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Component: Live Maggots
The Sorcerer crushes a mass of squirming maggots in his hand, and the spilled fluids are surprisingly viscous. They spread over the body of one adjacent model, forming a living shroud that adds +1 to his Toughness until the end of the next exploration turn.

Component: Handful of Filth
A stream of foulness launches forth from the caster's mouth in a direction of his choosing, forming a corridor of filth 1 square wide and 12 squares long. Every model in this path, friend or foe, suffers 5 damage dice of injury.

Component: Moldy Growth
With a leering grin, the Chaos Sorcerer bestows a blessing from Nurgle on a single enemy model in his Death Zone. The target exudes an overpowering stench so disgusting that all models within 3 spaces must roll under their Toughness (not counting armor) each turn to perform any action other than to move. Followers and daemons of Nurgle are unaffected by the stink. The spell lasts until dispelled, until the victim or caster is slain, the caster ends the spell, or until the end of the expedition. While this spell is in effect, the caster cannot invoke it again.
checkbox HAND OF DECAY
Component: Spleen of Toad
The Sorcerer's hands take on a pale green hue, and the flesh seems to rot away, leaving just the pale white of his bones showing through the lumps of peeling skin. If the Sorcerer hits a target during this combat, it begins to age and wither, the flesh falling from its body in bloody lumps. Roll a die; the target loses that many Wounds. The Sorcerer's hands return to normal at the beginning of the next exploration turn.

For all spells of Nurgle that require an Intelligence test, if the Chaos Sorcerer fails the test, he immediately suffers 1 Wound for disturbing Nurgle. Daemons invoking these spells do not suffer this penalty.

Component: Live Maggots
The Chaos Sorcerer wraps a stinking cloud of pestilence about himself like a monstrous shroud. All creatures within 6 spaces of the caster have all their characteristics halved (fractions round up) so long as they are within range. Followers and daemons of Nurgle are unaffected. This lasts until the caster is slain, or until the end of the next exploration turn.

Component: Idol of Nurgle
The idol explodes into a swirling storm of ichor and broken stone, which rushes to engulf the target, rending flesh. The caster may make a ranged attack against any target in his line of sight, up to 12 squares away. Upon a hit, 12 damage dice of injury are inflicted. If the shards fail to wound the chosen target, they move on to the next nearest model. This process continues until one model has been wounded, at which point they disappear.

Component: Handful of Filth
The Sorcerer raises his hands above his head, placing his palms together for a few moments. From his hands come a flow of toxic green liquid that burns flesh. Every model, friendly or enemy, within 4 squares of the Sorcerer takes 5 damage dice of injury.

Component: Idol of Nurgle
The idol disintegrates into a foul green mist that spreads out, falling upon all of Nurgle's faithful. The caster and all fellow followers and Daemons of Nurgle in the same dungeon section now Cause Disease until the end of the next expedition turn.

Component: Moldy Growth, Idol of Nurgle
Upon a successful Intelligence test, the Sorcerer's body fills with foul fluids that rejuvenate him. He is treated as a Regenerating Monster until the end of the next expedition turn.

checkbox SPOIL
Component: Spleen of Toad
A foul wind blows, and in its wake the process of decay accelerates. Any potions, provisions or other consumables within the dungeon section are rendered useless except to followers of Nurgle.

Component: Vial of Acid
The Sorcerer vomits forth a stinking jet of putrid blood, pus, maggots, slime and other foulness. Place the fireball template so that at least one square is adjacent to or diagonal from the Sorcerer's position. Any models at least partially covered by the template, friend or foe, must roll under their Speed to avoid the blast, or take 1d3 Wounds.
Component: Handful of Filth; Vial of Acid
The Sorcerer throws his arms into the air, clapping his hands together three times. As he does so, a raging torrent of green filth arcs upwards from between his palms. It drenches the surrounding area, steaming as it burns flesh. If the Sorcerer passes an Intelligence test, every model, friendly or enemy, within four squares of the Sorcerer takes 7 damage dice of injury. Otherwise, they only suffer 5 damage dice.

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