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Here are assorted "anthropomorphic animal" characters that I have drawn, some of which are already presented in other categories in my gallery. (This page has images from 2001 up to 2007.)

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Meka Hedgehog Meka Hedgehog
I only drew this because of a severe case of "I-don't-know-what-to-draw-now" at the Art Jam. So, a weird idea popped into mind for reasons unknown: A cute little hedgehog critter piloting a big meka bristling with heavy weaponry. (17 Aug 2006)
Doom Unicorn Doom Unicorn
I only drew this because I had no idea what to draw at the Art Jam, and this was the first weird idea to pop into my mind: One of my unicorn critters transplanted into the Doom universe ... sort of. Mind you, he's dangerous with that ratchet. (17 Aug 2006)
Thumbnail: Unicorn Sisters Unicorn Sisters
An "art jam" picture of two unicorn characters from a story that I'm unlikely to ever actually write. I might color this picture later. But probably not, what with my track record. I'm such a pessimist! ;) (4 May 2005)
Thumbnail: Jing Li - Shotgun Vixen Jing Li - Shotgun Vixen
Another "art jam" sketch of Jing Li, a character from my Superior City campaign (temporarily played by May Wasserman). Here, she's had to adapt her attire after a harrowing trip through the horror realm of "Night City", and now through the claustrophobic (and alien-infested) corridors of "Deimos Base Alpha". (2 May 2005)
Thumbnail: Dragon Alchemist Wu Lung - and Pyrite Dragon Alchemist Wu Lung - and Pyrite
An "art jam" drawing of Wu Lung, the reptilian alchemist who aided the heroes of the Superior City campaign during their journey through "DungeonWorld". Here, he is accompanied by his golden pseudodragon, "Pyrite", as he examines a new concoction. (2 May 2005)
Thumbnail: Jing Li - Fox Spirit Jing Li - Fox Spirit
A sketch from the weekly "art jam", of "Jing Li" (formerly known as "Vixa"), inventing a new identity for herself as a "Chinese Fox Spirit" - never mind how little she really knows about Chinese culture. (29 Apr 2005)
Thumbnail: White Tigress Champion White Tigress Champion
A sketch from the weekly "art jam", this time of the Champion of the White Tiger, an NPC from my "Superior City" RPG campaign - who has just challenged Kathmandu (one of the heroes) to a fight over one of the Four Celestial Scrolls. (3 Mar 2005)
Thumbnail: Cat Girl Cat Girl
A sketch drawn at our weekly "art jam", of an "anime cat girl". (15 Dec 2004)
Thumbnail: Hedgehog Princess Hedgehog Princess
At our weekly "art jam", Liana Lavoie let me borrow a brush pen and some colored markers to doodle with. She likes hedgehogs, so I started scribbling, and out came this "hedgehog princess" picture that I gave her. (She scanned it in for me. Yay!) (8 Jul 2004)
Thumbnail: Little Joe Little Joe
Pencil sketch of "Little Joe", a recurring character in some bedtime stories for my little niece, Tori, as told by my mom. =) (3 Mar 2004)
Thumbnail: Argent the Unicorn Argent the Unicorn
Pencil sketch of "Argent", a Unicorn Companion of Sir Ent, a character from my "Dante's Inferno" D&D campaign. (3 Mar 2004)
Thumbnail: Xith the Dragonling Xith the Dragonling
Pencil sketch of "Xith", a dragonling familiar of Maori - a character from my "Dante's Inferno" D&D campaign. (3 Mar 2004)
Thumbnail: Ms. Swift's Hat Ms. Swift's Hat
A commission piece for "Talin" of a lady vixen on an airship. (8 Jan 2004)
Thumbnail: DDR Fox! DDR Fox!
A gift piece of "ScotFox" playing DDR. ScotFox is (c) Brian Kendig. (20 Dec 2003)
Thumbnail: JadedFox, Gryphon Rider JadedFox, Gryphon Rider
A gift piece of JadedFox's online persona, drawn as a gryphon rider. (20 Dec 2003)
Thumbnail: Tibek the Rogue Tibek the Rogue
A portrait of Tibek's online persona as a roguish adventurer. (17 Dec 2003)
Thumbnail: Ms. Cloudsteel in a Dress Ms. Cloudsteel in a Dress
A commission piece for "Talin" of a lady clouded leopard on an airship. (10 Dec 2003)
Thumbnail: Gab the Wizard Gab the Wizard
As a gift for a friend of mine, "Gab", I drew her online alter ego as a fantasy character - a spellcaster. (10 Dec 2003)
Thumbnail: Bat Icon Bat Icon
An 8-frame "hyperactive bat-thing" LiveJournal icon I drew for a friend. (24 Apr 2003)

Thumbnail: Nervous Guinea Pig Nervous Guinea Pig
Just a silly CorelDraw / Photoshop / GIF Animator doodle I did, inspired by the antics of "FoxMagic" with a guinea pig he's been trying to take care of for a neighbor. (This guinea pig seems to have issues.) (3 Apr 2003)

Thumbnail: Hyenaman Hyenaman
A generic barbarian hyena-man in a generic dungeon, holding a generic bone-splitting battle-axe. (Pen and ink colored in Painter Classic.) (20 Feb 2003)

Thumbnail: Three Tails Old Three Tails Old!
Another Necronomicon 2002 art show contribution, this time a variation on a theme I'd done before with "Measuring Up." I was going to draw a kitsune for Necronomicon 2001, but failed to do so before the art show ... so I'd drawn a picture specifically for Bart Fox, after I'd told him of the concept. This time, I revisited the idea (barely) in time to put something in the art show, though with a slight change on the angle -- a kitsune birthday cake! (3 Oct 2002)

Thumbnail: Winter Walk Winter Walk
A lupine mage makes her way through the forest in a light snowfall. (31 Oct 2001)

Thumbnail: Carousel Carousel
A picture of a carousel with fanciful ponies on it, drawn for a children's story, "The Seven Sisters," by C. A. Loewen. (Pony characters (c) C. A. Loewen) (24 Feb 2001)

Thumbnail: Dragon 2.0 (Right Facing) Dragon 2.0 (Right Facing)
Completed version of a commissioned dragon animation. Pen on paper, colored in Adobe Photoshop LE, animated in GIF animator. (17 Feb 2001)

Thumbnail: Dragon 2.0 (Left Facing) Dragon 2.0 (Left Facing)
As above, but this is the version that faces left, so two of these dragons can be positioned as "book ends" on a banner. Pen on paper, colored in Adobe Photoshop LE. (17 Feb 2001)

Thumbnail: Gabfury 2.0 Gabfury 2.0
"Gabfury and the EvilMatic," framed with a "datacard" about the character. Pen, colored pencils, and computer touch-up and text in Painter Classic. "Gabfury" is (c) Melissa "Gab" Spencer. (13 Feb 2001)

Thumbnail: Lochinvar, Ariecha and Dalton Lochinvar, Ariecha and Dalton
The three heroes who stopped the rampage of the shadow creature, Jishyo, in Himar. (SinaiMUCK) Lochinvar (c) Francisco Azinsan. Ariecha, Dalton (c) May Wasserman. Brush, pen and colored pencils. (31 Jan 2001)

Thumbnail: Cyprian Cyprian, Mage of the Sphere of Mind
Cyprian, an Eeee (bat-morph) mentalist NPC from SinaiMUCK. Cyprian (c) May Wasserman. (30 Jan 2001)

Thumbnail: Gwendel in 'France' Gwendel in 'France'
Gwendel, sketching scenery in the France Pavilion in EPCOT. Gwendel (c) Wendy Peacock (28 Jan 2001)

Thumbnail: Rephath Rephath: Goddess of Vengeance
Rephath, a villanous bat "goddess" from SinaiMUCK. Pen, brush, colored pencils, and computer coloring. (23 Jan 2001)

Thumbnail: Do Not Surprise Skunks! Do Not Surprise Skunks!
... and the "photographer" must have done just that. This picture was inspired by a discussion with Melissa Spencer (who owns the copyright on the character pictured) about creative ways to "frame" pictures. This might be one way. Brush and ink, colored with pencils, computer-edited to join it with a strip of paper, paperclip and polaroid photo I also scanned in. (17 Jan 2001)

Images on this page are copyright by T. Jordan "Greywolf" Peacock and by the respective owners of any characters depicted.

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