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Obviously, there wasn't much of a construction project involved here. Recognize these guys? My only reason for posting this, really, is just to show an example of how checking out thrift stores and clearance outlets can yield some pretty nice results. (My best haul yet would be the "Ultima Online" Ancient Wyrm action figure ... which is perfect for a Collosal Ancient Red Wyrm for D&D 3.5 ... if only it would stand up without assistance.)

Basically, these were some smaller-sized "action figures" from the revived Masters of the Universe line, each one on a semi-textured plastic base, and with only waist movement for articulation. "Skeletor" underwent a paint job for some darker tones, and now he's perfect for whatever great big nasty evil death-thing I want as the ultimate challenge for my heroes to face. (An "Arch-Reaper", perhaps?) "He-Man" got a beard (with some Magic Sculp putty), and I painted him up as a physical manifestation of Kord, the Chaotic-Good Warrior-God from the D&D mythos. (I originally intended him as an "Aspect of Kord", but then I realized that an "Aspect of Kord" isn't all that large.) And "Beastman" got a pair of horns (with more putty) and a new paint job to turn him into a fine and menacing Pit-Fiend or other oversized fiendish type. I have yet to figure out what to do with the flying guy in the set; he looks like a monkey-man with a rocket pack, and it just wasn't quite as easy to figure out where to go with that.

I used Large Monster Bases (2"x2") from Games Workshop to go underneath each figure's built-in base, for greater stability on the table, and to make them fit in a bit more.

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