniatures Classic Brotherhood Miniatures
These are a few miniatures released by Heartbreaker Hobbies to support the Mutant Chronicles Role-Playing Game before Warzone ever came out -- and in my opinion, they're pretty nice miniatures, and I still use them in my battles. On the left side is a Mortificator, which works nicely now as a "Redemptionist Assassin". In the middle is a Mystic, which I think is far better than the "Mystic" and "Keeper of the Art" miniatures that Tim Prow later sculpted for Warzone. To the right is what was supposed to be a representation of Cardinal Dominic, though it was missing the Stabilizer Pack (I added that). I use this as a "Cardinal Emeritis" -- a Brotherhood hero who isn't necessarily Dominic. (1997)

Thumbnail: Classic Inquisitor Miniatures Classic Inquisitor Miniatures
These miniatures were originally from the "Brotherhood Inquisitors" two-pack set from the Heartbreaker Mutant Chronicles line. I've painted up a bunch of these, and the one on the far right has been kitbashed to have an AC-40 Justifier and a flamer-pistol, as an Inquisitor "hero" for 1st Edition Warzone. (1997)

Thumbnail: Classic Valkyrie Miniatures Classic Valkyrie Miniatures
These miniatures were originally from the "Brotherhood Valkyries" two-pack set from the Heartbreaker Mutant Chronicles line. I added a little bit of putty to the hair, as the original models had especially high foreheads. In my opinion, these were far nicer than the Valkyrie models that were later sculpted for Warzone. The newest Valkyrie models sculpted for 2nd Edition Warzone are very nice, but I still make use of these models in my Brotherhood armies. (1997)

Thumbnail: Hellfire Cart and Crew Hellfire Cart and Crew
Maybe I should just pretend that the out-of-whack colors on the Cartmaster himself were an intentional attempt at nifty special effects. Nah. Nobody would buy that. Actually, I've found that models with a lot of metallic paint on them tend to do something funky with the scanner, and result in this strange color-break-up effect. Anyway, this is a Hellfire Cart of Ilian and its attendants -- a model type that got dropped in the move to 2nd Edition Warzone. (1997)

Thumbnail: Necromutant of Ilian Necromutant of Ilian
In 2nd Edition Warzone, Necromutants are part of the "Horde", and can be used as parts of the forces of any of the Dark Apostles. This figure was originally a plastic Necromutant from the "Siege of the Citadel" boxed set, but I modified it with some wire (for the cable), some putty (for the helmet and tank on the back), and a spare metal "rat ogre" head, to make what was originally supposed to be a Temple Guard wielding a Tormentor flame-thrower ... but under the present rules, I use it as a Necromutant Tormentor in the service of Ilian. (1997)

Thumbnail: Plaguebringer Nepharite Plaguebringer Nepharite
The weapon known as the "Plaguebringer" is supposed to fire semi-liquified body parts from a cauldron pack on the back of the (oversized) user, as a weapon that was introduced in the Mutant Chronicles role-playing game in the "Algeroth" sourcebook ... though it's a weapon that has "Demnogonis" stamped all over it. Here, I took one of the old Mutant Chronicles Nepharite miniatures, painted him up as a Nepharite of Demnogonis, and added a "cauldron" to his back (made from putty, with a couple of spare arms from a "Skeleton Army" boxed set, and some wire serving as cables) to represent the Plaguebringer weapon. (1997)

Thumbnail: Design for Trooper Design for Trooper
This was one of two sketchbook sheets I filled with notes while I was trying to come up with a design for a Brotherhood Trooper miniature, with the intent of making it true to the RPG. This was drawn while I was still playing "Fury of the Clansmen", and Warzone wasn't available yet -- though I had seen a poster with photographs (with captions in Swedish) of miniatures for the new game, and had seen minis released in the stores. I was pretty far off from what actually came out much later. (1996)

Thumbnail: Nepharite Statue Nepharite Statue
This is a quick experiment with Super Sculpey, trying to make a "statue" of a Nepharite in an alcove. I baked this in the oven, then used "Make-a-Mold" to make a flimsy mold of it, and made castings with Durham's Water Putty. I painted the castings black, then drybrushed grey, and used them as components in some battlefield terrain meant to represent monuments erected by the Dark Legion. (1996)

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