Spell Costs
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Spell Costs


Spell Component25 GCs
Basic Spell100 GCs

Light College

Escape100 GCs
Restore Life200 GCs
Regeneration150 GCs
Remove Venom100 GCs
Dagger of Banishment250 GCs
Light of Learning200 GCs
Sleep of Ages175 GCs
Banish Fear100 GCs

Gold College

Burnished Gauntlet100 GCs
Detect150 GCs
Alchemy250 GCs
The Crucible100 GCs
Transmutation175 GCs
Golden Runes100 GCs
Elixir of Life200 GCs
Gleaming Arrow200 GCs

Jade College

The Jade Casket100 GCs
The Emerald Fountain125 GCs
Hand of Decay175 GCs
The Thousand Cuts200 GCs
Mist of Speed150 GCs
The Emerald Waterfall200 GCs
Healing Salve200 GCs
The Bladed Bramble200 GCs

Celestial College

The Sapphire Arch100 GCs
Fate150 GCs
Ill Omen100 GCs
Storm of Shemtek200 GCs
Crystal Charioteer150 GCs
Astrologos200 GCs
Disaster150 GCs
Precognition250 GCs

Grey College

Stormcall100 GCs
The Pit of Tarnus175 GCs
Radiance of Ptolos100 GCs
The Dance of Despair150 GCs
Traitor of Tarn250 GCs
The Grey Wings100 GCs
The Sword of Judgement200 GCs
Dispel Enchantment200 GCs

Blessings of Sigmar

each new blessing200 GCs
Amethyst College
Spirit Control125 GCs
Sleep200 GCs
Rout150 GCs
Disillusion150 GCs
Soul Share175 GCs
Spasm200 GCs

Bright College

Courage100 GCs
Flaming Hand of Destruction175 GCs
Flight100 GCs
Inferno of Doom200 GCs
Power of the Phoenix200 GCs
Still Air150 GCs
Swift Wind150 GCs
The Bright Key250 GCs

Amber College

The Savage Beast of Horros200 GCs
The Flock of Doom150 GCs
The Writhing Worm150 GCs
The Flying Bower100 GCs
Tangling Thorn100 GCs
The Vengeful Hood200 GCs
The Curse of Anraheir175 GCs
King of Beasts250 GCs

High Magic

Dispel Magic200 GCs
Coruscation of Finreir100 GCs
Glamour of Teclis150 GCs
The Tempest150 GCs
Fiery Convocation175 GCs
Aura of the Unicorn150 GCs
Dweomer250 GCs
Deadlock100 GCs

Ice Magic

Hawks of Miska200 GCs
Snow Blizzard100 GCs
Death Frost200 GCs
Ice Shards150 GCs
Freeze Water100 GCs
The Ice Prison200 GCs
Shield of Cold100 GCs
Breath of Ice200 GCs

Grey Seer Magic

all non-basic spells250 GCs

Spell costs for Bright College come from basic rules. Light College spell costs come from Terror in the Dark. Amethyst and Jade College spell costs come from issues of White Dwarf, except for "Bladed Bramble" and "Healing Salve". All other costs are house rules.

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