Session Summary #7 -- "In Pursuit of Boris Brkic"

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Zombies at Work
Dead Lands Session Summary #7: In Pursuit of Boris Brkic

Some time after their adventures with the "Potato People", the wanderings of our adventurers take them to the state of Montana, in pursuit of a possible lead on the location of a vampire known as "Boris Brkic" -- or by the alias of "Boris Birch" -- the very same "wampyr" that the vampire hunter, Karl Dracomortat, was fighting, when a magical calamity sent them both into the future a few centuries, each still possessing half of the now-molten magical amulet that made this possible.

Due to a misunderstanding between Leonard and Yotee, the rest of our heroes have to hoof it to the next town -- the town of Barrett -- and meet up with a Shamaness by the name of Blue-Feather along the way. The blasted wastelands give way to overgrown forests, though the highway they travel is in surprisingly good condition, evidently paved within the last decade at the very least. At last, Karl, Barney, Jim and Blue-Feather come across what looks like a road construction crew maintaining the highway, with a construction vehicle nearby, and a foreman holding a shotgun.

Our heroes are wary of approaching the construction crew unprepared, as they know full well that things aren't always what they seem. Blue-Feather uses her Shamanic powers to converse with the animals of the wood, and learns that the construction crew is "dead". The group moves to a closer vantage point, and Karl is able to verify Blue-Feather's assertion by looking at the workers in the reflection of a mirror. The mirror reveals the truth behind the illusion -- that they are the walking dead. Neo-Samurai Jim bravely walks past the workers to see if they will attack, but they pretty much ignore him. As Jim gets back with the others, they decide to make a plan of attack, lest any other travelers are attacked by these zombies. So, Barney and Blue-Feather head up to the construction vehicle, with a plan to use it to run the zombies over.

Alas, the construction vehicle has other ideas ... and comes to life on its own, and proceeds to try to run down Blue-Feather and Barney! The two heroes manage to get out of the way, while Neo-Samurai Jim leaps on top of the vehicle, and Karl lobs grenades. Blue-Feather abruptly turns into the form of a bear, after calling upon aid from the Bear Spirits, and drags Barney clear of the grenade blast, and into the woods. At last, the vehicle is disabled by a grenade blast, and the previously "docile" zombies attack.

The heroes take on the zombies, aided by a big grizzly bear, and manage to take them out in short order, without taking any injuries in the process. They salvage a helmet from one of the zombies, and a wheelbarrow, and continue on their way toward the town of Barrett.

As they reach the town, Yotee the Coyote and Leonard (in his hum-vee) catch up with the group while they're standing at a distance, trying to determine what they're up against. The town is heavily fortified, surrounded by a built-up wall, with a couple of towers that sport rocket turrets salvaged from hovertanks. There is a large "gate" made of a bus with armor plates welded on each side, which rolls aside to reveal a "corral" inside, and another bus-gate that provides an entrance into the city proper. Jim, Blue-Feather and Yotee head into the "corral" and are searched. They learn that "Boris Birch" is the mayor of this fortified town.

They are allowed to keep swords, melee weapons and one-shot pistols (and Blue-Feather is allowed to keep her bow and arrows), but explosives, shotguns and automatic weapons are prohibited. While Leonard and Karl unload their weapons at the hum-vee (such as Karl's missile launcher), Barney decides to make use of a minor distraction caused by Blue-Feather berating the coyote for trying to steal her food. He stuffs three hand grenades in his pockets, then tries to sneak in and give the grenades to Neo-Samurai Jim, who has already passed "customs".

Alas for Barney, he fails to escape the notice of the guards. Realizing his imminent peril, Barney tries to convince the guards that he's mentally unstable, by pulling out a grenade, pulling the pin, and holding it high above his head, proclaiming, "If you don't shoot me first, I'm going to kill myself!" They then proceed to shoot him, and Barney goes down, the grenade released.

Karl and Leonard spring into action, as Karl unloads a rocket into one of the turrets, blowing it to smithereens. The coyote uses his obscure ability to get into things he's not supposed to, and manages to get the other bus-gate to start opening, and then he rushes over to Barney and knocks the grenade over toward the guards. Blue-Feather calls upon the Spirit of the Thunderbird, and calls down lightning to disable the other rocket turret ... but not before a couple of rockets are lobbed right behind the hum-vee, damaging it.

Amidst the gunfire, Neo-Samurai Jim manages to hurl Barney into the back of the hum-vee, but he gets fairly banged up trying to get onto the moving vehicle himself. Leonard does some pretty impressive shooting, picking off guards while driving, though his vehicle still takes significant damage. At last, Leonard makes a bold maneuver, bringing the vehicle up on two wheels and driving past the "bus-gate", and at last making it into the town. Blue-Feather and Yotee hop into the vehicle when it pauses briefly, and with much spinning around and shooting, the heroes proceed to deal with another group of heavily-armed guards, and then speed off into the town, finding an abandoned building in which to temporarily catch their breath, change tires on the battered hum-vee, and patch up wounds.

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