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Deadlands Miniatures

Here are some miniatures painted (and in some cases kitbashed) for a campaign using Dead Lands: The Weird West Role-Playing Game, and Dead Lands: Hell on Earth.

Thumbnail: Anti-Templar #2 Anti-Templar #2
A Ral Partha "Space Knights" figure used to represent an Anti-Templar on foot. (25 Jan 2002)

Thumbnail: Syker Syker
A Ral Partha Shadowrun "Lone Wolf" miniature used to represent a Syker with a pistol and shotgun. (25 Jan 2002)

Thumbnail: Doomsayer #2 Doomsayer #2
A RAFM "Mekton" figure that was given a cowl and cloak, then painted up to represent a Doomsayer. (25 Jan 2002)

Thumbnail: Toxic Shaman Toxic Shaman
A Ral Partha "Shadowrun" miniature used to represent a Toxic Shaman. (25 Jan 2002)

Thumbnail: Law Dog Law Dog
A Heartbreaker Capitol Ranger figure used to represent a Law Dog. (25 Jan 2002)

Thumbnail: Junker #2 Junker #2
A Ral Partha "Mage: the Ascension" miniature used to represent a female Junker with a rocket pack. (25 Jan 2002)

Thumbnail: CSA Trooper with Rocket Launcher CSA Trooper with Rocket Launcher
A Kryomek "SWAT" miniature used to represent a CSA trooper with a rocket launcher. (25 Jan 2002)

Thumbnail: Avatar of Horus Avatar of Horus
I've taken liberties with airbrushing for some "glowy effects", but this is an old Heartbreaker Hobbies Magic the Gathering miniature, painted up to suggest an avatar of Horus, for possible use in an Egypt-based "Weird Wars" campaign. (Sep 2001)

Thumbnail: Mummy The Mummy
A plastic mummy miniature from the old Milton Bradley / Games Workshop "HeroQuest" board game, against a backdrop from an old Grendel resin-cast "Pharaoh's Tomb" scenery set. (7 Sep 2001)

Thumbnail: Aye Aye, the High Priest
A plastic "Light Wizard", used to represent the High Priest Aye. (8 Sep 2001)

Thumbnail: Windwalker Windwalker
Windwalker, a scout (and shaman) from the Sioux Nations, and a PC in my Deadlands 1936 campaign. This figure is from a Civil War line from Rafm Miniatures. (Nov 2000)

Thumbnail: Lady Archaeologist Lady Archaeologist
A miniature to represent Gen's character, which has yet to be named or to show up in a game session. This was originally a "martial artist" type of figure from a Ral Partha "Mage: the Ascension" pack, but I removed the sword in the left hand, and put a torch (from my bits box - unknown origin) in the right hand. I took liberties with a bit of airbrushing to make the oversized torch flame look more flame-like. (Nov 2000)

Thumbnail: Archaeologist Archaeologist
An archaeologist adventurer type. This is an "Indiana Jones" miniature, with the pedestal and skull added with a bit of epoxy putty. (Nov 2000)

Thumbnail: Throne of the Eye of Ra Throne of the Eye of Ra
A throne at the final confrontation in the "Eye of Ra" adventure. The throne and platform are from a Thunderbolt Mountain miniatures diorama set. The "Eye of Ra" (orb on pedestal) is from a Middle Earth miniature set. (Nov 2000)

Thumbnail: Kitsune Kitsune
A kitsune in a kimono. This was originally a figure of a woman in oriental garb, but I used a bit of putty to add ears, muzzle and tail tip (peeking out from the bottom of the robes). I actually painted another miniature in the same pattern, though without making the "kitsune" modifications, thus giving a miniature for the kitsune in human form. (11 Nov 2000)

Thumbnail: Huckster Huckster
This is a Huckster character who uses a deck of Egyptian tarot cards instead of a standard playing deck. This was originally just a Vampire: The Masquerade miniature in an "arms held high" pose, but I took a very small and thin piece of cardboard and cut it to make a fan of cards to insert in the slight gap in the right hand, to turn this figure into a Huckster. I used a bit of epoxy putty to add a tie, so that the figure would look appropriate to the 1930s, rather than just wearing a t-shirt under the coat. (11 Nov 2000)

Thumbnail: Priest of Bast Priest of Bast
A Priest of Bast, posing as a humble Egyptian archaeologist. This was a Call of Cthulhu miniature from the "Villain Masterminds" pack, with a bit of putty to add the "fez" on top. (11 Nov 2000)

Thumbnail: Big Game Hunter Big Game Hunter
A hunter character kitbashed for my Deadlands: Weird Wars campaign, made from a Civil War miniature of a Confederate soldier, using a bit of putty to change the hat into a pith helmet, and with a bit of creative painting to add the mustache and monocle. (11 Nov 2000)

Thumbnail: Avatar of Anubis Avatar of Anubis
An avatar of Anubis, Egyptian jackal god of the underworld, holding a glowing ball of energy in one upraised hand. Kitbashed from a Ral Partha "werewolf" figure, which was originally holding a damsel in distress in the upraised hand, and modified with generous application of epoxy putty. (11 Nov 2000)

Thumbnail: Bast Statue Bast Statue
This is a statue of Bast, Egyptian cat goddess, made for my "Eye of Ra" adventure for my Deadlands 1936 campaign in the Weird Wars setting. Made from super sculpey, blue-and-yellow epoxy putty ribbon, a metal base from a Thunderbolt Mountain miniature set, and a metal coin used for the "sun disc" crowning the figure. (11 Nov 2000)

Thumbnail: Cyborg Miniature #2 Cyborg #2
This is a miniature from Legions of Steel, a pretty nasty-looking robot of some sort, which I painted up to represent a close-combat specialist cyborg. It showed up in my Hell on Earth campaign as "Thirteen", a Union cyborg rescued by the Posse, and later dropped off in the settlement of Victory, trained by Sam Steele to serve as a law officer. (23 May 2000)

Thumbnail: Sue Bell Miniature "Sweet" Sue Bell
This was originally a "Call of Cthulhu" miniature that I'd had for quite some time, which I pulled out of the box when my wife, Wendy, wanted to make up a character to try out my Deadlands campaign. She came up with a "buffalo gal" sort of character, whose main claim to fame is that she can shoot straight and she's good with a lariat. I only slightly modified this figure, adding a dress with some epoxy putty. (23 May 2000)

Thumbnail: Vengant Miniature Vengant
This was originally a "Chaos Knight" produced by Heartbreaker Hobbies, but I painted it up to represent a "Vengant" mutant warrior from the Cult of Doom in the Wasted West, used in my "War 'n Peace" adventure. Nasty feller, huh? (23 May 2000)

Thumbnail: Bluefeather Miniature Bluefeather
This was originally part of a two-pack of "Bards" from Ral Partha, purchased in 1995 or so, and having undergone a number of transformations over several years. First, it was purchased to kitbash a representation of one of the main hero characters from the Champions RPG, by removing a lute off the back and using some fine cloth to form a cloak over the figure. Then, it was repainted to represent a generic superhero type. Later, it was repainted yet again and given a weapon to represent an Etoiles Mortant Hero from Warzone ... and its latest incarnation is as Bluefeather, a shamaness PC from our campaign. Epoxy putty was used to add the cloak, buckskin pants legs, and the trademark blue feather, as well as a head and decorative feathers for a piece of wire serving as the spear. (May 2000)

Thumbnail: Ashley Hand Miniature Ashley Hand
This is a Shadowrun miniature of a woman holding a knife and some cards, who works nicely to represent a Hell on Earth Huckster -- in this case, an NPC for the Phantom o' the Opry adventure. (April 2000)

Thumbnail: Hangin' Judge Miniature Hangin' Judge Miniature
This was originally a Liche miniature from Heartbreaker Hobbies. The right hand was originally holding a scythe, but it was cast separately, so I simply left the scythe off. The other hand was just balled into a fist. I sawed off the head with a hobby knife (and kept it for later use -- you never know when a skull might be handy!) and used some Duro epoxy putty to make an empty "cowl" in place of the head. I got two large pistols from a "Space Orks" weapons pack, and glued bayonets from some plastic Necromutant figures, then glued the guns on -- one (minus the handle) to the left hand, and the other to the empty stub of the right wrist. I used more epoxy putty to make a hand around the right gun. The figure was then basecoated black and drybrushed in brown with lighter flesh-tone highlights, with the guns brushed in silver. (April 2000)

Thumbnail: Witch Miniature Witch
This was originally a figure from Ral Partha's "Shadowrun" line, which I got from Genesis Whitmore's collection of spare miniatures. I figured that this would work nicely to represent a Witch (from the "Wasted West" book), in the process of casting Eldritch Fire. (April 2000)

Thumbnail: Cyborg Miniature #1 Cyborg #1
Most of this figure is a Talos Unit from Kryomek -- a miniatures line that happens to be the source of a number of really neat miniatures that I've used for numerous minor kitbash jobs. The right arm is constructed from a blade from a "Nightmare" unit from Legions of Steel, and an angled "mechanical" piece from my bits box. Originally, this was painted up in rusty colors to be a "junkman" from an encounter in the Red Mesa adventure, but then I gave it a more careful paint job and revived it as a mechanical construct that the Posse briefly encountered in the town of Barrett, in a Junker's shop. Now, I keep it on hand to represent a generic close-combat specialist Cyborg. (March 2000)

Thumbnail: Mickey Dismantle Miniature Mickey Dismantle
This was a Lesser Servitor that the Posse ran into while they were trying to escape the Red Mesa Research Facility. (This was before I found out that Servitors are supposed to be pretty rare. Say, no more than 48 total.) He had in his service a number of "junkman" abominations made of grotesque rearrangements of mechanical parts and junk fused with the corpses of his unfortunate victims. In the end, he was defeated when a member of the Posse took Mickey's own wrench and bludgeoned him with it. (March 2000)

Thumbnail: Anti-Templar Miniature Anti-Templar
This isn't really a great paint job, per se, since all I did was to paint the figure and bike black, drybrush in midnight blue, paint on the Anti-Templar symbol, and then give this a really glossy finish. However, I can't help but think that the "Space Knights" line of miniatures from Ral Partha was one of the neatest I've seen, and they work so nicely to represent things in totally unrelated games -- such as Deadlands. (February 2000)

Thumbnail: Automaton Miniature Automaton
One of the major nasties the Posse might run into in the Wasted West is an Automaton from the Combine. Ral Partha's discontinued "Space Knights" line is a great source of "Necrovores" -- cybernetic skeletal monstrosities that, painted black and then given a silver drybrush job for highlights, work great as Automatons. (February 2000)

Thumbnail: Head-Chicken  Miniatures Head-Chickens
These are just pieces of putty painted up and stuck on 20 x 20 mm plastic bases, used to represent parasitic monsters in the adventures at Red Mesa Research Facility. (February 2000)

Thumbnail: Head-Chicken Zombie Miniatures Head-Chicken Zombies
These are kitbashed miniatures meant to represent victims of parasitic creatures based on the "head-crabs" in Valve's Half-Life video game, used in our first adventure in the Red Mesa Research Facility. The Posse, not knowing what to call the creatures, dubbed them "Head-Chickens", and these therefore became "Head-Chicken Zombies". The miniatures are a couple of ugly humanoids (the original names I don't know) that I clipped the heads off of for other projects, and then used putty to add the "head-chicken" head, elongated claws, and -- in one case -- a "lab coat". (February 2000)

Thumbnail: Junkman Junkman
This was originally a figure from the "Whispering Vault" line of miniatures, and I painted it up pretty much as-is. I used it in my Hell on Earth campaign as an unusual "monster" type. (February 2000)

Thumbnail: Karl Dracomortat Miniature Karl Dracomortat
This was originally a figure from the "Castle Falkenstein" line of miniatures, a really nice source of "ordinary people" in formal garb. For this campaign, it was painted up to represent Karl Dracomortat, the Carpathian vampire hunter, played by John Zielinsky. (February 2000)

Thumbnail: Leonard Miniature Leonard
This originally was part of a pack of miniatures I got on clearance, representing some "drug runners". I painted it up to represent Leonard, a redneck character played by Scott Whitmore for our campaign. The miniature isn't "kitbashed" at all, per se, but the figure was originally made with "chains" around its neck, and I painted those up with the intent of making them resemble a neckerchief instead. (The back sports an emblem of a Confederate flag with "Fear This" across it.) (February 2000)

Thumbnail: Liebowitz Miniature Liebowitz
This is a scientist figure that came (I think) from a Shadowrun pack, from Ral Partha. It was pretty much painted up as-is, to represent Dr. Liebowitz, a scientist character who was originally written up as an NPC, but used as a pre-fabricated PC for a visiting "guest player" from Sweden, Henrik (a friend of John Boulton). (February 2000)

Thumbnail: Dr. Max Grant Miniature Max Grant
This was originally a model from Kryomek, though I replaced the head (originally wearing a mask) with a head of another figure. (The other figure eventually became one of the "head-chicken zombies" shown above.) This was meant to represent Dr. Max Grant, the PC of Diosden "Digo" Rodriguez -- a post-apocalyptic "Mad Scientist". (February 2000)

Thumbnail: Neo-Samurai Jim Miniature Neo-Samurai Jim
One of the players in my group is John Cullen, who wanted to play a character that "looks like Blade", armed with a samurai sword. This miniature was originally an Elf from Shadowrun (Ral Partha), and it was holding a bottle in the upraised hand. I replaced the bottle with a sword trimmed from an "Ascended" model (also Ral Partha). (February 2000)

Thumbnail: Syker Monkey Miniature Syker Monkey
This was originally a ghoul from the "Call of Cthulhu" series of miniatures put out by Grenadier. I painted it up a little differently, including the pinkish "brain" visible, supposed to represent a monkey with the crown of its skull removed, exposing its brain. This was used as a monster encounter in the Red Mesa Research Facility, based on one of the many nasties in another great video game, System Shock 2. (I pretty much borrowed this and that from all sorts of video games in the Red Mesa adventure.) (February 2000)

Thumbnail: Toxic Zombie Miniature Toxic Zombie
This is one of the old plastic skeletons that were once available in large quantities as part of the "Skeleton Army" box available from Games Workshop, before those figures got broken up into smaller sets. I painted it in a bright yellow-green color, then washed it with some fluourescent "neon" green acrylic paint. (I happened to be watching Peter Pan on DVD with my wife in the family room while I was painting this up, and now I keep having Peter Pan flashbacks whenever I dredge up this mini. Weird.) (February 2000)

Thumbnail: Yotee Miniature Yotee
This was originally a figure from a Shadowrun pack of "shapeshifters", modified to add the kerchief around Yotee's neck (with putty), and painted up with those distinctive markings on Yotee's forelegs. This was an odd member of the Posse in our Hell on Earth campaign, played by John Boulton. It's hard to be part of the Posse, when you can't talk! (February 2000)

Thumbnail: Junker Miniature Junker
This was originally a Ral Partha miniature from "Mage: the Ascension", and the model initially was holding up a frog. I removed the frog-holding forearm, and replaced it with a spare piece of an Imperial Guard (Warhammer 40K) arm holding a "lasrifle", from my "bits box", and from there proceeded to glue on bits of junk around the base. (January 2000)

Thumbnail: Reverend Miniature Reverend Abraham Freeman
This was a miniature from the "vampire hunters" pack from the "Vampire: the Masquerade" line put out by Ral Partha. I painted this up to represent my character, a Blessed Southern Baptist reverend transplanted from the Old West into the Wasted West, in my first Deadlands: Hell on Earth campaign I was involved in. Genesis Whitmore gave me a second copy of this figure, which I removed from its base and painted up similarly, to fit on a motorcycle that the Reverend had picked up during his time in the future. (January 2000)

Thumbnail: Doomsayer #1 Miniature Doomsayer #1
This was originally a "wraith" miniature from Ral Partha, holding a flaming sword in the upraised hand, and having a hollow cowl. I used some putty to add a face, removed the sword, and painted this figure to represent a superhero character for Scott Whitmore in a short-lived Champions campaign. More recently, I added the symbols of the "Doomsayers", a "radiation cult" in the Hell on Earth setting. The scan is pretty bad, but ... well, it does make it look kind of radioactive or something, doesn't it? (January 2000)

Thumbnail: Mountie Miniature Mountie
This is a Light Infantry LMG Specialist from Heartbreaker Hobbies for the Warzone tabletop game, painted up in a scheme meant to suggest the Canadian Mounted Police. Originally, I painted up a squad of these troops in this scheme, inspired by the wide-brimmed hats and the knowledge that the Capitol corporation in that game is supposed to have originated with Canada and the United States. Plus, one of my friends who occasionally plays Warzone against me (John Boulton) is from Canada. When he came up with a second PC for our Hell on Earth campaign, he wanted to play a Mountie ... and I had just the perfect miniature for him! (1999)

Thumbnail: Barney Miniature Barney
This is a Shadowrun "cop" miniature, originally from a three-pack set from Grenadier (before Ral Partha picked up the line). It's used to represent Barney, a security guard, in our Hell on Earth campaign. Originally, "Barney" was written up as an NPC for the first adventure in the Red Mesa Research Facility, but it was grabbed as a quick pre-generated character for one of the players. (1995?)

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