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Dead Lands: Hell on Earth Monsters
The Head-Chicken Zombie

Head-Chicken Zombies These lumbering creatures are created as a result of an alien organism that takes over and genetically alters human (or humanoid) bodies. Although in many respects they seem to be undead, they are not. A Head-Chicken Zombie looks like a human body with a Head-Chicken in place of its head, with the hands elongated into long talons, and a vertical rift visible in the chest cavity.

Head-Chicken Zombies are slow and stupid, and lack any sense of hearing or sight -- they track by smell. These creatures can be found anywhere that Head-Chickens can find human prey to adapt. It is not known whether this is the ultimate transformation of these alien creatures, or whether it is merely an intermediate stage. The Head-Chicken Zombie will generally just lumber toward the nearest moving source of meat, then make wild swings with its claws, trying to beat the target into submission, and then it will stoop over the fallen victim and start tearing off chunks of meat and stuffing it into its chest-orifice. A Head-Chicken Zombie sometimes drag unconscious or dead victims to a "lair" for later eating, if it has already had its fill. When a Head-Chicken Zombie detects a potential victim, it makes a sound that has been described as sounding like a wheezing chuckle -- giving away its presence to anyone who knows what to listen for.

Monster:Head-Chicken Zombie
Cognition:1d8 Deftness:1d4
Knowledge:1d4 Nimbleness:
Fightin': Brawlin'
Mien:1d4 Strength:4d8
Smarts:1d4 Quickness:2d6
Spirit:1d4 Vigor:3d8
Pace:4 Wind:12


A formerly human body with the head replaced by a mass that looks somewhat like a plucked and headless chicken, with the wings and legs extending into sharply-tipped crab-like legs, which burrow into the body. The hands are elongated into sharp talons which bear some resemblance to the legs of the Head-Chicken, and the chest cavity has split open in a vertical rift that reveals what passes for a mouth.

Special Rules:

  • Fearless: Head-Chicken Zombies are without fear, and despite their humanoid form, they are very stupid. They will take the most direct route toward a target, despite any hazards in the way, and thus can be possibly tricked into walking through a hazard or trap, if the "victim" is standing on the other side.
  • Immunity: Head-Chicken Zombies are unaffected by radiation levels, or by gas. They do not need to breathe, and may be found wandering around underwater. They are, however, affected by toxins, poisons and disease that would affect the human body.
  • Natural Weapons: The Head-Chicken Zombie's hands end in sharp talons, which are used in Brawlin' to deliver 1d6 + STR damage to the target upon a successful hit.
  • Easily Distracted: If you are fleeing a horde of Head-Chicken Zombies, a simple way to distract them is to toss a chunk of meat behind you as you flee. The Head-Chicken Zombies are stupid enough that they will attack it until they have "killed" it, and may even pause to feed upon it if you are out of range by the time the distraction is done with.
  • Cannot Run or Defend: Head-Chicken Zombies never Run, nor do they Gitalong. Furthermore, they never Vamoose, and do not defend themselves in close combat -- When attacking a Head-Chicken Zombie in close combat, do not add its Brawlin' level to the TN required to hit it.

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