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Warhammer Miniatures

Here are scans of some of my miniatures painted up for the Warhammer World setting -- for games of Advanced HeroQuest, Warhammer Quest, Warhammer Fantasy Battles, and Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play.

Thumbnail: Priest of Manann Priest of Manann
A kitbashed miniature of Josef Wasserkafer, Priest of Manann, from a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay adventure scenario I ran at Necronomicon 2001. The miniature is assembled from a plastic "Empire Militia" set from Warhammer Fantasy Battle / Mordheim, though the miter is a helmet trimmed off of an old 4th edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle High Elf Spearman. (Oct 2001)

Thumbnail: River Troll River Troll
This is a River Troll acquired during a recent trade, painted up, and put on a "monster base", decorated with the troll's small hoard of treasure, and a couple of bright green frogs (one of which is leaping away from the disturbance as the troll challenges an intruder). (9 Oct 2001)

Thumbnail: Gold Knight Gold Knight
This is a Reaper Miniatures knight painted up as a Bretonnian Knight of the Realm on foot, with a "rising phoenix" decorative helm. (30 Sep 2001)

Thumbnail: Dragon Knight Dragon Knight
This is a Reaper Miniatures knight painted up as an adventuring Imperial noble in armor. (I was somewhat inspired by the "Imperial Noble" Warhammer Warrior Pack insofar as painting the hair and the mustache, and the predominance of red in the scheme, though this model is obviously more heavily armored. (28 Sep 2001)

Thumbnail: Blue Knight Blue Knight
This is a Reaper Miniatures knight painted up as a Bretonnian Questing Knight (or perhaps a Knight of the Realm) on foot. (28 Sep 2001)

Thumbnail: Celestial Banner #1 Celestial Banner #1
This is a detail scan of one of the banners hanging on the outer wall of the Celestial Tower centerpiece for my Celestial Tower scenario for Necronomicon 2001. This consists of acrylic paints applied to a section of fabric remnant, with a toothpick for the banner pole, and some "shoelace decorations" from a fabric store. (23 Sep 2001)

Thumbnail: Celestial Banner #2 Celestial Banner #2
This is a detail scan of the highest of the banners hanging on the outer wall of the Celestial Tower centerpiece for my Celestial Tower scenario for Necronomicon 2001. The runes around the central "sun face" represent the eight Color Colleges of Altdorf. (23 Sep 2001)

Thumbnail: Orc Champion Orc Champion
This is an old out of print Orc Champion model I received several years ago as part of a trade. Today, I did some touch-up work to add a bit more color, including painting an "angry sun" image on the front breastplate piece, and (unseen) an "angry sun eye" on the rear of the armor. This fellow is one of the MC (Monster Character) choices in my Advanced MonsterQuest scenario for Necronomicon 2001. (9 Sep 2001)

Thumbnail: Beastman Champion Beastman Champion
This is an older Beastman model I got on clearance some time ago, and painted up in a fairly dull brown scheme. Today, I tried some touch-up work to bring out the detail a little more, and make his armor decoration a bit more colorful. This fellow is one of the MC (Monster Character) choices in my Advanced MonsterQuest scenario for Necronomicon 2001. (9 Sep 2001)

Thumbnail: Night Goblin Night Goblin
I've got bunches of these little plastic guys, thanks to 4th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warhammer Quest, and assorted trades. I decided to go back and paint one of these guys up with a bit more detail and see if they might turn out nice -- this fellow has blue highlights on a mostly black outfit, with gradiated yellow-orange decor, and three tones of green used for his skin. He's one of the MC (Monster Character) choices in my Advanced MonsterQuest scenario for Necronomicon 2001. (9 Sep 2001)

Thumbnail: Gold Wizard #2 Gold Wizard #2
A Citadel Gold Wizard I bought as part of a deal, then discovered when I received it that the "golden hawk" headpiece on the staff was gone. I therefore made a "conversion" out of the figure, by attaching a very small "eagle" miniature that I had left over from some old Ral Partha (?) set of animals and familiars. The backdrop is the inside of the front door of the Celestial Tower (used in a scenario for Necronomicon 2001). (9 Sep 2001)

Thumbnail: Dark Elf Sorceress Dark Elf Sorceress
The plastic "Dark Elf Sorceress" model from the "Wizards" boxed set, put in a mini-diorama composed of a plastic gateway extracted from a "Tarzan" playset, painted up, and given a new backdrop. (8 Sep 2001)

Thumbnail: Tzeentch Beastman Tzeentch Beastman
A sorcerer or shaman of Tzeentch, either a beastman, or perhaps a once-human sorcerer who has since lost his humanity due to exposure to the warping powers of Chaos. This miniature was bought off eBay, but the picture was of lousy quality, and I did not realize until I got it that the miniature itself was a miscasting -- part of the third arm, the scroll, the belt and one foot were missing, and there were several cracks in the figure. I did what I could to mend the damage with some putty. (7 Sep 2001)

Thumbnail: Mummy Mummy
Plastic mummy figure from the Milton Bradley / Games Workshop board game "HeroQuest". The backdrop is part of a doorway from a Grendel "Pharaoh's Tomb" resin scenery set. (7 Sep 2001)

Thumbnail: Tzeentch Lord Tzeentch Lord
A champion of Tzeentch, horribly mutated by the powers of Chaos, with a bird foot, a Pink Horror hand, and is that a helmet he's wearing, or is that his face? (7 Sep 2001)

Thumbnail: Water Elemental Water Elemental
Aside from the plastic base, this entire figure was sculpted by me out of putty (and it shows). The figure was originally sculpted to be a "fire elemental", but I made a mold off of it and made some resin castings, and here I painted one up to resemble water instead of fire. (7 Sep 2001)

Thumbnail: Ghost Ghost
Boo! It's an old out of print Citadel ghost. When I bought the model (used), it was painted green, and though I repainted it, the scheme inspired me -- I painted it lime green, then gave it a wash of neon green, and drybrushed it with misty white. For the base, I added a section of drybrushed mat board for a "tombstone" amidst the grass flocking. (7 Sep 2001)

Thumbnail: Halfling Rogue Halfling Rogue
Funny, all Citadel Halflings have their bellies sticking out from undersized shirts. You'd think, with their size, they'd have a problem with getting shirts too large, if anything! This is a plastic model from the FT-06 "Adventurers" set, painted up as a Halfling thief. (7 Sep 2001)

Thumbnail: Troll Slayer Troll Slayer
This is the plastic Troll Slayer model from FT-06 "Adventurers", painted up complete with my attempt at pseudo-knotwork tattoos on his body. Muct be a lot of starch in that mohawk! (7 Sep 2001)

Thumbnail: Jade Wizard Druid of Albion
This is the plastic Druid model from the Talisman board game, also known as a "Jade Wizard". (In Deathblow, my Jade Wizard/Druid character was re-dubbed the "Druid of Albion".) Although the miniature is depicted wearing shoes, I painted the feet up as if the model were wearing sandals, as Jade Wizards go barefoot, so that they may keep their feet in contact with Mother Earth. (Granted, sandals aren't exactly "barefoot", but it's a lot closer than wearing boots.) (7 Sep 2001)

Thumbnail: Skaven Standard #2 Skaven Standard #2
A converted "Skaven Standard", using a "Ratscum Standard" figure from Grenadier. Epoxy putty was used to add a loincloth on the front and back, as otherwise the "Ratscum" figure was conspicuously bare compared to his companions. The banner is actually molded onto the figure (unlike the paper standards common to Warhammer Fantasy Battle) and was painted on both sides. (30 Aug 2001)

Thumbnail: Skaven Champion Skaven Champion
A converted "Skaven Champion", using a "Ratscum Champion" figure from Grenadier. Epoxy putty was used to augment the armor and add the cape, clothing the figure to better match authentic Skaven miniatures. (30 Aug 2001)

Thumbnail: Skaven Champion (Back) Skaven Champion (Back)
Back view of the Skaven Champion. The cape was added with epoxy putty, as the original model had a conspicuously bare back that didn't seem to quite fit in place with the rest of the Skaven regiment he was leading. (30 Aug 2001)

Thumbnail: Skaven #4 Skaven #4
A Skaven warrior from the out of print "Fantasy Regiments" boxed set from Games Workshop (which included several plastic bodies for Skaven, Orcs, Dark Elves, Wood Elves, Dwarves and Goblins, with alternate heads, weapons and shields -- a great source for "bitz"). (30 Aug 2001)

Thumbnail: Pink Horror Standard Pink Horror Standard
A Pink Horror of Tzeentch, this one a "standard bearer" -- and strangely enough, the Pink Horror itself is the standard! (i.e., the huge antlers are fairly conspicuous, and its tail has formed into the likeness of Tzeentch's head.) (30 Aug 2001)

Thumbnail: Pink Horror Drummer Pink Horror Drummer
A Pink Horror of Tzeentch, this one a "musician" -- and true to the nature of Pink Horrors, this creature is both drummer and drum. (30 Aug 2001)

Thumbnail: Skaven Hero #1 Skaven Hero #1
This is an old Tim Prow "Ratman" miniature that I painted (horribly) a long time ago, but recently I gave it new life by soaking it in Pine-Sol to strip the paint off, then repainted it. It's still not contest quality, but looks a fair sight better as a Skaven Hero. (30 Aug 2001)

Thumbnail: Skaven Hero #2 Skaven Hero #2
This is another old Tim Prow "Ratman" miniature, distinctive for having a "cyber power arm" for some odd reason. I imagine in the Warhammer World, this would be a Warlock Engineer. (30 Aug 2001)

Thumbnail: Carroburg Musician Carroburg Musician
This is another miniature given to me by B. Bechard, which I painted up in the color scheme of Carroburg of the Empire. (30 Aug 2001)

Thumbnail: Amber Wizard Amber Wizard
Actually, this is a much older paint job of mine, but it had suffered some paint flakes due to being improperly stored, so I did a little touch-up work on it along with the other miniatures I painted this same day. (30 Aug 2001)

Thumbnail: Celestial Wizard Celestial Wizard
This is a long out of print miniature, and I have been looking around for this guy for a long time! The newer plastic Celestial Wizard doesn't quite compare in terms of sheer gaudiness of his costume. I had a lot of fun painting this one up! (30 Aug 2001)

Thumbnail: Amethyst Wizard Amethyst Wizard
Another out of print wizard, recently acquired and painted up. The scheme is based on a photo of a mounted Amethyst wizard I saw in the Battle Magic book. Wendy, incidentally, likes the color scheme of the Amethyst Wizard more so than the other wizards. (30 Aug 2001)

Thumbnail: Jester Familiar Jester Familiar
This is a "Familiar" from Citadel, which came with the Amethyst Wizard. (For a while, Wizard models came with a randomly selected Familiar included.) I've been looking for these Familiars for quite some time, and this is the first (and as of this writing only) one that I've actually been able to get. (Actually, you can still get some of them directly from Games Workshop Mail Order, but the shipping/handling expenses are a bit off-putting for small purchases.) Ironically, I had no idea that I was getting it -- I won an auction on eBay for the Amethyst and Celestial Wizards, and this little guy came in the blister package along with them! What a nice surprise. =) (30 Aug 2001)

Thumbnail: Elf Ranger Elf Ranger
This figure was released both as the miniature for the "Elf Ranger" in warrior packs for Warhammer Quest, and separately (and easier to obtain) as a "High Elf Hero". I acquired this loose as a small grab bag deal, and was very pleased with how much detail there is on the figure. While I've seen far better painting jobs on the Internet (and even used some of them as color guides), I still feel pretty good about putting this one on the table as a potential High Elf Ranger Hero for my players to use in Advanced HeroQuest. (August 2001)

Thumbnail: Skaven Drummer Skaven Drummer
A converted Skaven "Musician" (drummer) for Warhammer Fantasy Battle -- the body and drum are from an old Grenadier "Half-Orc" miniature, the head is from Citadel's "Fantasy Regiments" boxed set, and additional features (tail, feet, mantle) were added with epoxy putty. (29 Aug 2001)

Thumbnail: Skaven #1 Skaven #1
An older plastic Skaven miniature, originally from the Advanced HeroQuest boxed set.(24 Aug 2001)

Thumbnail: Skaven #2 Skaven #2
An older plastic Skaven miniature, this one kitbashed from the old Fantasy Regiments boxed set. The axe is from a Beastman from Battle Masters. (24 Aug 2001)

Thumbnail: Female Skaven Female Skaven
My wife decided that she wanted to play a female Skaven thief in my Advanced HeroQuest campaign, so I tried to oblige. I started with a Castle Falkenstein sorceress miniature (from Soldiers and Swords) for the main body, and removed the head (keeping it in my bitz box for later conversions!) and replaced it with a plastic cowled Skaven head from leftovers of an old Fantasy Regiments box (Citadel). I showed Wendy my collection of weapons from the bitz box and asked her to select one she liked. She picked a large scythe from an old Heartbreaker Hobbies wraith model, which happened to have the hand attached. I secured that to the base, then used epoxy putty to make a forearm and blousy sleeve to go back to the main body. The original right arm was just too far out of proportion now to incorporate, so I hid it in some more putty, which I turned into a satchel. The left arm was built up in size with more putty, and then a cudgel from a Werewolf: the Apocalypse miniature (Ral Partha) was used, because the attached hand was about the right scale. The rat tail and protruding toes are more putty. The original Falkenstein mini had far too much cleavage for Wendy's taste, so I made an amulet with a triangle of paper with some putty applied to it to make a little "horned rat" emblem, and glued it on the nape. The flecks of color amidst the grass are supposed to be flowers. ;) (August 2001)

Thumbnail: Grey Seer Grey Seer
I originally acquired this "Grey Seer Thanquol" figure quite some time ago, during a brief foray into Warhammer Fantasy Battles and my attempt to build a Skaven army, but the paint job was even worse than pictured here. I stuck the figure in a pickle jar with some off-brand "Pine-Sol" type cleaner, and was then able to peel off the caked-on paint, then begin anew. While my painting skills are still not contest quality, the figure is ready for action as one of the heroes (yes, I've taken liberties with the campaign premise) for an upcoming Advanced HeroQuest campaign. (August 2001)

Thumbnail: Skaven Deathmaster Skaven Deathmaster
This miniature was acquired the same time as the Grey Seer, and likewise underwent a paint job. I used this figure to represent the "Skaven Gutter Runner" hero from my Manor of Asmodine adventure. (August 2001)

Thumbnail: Captain Captain
This is an Imperial Hero I got as a gift from B. Bechard, painted up in the colors of Carroberg (black and red with yellow trim) to serve as a Henchman Captain for games of Advanced HeroQuest. (August 2001)

Thumbnail: Grand Theogonist Grand Theogonist
The Grand Theogonist from the Imperial War Altar. Actually, I bought this primarily to represent a Warrior Priest adventurer for an Advanced HeroQuest campaign, since it's been very hard to find the actual "Warrior Priest" figure from the Warhammer Quest hero packs at a reasonable price. (They tend to go for a great deal more than it cost me to get the entire War Altar -- and I can use the altar and the statue as some impressive scenery for a dungeon). (August 2001)

Thumbnail: Witch Elf Witch Elf
This is a plastic Witch Elf figure from the FT06 Adventurers pack (also from the Talisman board game). Used as an "Anti-Heroine" in the Advanced MonsterQuest scenario. (August 2001)

Thumbnail: Cat Woman Cat Woman
This, I believe, was a Ral Partha miniature from a "Beastman Command" pack, though I acquired it loose and thus am not quite certain of its origins. When fixing up characters for my AHQ campaign, my wife was somewhat interested in this miniature, but lost interest when I explained more about the nature of Beastmen in the Warhammer World. Putty was added to make the tail visible, and while I'm not certain what the species was originally supposed to be, this one's painted up like a tabby cat. (August 2001)

Thumbnail: Man at Arms Man-at-Arms
This is a Grenadier miniature, used as a Man-at-Arms (Henchman) for Advanced HeroQuest. (August 2001)

Thumbnail: Vampire Vampire
Count Carstein (Citadel), a Vampire for Warhammer Fantasy Battle, and another blister pack I got from B. Bechard. I was originally going to use him to represent John Boulton's Huckster character from my Deadlands 1936 "Weird Wars" campaign, but opted instead to go with something a little more subdued. Nonetheless, this works just fine as a nasty for the heroes to run up against! ;) (August 2001)

Thumbnail: Lion Centaur Lion Centaur
This is a Ral Partha miniature, representing a "Lamia" from the AD&D line. I painted it up and put it on a resin base (to the proportions of a cavalry base) to use it as a very unusual Chaos Centaur. (August 2001)

Thumbnail: Minotaur Minotaur
This is actually a Heartbreaker Hobbies miniature, sculpted by Tim Prow; the knight's helmet is from Battle Masters (Games Workshop / Milton Bradley), the shield is a Citadel plastic, and the spear is anybody's guess. (August 2001)

Thumbnail: Ogre Mercenary Ogre Mercenary
This is one of my oldest models, a Marauder Miniatures ogre that I got on clearance, which had two right legs, so I had to replace the left one with a "peg leg" fashioned from a toothpick and some putty to fill in the remaining gap. Not a very pretty paint job, but I'm using this as one of the miniatures for my Advanced MonsterQuest scenario. (sometime circa early 1990s)

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