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Tzeentch Spell Book


There are two spells in the Tzeentch Spell Book that give the spellcaster access to randomly selected spells. There are two ways to handle this, and the GM determines which method will be used:

Color List Selection
This is the complicated method. The Sorcerer of Tzeentch may choose any one Color College. Roll 1d12 to randomly determine a spell to select from the spell book of that College. To determine which spell has been selected, pretend that the spells are all numbered, starting at "1" for the upper-most / left-most spell, and then increasing as you go straight down. For most spell lists, this would be entries 1 through 5. For entries 6 through 10, use the right-most column, starting at the top again. For occurrences of 11 or 12 (or in any case where the number is higher than the total number of spells available for that College), roll again.

Please note that this is not conducive to quick pick-up games, such as at conventions, if you're letting players use the Tzeentch Spell Book. It encourages the player to rifle through the list of spell books, and furthermore requires that you have copies of all of them handy.

Chart Selection
This is the easier method, provided that you have this chart handy. Roll 1d12 and consult the following chart.

Roll Spell Notes
1 Fireball 5 dd to all under Fireball template; range 12 spaces
2 Heal Heal all Wounds to self or one adjacent model
3 Protection Caster's Toughness is increased by +1 until Expedition turns
4 Teleport Caster or one adjacent model teleported anywhere in same dungeon section.
5 Bolt Ranged attack against one model within 12 spaces; a hit causes 7 dd
6 Fearsome Caster becomes Fearsome Monster until Expedition turns
7 Strike Close combat attack against one model in Death Zone; a hit causes 8 dd
8 Defense +2 to WS of caster or one adjacent model for defense only
9 Conjure Summon one Skeleton Warrior to serve caster for remainder of expedition
10 Fate Caster gains 1 temporary Fate Point usable once during same Expedition
11 Deathcloud All models within 3 spaces of caster take 5 dd injury.
12 Frighten Target must pass Bravery test or flee dungeon section until Expedition turns

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