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checkbox FIREBALL
Component: Chaos-Warped Wood
A guttering plume of pink flame rushes out from the Chaos Sorcerer's fingertips, crashing into the ground and exploding outward with violent force! Place a fireball template anywhere in the caster's line of sight within 12 spaces. All models under the template are struck with 5 damage dice of injury.

checkbox DISPEL
Component: Stone Tablet
The effects of a single spell may be negated. The Sorcerer rolls 1d12 and adds this to his Intelligence. The caster of the target spell must do the same, if present (otherwise, just roll 1d12). If the Sorcerer's total is higher, the spell's effect is negated. This will not restore wounds inflicted by damage-causing spells or negate healing.

checkbox TERROR
Component: Bird Skull
The caster's body undergoes horrific transformations, skin turning to unnatural colors, eyes burning with unholy light, limbs elongating and twisting in unnatural ways, and more bizarre changes still. The caster is treated as a Fearsome Monster until the end of the next exploration turn.
Component: Flame Pendant
The Chaos Sorcerer reaches out to grasp the unseen Winds of Magic, to pluck an eddie of power and unleash it for his purposes. Select a Random Spell. The Sorcerer may immediately cast that spell once without using any additional components, if he so chooses.

For all spells of Tzeentch that require an Intelligence test, if the Chaos Sorcerer fails the test, he immediately suffers 1 Wound for testing Tzeentch's patience. Daemons invoking these spells do not suffer this penalty.

Component: Chaos-Warped Wood
Guttering flames of pink magic spurt from the Chaos Sorcerer's outstretched fingers, striking the first model in their path, in a direction of the Sorcerer's choice, up to 6 spaces away. The model suffers 6 damage dice of injury, which ignore all armor, even magical armor.

Component: Bird Skull
With a cracking of bone and rending of flesh, a pair of wings sprout out from the Chaos Sorcerer's back. The Chaos Sorcerer immediately suffers one Wound, but is treated as a Flying Creature for the remainder of the expedition.

Component: Bird Skull, Daemon Blood
If the Chaos Sorcerer successfully passes an Intelligence test, he hurls a bolt of raw magical power in a direction of his choice to strike the first model in its path up to 12 spaces away. The victim must roll under its Toughness (without armor bonuses) to resist the power of change. Failure means that the magic rips through him, twisting and warping his body in a blur of growth of change. Unless the caster is slain or the spell dispelled by the end of the next turn, the victim is reduced to slime.

checkbox REBOUND
Component: Stone Tablet, Daemon Blood
This spell may be cast out of turn, to intercept a spell cast by an opposing Wizard. The Chaos Sorcerer must pass an Intelligence test, then engage in a contest with the opposing Wizard. Both spellcasters must roll 1d12 and add this to their Intelligence. If the Chaos Sorcerer scores higher, the intercepted spell is deflected, and the Chaos Sorcerer may target its power as he desires, as if he had successfully cast it himself, or let its power dissipate harmlessly.

Component: Chaos-Warped Wood, Daemon Blood
If the Chaos Sorcerer successfully passes an Intelligence test, place the fireball template anywhere within line of sight and 12 spaces of the caster. All models at least partially under the template suffer 7 damage dice of injury. If the test is failed, they suffer only 5 damage dice of injury. If at least one model is slain, one Pink Horror is created, replacing one victim.

Component: Flame Pendant
The Chaos Sorcerer chants, appealing to Tzeentch for more spells. If the Chaos Sorcerer passes an Intelligence test, he may select a Random Spell. If he already possesses that spell, too bad. Until the end of the next exploration turn, any components may be spent in lieu of those required, to cast this "borrowed" spell.

Component: Daemon Blood, Stone Idol
Upon a successful Intelligence test, the power of the Warp floods out from the Sorcerer to change his surroundings. Trees twist and contort, their bark forming into leering or grimacing faces; grasping hands seem to form in stonework; inanimate objects seem full of malevolent intent. All enemies of the caster within the same dungeon section are treated as if in the Death Zone of a Fearsome Monster until reality reverts to normal at the end of the next exploration turn. If the test is failed, treat the caster as a Fearsome Monster.
Component: Daemon Blood, Stone Idol
The Chaos Sorcerer summons an ally to smite his foes. Next turn, rumbling is heard in the earth. The third turn, the Chaos Sorcerer places a Lord of Change up to 12 spaces away in an empty space. Upon a successful Intelligence test, it will fight the Sorcerer's foes. If failed, it will attack the caster and any who get in its way. If the caster is slain or turns revert to exploration, the Lord of Change vanishes. This may only be attempted once per expedition.

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