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Here are assorted "anthropomorphic animal" characters that I have drawn, some of which are already presented in other categories in my gallery. (These are images from 1999 and earlier, mostly dealing with an online roleplay environment called "SinaiMUCK," which I used to be a lot more involved in.)

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Thumbnail: Ariel Ariel, Messenger of the Gods
(From SinaiMUCK.) A magical NPC character from SinaiMUCK. Pigma markers on Bristol. (1999)

Thumbnail: Jynx Animation Jynx Falls (Animation)
(From SinaiMUCK.) Feli "Jynx" Kurai, also known as "The Unlucky One", here is shown falling out of an airship (something he has done more than once). This is my first attempt at GIF animation, after doodling several pictures on a piece of typing paper, and zipping them together in GIF Animator. Jynx is (c) Gregory Crothers. (1999)

Thumbnail: Qing Qing, Spirit Mage
(From SinaiMUCK.) Qing, six-armed Rokuga Witchdoctor of the Sphere of Spirit; (c) Shawn Mulligan. (1999)

Thumbnail: Dog Soldiers Dog Soldiers
(From Mutant Chronicles.) My fanciful take on the "Dog Soldiers" from the Capitol megacorporation. (The visual image I get in my head when I hear the term "Dog Soldier" is -- guess what -- a dog soldier!) That the human soldiers with the "dogs" have dreadlocks is an invention of Thomas Oesterlie, who envisioned them that way. (1999)

Thumbnail: Ashes Ashes, Champion of the Black Lance
The Black Knight of the Knights Templar of Rephidim, an NPC from SinaiMUCK. Pencil sketch, touched up in Adobe Photoshop. (1997)

Thumbnail: Wynona Wynona "Wrong-Way" Windcaller
My very first Adobe Photoshop piece, done while working at God's World Publications in Asheville, NC. Wynona was a bat-like "Eeee" Air Mage character created for SinaiMUCK to test out the character creation rules for spellcasters. (1996)

Images on this page are copyright by T. Jordan "Greywolf" Peacock and by the respective owners of any characters depicted.

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