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Dice Tower PiecesDice Tower: Segments
I have a friend who played in my recent "Akoma" campaign, who goes by the online handle of "JadedFox" ... and, true to this username, happens to have a set of novelty dice - tiny dice that are made of jade. It's something of a nerve-wracker for me, as GM, when these dice get rolled right off the table, and we have to halt things to look for dice. So far, they've turned up each time, but still ... this gave me an idea for the perfect Christmas gift. ;)

The basic idea is to make a tower that has an opening on top for dice to be dropped in, something to ramp the dice around to randomize the process (so it's not a straight drop), and a place to get them out on the bottom. Most dice towers that I've seen just have a couple of abstract ramps inside, and the utility of the tower as some sort of scenery piece is compromised for the sake of the tower's purpose: to roll dice. I wanted to make this one special: to give it an interior, and one that would be totally consistent with any game scenery piece I might otherwise make. Hence, it comes apart in pieces here, to reveal the second floor ... and to allow access to the bottom where the dice are to come out.

Dice Tower CompleteDice Tower: Complete
Here's the complete tower - a fairly straightforward construction made of Hirst Arts CastleMolds(tm) blocks. Most of the blocks are from "Fieldstone Wall Mold #70". The "teeth" on the top, and the trap door are from the "Dragon's Teeth Accessories" set. The doors are from "Gothic Dungeon Accessories Mold #41", though I had to file the doors on the edges to get them to properly fit into the arches made from "Fieldstone Accessories Mold #71". (The arrow slit windows came from that set as well.) The steps are from "Fieldstone Bridge Mold #74" (though it would be easy to make a proxy), and there's a single floor tile from "Flagstone Floor Mold #260", which I used on end beside the stairway at the top opening, to keep dice from rolling off to one side of the stairs and getting caught on the second "floor". I made the very base of the tower from "Large Flagstone Mold #265" - four of the 1.5"x1.5" bases arranged to make a 3"x3" base ... though it would be awfully easy to build the same thing from 9 1" square flagstone floor pieces.

I made "jaded fox" decorations by taking spare Games Workshop Skaven(tm) plastic shield icons, and trimming off the horns, then painting them "forest green" and giving them drybrushing with some yellow paint, and gluing them on the exterior. The shields are plastic shields from Warhammer Fantasy Battle(tm) with fox heads painted on them in green.

Dice Tower TopDice Tower: Top
Here's a view of the top of the tower, giving a better view of the stairway opening where dice are dropped. The figurine is a Reaper model slightly converted to represent "JadedFox"'s halfling PC in a Dungeons & Dragons(tm) campaign.

Dice Tower UseDice Tower: Use
Here's a "demonstration" of the use of the tower, as best I can manage with just a single photograph. Basically, I remove the floor from the tower, and set it down on the table. I drop a die into the top, and let it roll to the bottom, and then I can lift the tower to see how it rolled. I could actually roll a few dice on down at once, but the more I roll, the more likely that the dice will spill out as soon as I lift the tower ... thus minimizing the primary purpose of this tower in trying to keep dice from rolling willy-nilly and possibly right off the table, right?

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