Session Summary #2 - "Another Fire in the Hole"

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Head Chicken
Dead Lands Session Summary #2: Another Fire in the Hole

Day 2:

Our heroes camp out in the break room in the specimen holding area, rummaging for whatever useful items they can find, and finding some duffel bags to pack their goods in, while the coyote sleeps next to the vivisection room ... a morbid place, but at least he gets a real bed! The coyote hears the elevator operating, as it starts going up. Fortunately, our heroes got all of their gear (save for the power loader) off of it before this unexpected event. The coyote gets everyone's attention, and they head out, observing the still-moving elevator going far, far up. They hurry to set up barricades on each side of the elevator, and push a button to call it back down.

Meanwhile, some zombies break out of a previously unexplored laboratory, attacking Barney the security guard and the coyote. Our heroes manage to dispatch the walking dead, and Karl Dracomortat hastens to deal with the bodies to make sure that they don't get up again. In the meantime, the elevator comes back down ... with a big metal skeletal robot standing on it! This time, Jim the Neo-Samurai and Barney the Guard are in place to see the robot, while the crate barricade (still in place) blocks the view from the others. The robot orders Barney and Jim down to the ground. At first, Barney complies, and Leonard hits a button to send the elevator up to a higher floor ... but Jim rushes in for the kill, using his extraordinary sword to cut off the robot's gun arm. Barney joins in as well, and the coyote hops up for a moment ... then thinks the better of it as Barney manages to blast the robot with a couple of well-placed shots to the head, after Karl's admonition to hit the robot there. As the elevator continues to ascend, and Leonard and Karl rush back with some sticks of dynamite to deal with the robot, the coyote leaps off and back to the floor ... and the robot explodes with Barney and Jim still right there on the elevator!

Through a miracle of miracles (and burning of many favors with Lady Luck) Barney and Jim not only survive the blast unscathed, but also a plummet down the elevator shaft! The elevator itself and the power loader don't fare as well. Fortunately, they let Leonard and Karl know that they're still alive, before Leonard decides to chuck a stick of dynamite down the shaft for good measure.

Syker Monkey They climb back up and gather up their belongings ... and then the power goes out! They opt to check out one remaining unexplored room -- the vivisection chamber. Karl and Leonard stay out in the hallway behind a barricade, while Barney works with opening the door, and Jim and the coyote stand at the ready. Sure enough, there's a critter waiting on the other side, and it has the jump on our heroes -- It's a monkey with the cap of its skull removed, revealing its pinkish, pulsating brain, and it apparently has psionic powers, as it proceeds to fill the room with a burst of flame. Again, our heroes are amazingly unscathed by the blast ... and before the monkey can try it again, the quick-acting coyote pounces the creature ... and clamps its jaws right down on the monkey's exposed brain! The brain and coyote go one way, and the monkey goes the other -- the battle thus being quickly joined and ended.

The coyote then gets sick ... and somehow causes a bed in the vivisection chamber to burst into flames. At the urging of the others, he repeats the stunt. It seems that something strange has happened to the coyote. (As if he wasn't strange already.)

The heroes put out the fires and gather up their things, then head off to the only obvious exit -- a closed fire door. Together, they muscle it open, and find an electric people-mover on the other side, and load up their gear.

They travel through the complex for about an hour or so, then arrive at another station, where they find another elevator ... and where there are elevators, there are automated turrets! There also happen to be a bunch of head-chickens and head-chicken zombies. Our heroes spring into action, picking off the head-chickens and zombies with ranged attacks from cover, while Leonard makes a risky move by ducking out and shooting a crossbow bolt with a lit stick of dynamite strapped to it ... and actually manages to hit the turret! Jim meanwhile manages to take down some more monsters up close and personal with his sword, then seeks cover just in time to avoid the blast and the broken glass sent flying through the hallways. Sure enough, the turret is out of action. Our heroes then examine the bathrooms and break room nearby, loading up on soda and junk food (what is still edible, that is) and taking a rare opportunity to clean up, as the hot water hasn't cooled off just yet. They also stack up on cleaning supplies and other rarities (such as toilet paper) and set up camp in an office, where they find some more notes of possible future use.

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