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Sometimes, I just make things up as I go, and use various bits and pieces I have on hand - projects that wouldn't be very useful to share a step-by-step "how to", since they wouldn't be convenient to replicate, but which I'm still happy to take a few pictures of.
Wizard's LabWizard's Lab
This piece is a "wizard's lab" using parts from a Grendel resin-cast scenery set. I made copies, so I could have multiple "magic mirrors" in the study. The floor section is made out of some custom castings of multiple Hirst Arts fieldstone floor tiles, hence the uneven structure. (My latex castings are hands-down inferior to the original ... but they still make for quicker floor coverage.)
Wizard's Lab View #2Wizard's Lab - View #2
For each of the windows, I painted a different scene. Here's a close-up of the "night" scene.
Wizard's Lab View #3Wizard's Lab - View #3
And here's a close-up of the "morning" scene. I left the front part of the wizard's lab without any wall sections, since I wanted to have maximum flexibility for door placement. I plan on using this for future variations on my "MonsterQuest" scenario for Advanced HeroQuest, but it could be useful for other fantasy games as well.
This is a fairly straightforward structure made primarily with Mold #70: Fieldstone Wall and Mold #260: Flagstone Floor Tile, plus a few pieces from Mold #80: Dragon's Teeth Accessories, and the door from Mold #71: Fieldstone Accessories. The furnishings are from various sources. The "fire" in the fireplace was made from a miscast set of "teeth" from Mold #80, painted black and streaked with grey and antique white to suggest logs, topped with a flame from Mold #45: Gothic Dungeon Builder. The "Dire Ratskin Rug" is made from a spare plastic Skaven head (from Warhammer Fantasy - Games Workshop), plus a "skin" made from some air-dry "Marblex" clay worked to shape and textured with a knife blade. The "bed" is a casting from a cheap plastic dollhouse bed that I added covers to (with some Magic Sculp) and then made a mold off of. The table is modified from the Milton Bradley/Games Workshop "HeroQuest" game, with a few accessories glued on. The intent for this was to make a "cottage" layout that would approximate the one conjured up by "Leomund's Secure Shelter" from 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons. The interior furnishings aren't exactly like the spell, since my furnishings were too large to allow for 8 bunks, a table, a desk AND a fireplace ... but I figure it's close enough to do the job.

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