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Jade Wizard's Spell Book

checkbox THE GREEN EYE
Component: Small Glass Lens
The Wizard's stare becomes glassy as a green fire ignites in his eyes. The two bright balls of emerald light grow brighter and larger until they merge into one and, with a loud crack and a cascade of sparks, shoot out a beam of green energy. The beam covers a corridor 1 square wide and 12 squares long, shooting out from the Wizard in a direction of his choice; every model in this path, friend or foe, suffers 5 damage dice of injury.

Component: Giant Spider's Web
The Wizard waves his hands above the wounded body of an injured comrade, causing a fine mesh of green filaments to drift down and cover the Hero's body. Using this spell, the Wizard restores any Wounds lost by one model, including himself. There must be no model in the Wizard's death zone, other than the wounded comrade, when this spell is cast.
Component: Green Dragon Dust
Upon throwing the dust into the air, a thin, insubstantial cloak of pale green light forms and draws itself around the target. It adds +1 to the model's Toughness, and lasts until the end of the next exploration turn. This spell may be cast on any model in the Wizard's death zone.

Component: Crushed Jade in Water
A single drop of water falls to the ground at the Wizard's feet, then spreads into a pool of deep green water, sparkling with otherworldly energy. The pool can be represented with the Pool template. Up to 5 models per turn can teleport to another location, jumping into the pool and appearing elsewhere. The models may be placed in any dungeon section currently in play. All of the models must be placed in an area 3 squares by 3 squares, centered on the first model placed. The pool lasts until the end of the next exploration turn.

You know only the above spells at the start of the game. Tick the boxes as you learn the spells below.

Component: Giant Spider's Web, Emerald Dust
The Wizard lays his hands onto the body of a fallen comrade, in an attempt to bring him back to life. The Hero levitates and is smothered in a thin cocoon of crystaline material, deep green in color. After a few moments, the cocoon splits and the Hero inside steps out, fully restored to life. This spell may only be cast on a dead model and only in the turn after the model was killed. If the Wizard passes an Intelligence test, the character is returned to life at full vigor. If he fails, the Hero appears to be alive, only to crumble to dust mere seconds later as his soul is destroyed.

Component: Swamp Dragon Blood
The Wizard raises his hands above his head, placing his palms together for a few moments. His fingers spark and a green mist flows outward, like water from a fountain, but burning whatever flesh it touches. Every model within 4 squares, friend or foe, takes 5 damage dice of injury.

Component: Mistletoe Laurel
With some water, some earth, and the crumpled remains of the laurel ground together, the Wizard concocts an unguent to be rubbed against the recipient's sores, curing many ailments. Upon making a successful Intelligence test, the Wizard may heal himself or one model in base contact of any disease that would otherwise be curable by a Healer in a settlement.

checkbox HAND OF DECAY
Component: Spleen of Toad
The Wizard's hands take on a pale green hue, and the flesh seems to rot away, leaving just the pale white of his bones showing through the lumps of peeling skin. If the Wizard hits a target during this combat, it begins to age and wither, the flesh falling from its body in bloody lumps. Roll a die; the target loses that many Wounds automatically. The Wizard's hands return to normal at the beginning of the next exploration turn.
Component: Jade Statuette
A swirling maelstrom of green shards forms around the Wizard's hand as he crushes the statuette, growing and spinning, then leaping out at the chosen target, stabbing and slashing at flesh. The Wizard may make a ranged attack against any target in his line of sight, up to 12 squares away. Upon a hit, 12 damage dice of injury are inflicted. If the shards fail to Wound the chosen target, they move on to the next nearest model. This process continues until one model has been wounded, at which point they disappear.

checkbox MIST OF SPEED
Component: Crystal Vial of Chlorine
A thick green mist issues from the Wizard's mouth, enveloping the area around him as he moves. Beyond the area covered by the cloud, time moves slowly. For one turn, the Wizard and 1d6 others (1d12 halved, rounded up) may move at double their Speed (combat turn) or 18 squares (exploration turn).

Component: Swamp Dragon Blood, Emerald Dust
The Wizard throws his arms into the air, clapping his hands together three times. As he does so, a raging torrent of green fire arcs upwards from between his palms, and drenches the surrounding area. If the Wizard passes an Intelligence test, every model within four spaces, friend or foe, takes 7 damage dice of injury; otherwise, only roll 5 damage dice.

Component: Mistletoe Laurel
The laurel is thrown to the ground, whereupon it expands, driving roots into the floor and growing sharp thorns. A thorny barrier fills up to 5 contiguous (previously empty) squares, with at least one square adjacent to the Wizard, until the next exploration turn. A model may force its way through by passing a Strength test, but suffers 5 dice of injury. Ranged attacks may pass through the barrier, and it may be attacked, having Toughness of 12 and 1 Wound per square.

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