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Dice TowerDice Tower
Alas, my first "dice tower" has suffered from some design flaws. The idea of pulling pieces apart to get to the interior is resulting in some visible wear, and the dice get stuck on the second level on occasion. Inspired by a dice tower design using the Skematic Pyramid mold, which I saw on the Hirst Arts message board, I decided to create a one-piece "dice tower" with a "courtyard" to catch the dice, rather than requiring the structure to be opened to access the rolled dice.
Dice Tower - View 2Dice Tower - View 2
The base of the tower is a piece of foam insulation board, and the flooring is made from Mold #265: Large Flagstone Mold. The removeable door is cast from Mold #266: Large Flagstone Accessory Mold, and the "teeth" and other surface details are from Mold #80: Dragon's Teeth Accessory Mold, supplemented with miscellaneous fieldstone blocks from Mold #70: Fieldstone Wall and torch-flames from Mold #45: Gothic Dungeon Builder.
Dice Tower - View 3Dice Tower - View 3
The basic structure of the tower is based off of the Entrance Doorways from the Decorative Arena (See step #10.) Basically, rather than making just one decorative entrance, I've got four of them linked together, sharing the same column supports. Three of the "doorways" are filled in (using two floor tiles) rather than filling in the "back" of the tooth structure as shown in the instructions - and then filled in with a column base, a couple of "teeth" and a torch sconce from the Fieldstone Wall set. All of the "teeth" are painted antique white, and then blended at the bases with golden yellow, to give them a more appealing gradient and make them stand out from the "stones". Some "stairs" are located inside the tower, for the dice to bounce off of and roll out into the "courtyard".
Dice Tower - View 4Dice Tower - View 4
Here's a top view of the dice tower, showing the stairway inside, and the general layout. Just toss a die in, and let it bounce out into the courtyard. Possible improvements could include making the courtyard a little larger, and adding some sort of detail to the interior. (I didn't worry too much about interior details, since I thought they'd just get dinged up by the dice being tossed in.)

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