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Here are assorted "anthropomorphic animal" characters that I have drawn, some of which are already presented in other categories in my gallery. (I've divided this into separate sub-pages based on year, due to overall page size. This page has images from the year 2008 onward.)

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Voyage of the Amorous Armadillo - Savage Worlds Pirates of the Spanish Main RPG Campaign Poster Voyage of the Amorous Armadillo - Savage Worlds Pirates of the Spanish Main RPG Campaign Poster
This is a poster I put together for my Pirates RPG campaign at the Amorous Armadillo Game Shoppe in Winter Park, Florida. Yes, it's a strange name for a store, but I thought it'd make a great name for a pirate ship! The figurehead here is inspired by the store's quirky mascot/logo. The background is inspired by a photograph of the sunset over the ocean by "Digital_Rampage." (9 Aug 2011)
Dark Lady Unicorn, Steampunk Inventor Dark Lady Unicorn, Steampunk Inventor
Some time ago, I established a sort of "tradition" of sorts that I really should draw at least one unicorn a year, or it just isn't a proper year, and toward that end, I've often scrambled to draw another unicorn toward the end of the year. It's often a pencil sketch done wherever I happen to be on New Year's Eve, and it rarely actually gets scanned in (and sometimes is just given away). Here, I decided to draw something at the computer: a unicorn! Except not just any unicorn - it's a dark steampunk inventor lady unicorn with a zappy gun! (31 Dec 2010)

Katie the Volleyball Chihuahua Katie the Volleyball Chihuahua
My cousin Katie wanted to be drawn as a chihuahua. She also happens to like sports, particularly volleyball, so I decided to draw her as a chihuahua playing volleyball. (7 Jul 2010)

Wampus Cat Sasta Wampus Cat Sasta
A birthday present for John Boulton - a portrait of his anthropomorphic cougar RPG character as a "Wampus Cat" (half-cougar/half-human from Native American folklore - though I've likely taken considerable liberties with the portrayal). (14 Jan 2009)

Gabfurret in Space Gabfurret in Space
This is a character portrait I drew of one of the alter-egos of Melissa Douglas (formerly credited as Melissa Spencer in some of my earlier art). I drew this while I was on a retro-sci-fi kick, after drawing a bunch of figure flats for Pinnacle Entertainment Group for "Slipstream." I'm not quite sure what sort of critter Gabfurret is supposed to be, honestly. (13 Nov 2008)

Spacejock Sasta Spacejock Sasta
I like to think of this as an "epilogue" picture for the really weird Ironclaw-Savage-Worlds campaign I ran, which wrapped up this year. That is, after starting in the Ironclaw world, visiting the Pirates RPG world, venturing into the Frozen North, exploring a steampunk alternate reality in the 19th century, and finally making an epic journey through Hades and facing off against Sekhmet and Set in a multi-deity smackdown (this was a weird campaign, did I say?), Sasta finally gets her ticket to travel freely across the multiverse. Her next stop: Slipstream! The Nautilus is refitted as a submersible-capable rocketship, and everybody gets rayguns, rocket packs, and bubble helmets. And Sasta can pass for a "Lionman." "Sasta" is a roleplay character of John Boulton (one of the players in my campaign). (28 Oct 2008)

Roadrunner Roadrunner
A mascot for my grandparents' 2008 family reunion. (They like roadrunners.) (11 Jan 2008)

Images on this page are copyright by T. Jordan "Greywolf" Peacock and by the respective owners of any characters depicted.

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