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Cage - Step 1Cage - Step 1
I was inspired to try something different with Mold #44: "Gothic Additional Accessories" in order to create a cage. I was inspired by the "Prison" in the video game Neverwinter Nights - in which some of the scenery includes cages apparently meant to hold prisoners and lower them down through a hole for purposes of confinement or torture. I started with four castings of the door from Mold #44, and cut out the thin "wood" sections in between the bars, so I'd be left with barred sections. I supplemented this with the "steel plate" from Mold #80: Dragon's Teeth Accessory Mold.
Cage - Step 2Cage - Step 2
The next step was to go ahead and paint the interior of the pieces, since it would be hard to do so once they were assembled. I painted the inside black, as shown here. Next (not shown here) I dry-brushed the pieces with some "copper" acrylic paint.
Cage - Step 3Cage - Step 3
Next, the tricky part. I used some carpenter's wood glue to assemble the pieces together to form a "box" with the "plate" piece at the bottom (riveted side up), and the "doors" forming the sides of the cage. I used toothpicks - broken off at one end - to serve as filler for the corners, and to give each end a little "spike" on top as an added touch of menace.
Cage - Step 4Cage - Step 4
Next, I went ahead and painted the whole of the exterior black, and then drybrushed it with copper.
Cage - Step 5Cage - Step 5
And then the last touch (for now): Another "steel plate" forms the top. I was tempted to try to construct an arched top out of some thick paper, but I thought that at the very least I should add in the plate for now for added reinforcement. (I can always "top" it later.) The next step will be to construct a "torture chamber" to put my cage in, perhaps accompanied by others. I have a mind to attach a section of plastic "chain" (from my "bitz box") to the top to suggest that this is being suspended from the ceiling, but I haven't figured out the best way to do that just yet. Also, I plan on making a "large crate" out of cut pieces of the large door from the "Arena Accessories" ... but that's not finished yet.

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