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Dead Lands: Hell on Earth Monsters
The Blorp

Blorp A horror of this nature might be known by many names, but this is primarily meant as a unique encounter, and the name is given only for organizational purposes. (In other words, a character with Knowledge: Occult shouldn't be blithely pointing out, "Oh, that is a Blorp.")

This was a monster I threw into the "Red Mesa" adventure I ran for my Posse, as a "guardian" of sorts for a medical complex where the heroes were able to find a treasure trove of much-needed medical supplies. I had about six players, and I wanted something that would last long enough for each of them to get at least one shot in, but not be so ornery that it would prove impossible to destroy. Plus, it was designed as a monster that close combat prowess would be useful against, although close proximity to this monster could still be hazardous to one's health.

Cognition:1d4 Deftness:1d4
Knowledge:1d4 Nimbleness:
Fightin': Brawlin'
Mien:1d4 Strength:2d8
Smarts:1d4 Quickness:2d6
Spirit:1d4 Vigor:4d12
Pace:6 Wind:n/a


An amorphous heap of putrid flesh slides across the floor, leaving a pasty smeared trail in its wake. In its mass can be seen what might have once been parts of a human body or maybe more than one, though this thing is obviously no longer human. Boils erupt on the flaking and tumorous skin that loosely collects the mass of this creature, except where it breaks open, and a jumble of entrails and tendrils spill out, many of them wrapped around syringes, scalpels and surgical implements. The skin quivers and boils as it moves, and somewhere from within the mass can be heard something that remotely sounds like it might be a voice, though it speaks in bubbly gibberish, completely unintelligible. The air smells strongly of formaldehyde, disinfectant, blood and waste products -- more strongly so when one of the boils erupts, letting loose an acidic spray that sizzles when it hits the floor.

Special Abilities:

  • Fear-Causing: The sight of this horror is quite unsettling, even if it's not the most powerful of monsters. Anyone who sees this abomination must make a Guts check against 11.
  • Hard to Kill: This creature can take a lot of damage before it dies. It can take a total of 20 Wound Levels before it finally shudders and dissolves into a pile of acidic fluids and foul vapors.
  • No Hit Locations: When attacking this creature, do not roll for hit locations. It has no "vitals" as such. However, attackers may attempt to make called shots to the tendrils (and the implements they hold) in an attempt to hinder the creature's offensive power. Making such an attack is at a -4 modifier, and scoring a single wound level will destroy the tendril. The monster has plenty of others, but this serves to penalize the creature's Fightin': Brawlin' by -1 for each time this is done.
  • Fearless: This creature knows no fear. (It's also incredibly stupid. All it knows is to approach the nearest living being by the most direct route possible, and attack it. It could be coaxed into moving into, say, an open flame or into a pit in this way.)
  • Lack of Vitals: A large part of this creature is just an amorphous mass with little functional purpose. Plugging it with a bullet or an arrow is not going to do much good, as the mass can just seal up again. Shotguns, chopping weapons (swords, axes), explosives, flame-throwers, and hollow-point ammunition will do normal damage against this creature. Regular (or armor-piercing) bullets, arrows, and stabbing weapons (thrown knives, foils, spears) will do damage as if the creature were Size 10 instead of Size 6.
  • Immunity: This creature is completely unharmed by disease, toxins, poisons, or radiation. It's also impossible to sway its actions by means of Ridicule, Overawe, Persuasion, etc.
  • Amorphous: The creature can squeeze through gaps and holes as narrow as 1 foot wide. In the event that someone should somehow slice the thing in half, it takes normal damage from the attack, and then splits into two separate monsters. Treat it as if each of the separate monsters can sustain up to 10 wounds each, and distribute the damage that has been dished out so far accordingly. Plus, halve the number of dice rolled for Fightin': Brawlin' -- the "skill" listed here is a factor of how many tendrils the monster can launch at targets, not any actual aptitude. If the Posse should continue trying to split the thing into smaller sections, continue along these lines.
  • Defenseless: The Blorp will never dodge or parry. When attacking the creature in close combat, do not count its Brawlin' levels against the TN required to hit.
  • Weakness: Any sort of miraculous healing performed on this creature will cause it to dissipate immediately and completely, if successful. Lay on Hands, Panacea, etc. would be good examples. Performing this feat requires beating a TN of 9.
  • Eruption: One of the creature's attacks is for one of its boils to swell up and explode. There is enough forewarning that Vamoosin' may be used to try to dive for cover -- Success is gained by beating a TN of 7 on the Dodge roll. Anyone who doesn't get out of the way gets hit by a 4d6 blast (treat as Massive Damage). Any hit locations that are completely covered by armor or an environmental suit (or just something that's waterproof) are unharmed by the burst. (e.g., an open-faced helmet won't do anything, but a helmet with a face-shield -- even if it's not armored -- will suffice)
  • Stab Attack: The creature's standard attack is to stab with its syringes and other sharp implements, making a normal Fightin': Brawlin' roll, and inflicting 1d6 damage plus Strength. If a target takes a wound from such an attack, the target must make a Vigor roll against TN of 7. If the target fails, it loses an additional 2d6 Wind from toxic reaction to contaminants on the blades.
  • Regeneration: By spending all of its actions for a single turn, and any cards "Up the Sleeve", the Blorp may regenerate by rolling its Vigor against a TN of 0. Each Raise heals one Wound. This healing does not take effect until the end of the turn.
  • History:

    The Blorp was created as a result of a tragic situation in which someone, badly wounded and without any aid, managed to make his way into a medical supply room, and, in desperation, used up just about everything in a vain attempt to prolong his own life. He died painfully ... but the Manitous weren't content to let him rest in peace, and transformed him into an amorphous horror, lying in wait for the next person who might try to come in here, seeking medical supplies. It can be destroyed by brute force, but it can be more peacefully laid to rest if someone can grant it miraculous healing, where medicine failed.

    This creature would most appropriately be stuck in some place where medical supplies can be found, though most of them will have been used or compromised by the efforts of the person who came to this sorry fate.


    The Coup for defeating this creature is to gain a +1 to any rolls (usually Vigor) made for the purpose of resisting effects of drugs. Any characters who were actually in close combat with the monster when it expired get one extra die to their Spirit for this roll (as if they had spent a White Fate Chip). If the creature was "put to rest" by means of miraculous healing, then the character that did the miraculous healing gets to add the aforementioned bonus, plus an extra die on top of the result, as if a Blue Fate Chip had been spent on the result.

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