Ice Magic Spell List
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Ice Wizard's Spell Book

Component: White Dragon Scales
A swirl of ice and snow enfolds the caster in a cloud of shimmering light. This spell may be cast on any model in the Wizard's death zone, giving it +1 to Toughness until the next exploration turn.

Component: Meteor Dust
This spell may be used to freeze over an entire body of water anywhere in the Wizard's line of sight. Models may move over it at normal rate for the remainder of the current expedition. It cannot be dispelled, though any fire-type spell attack (Fireball, etc.) cast on the area will automatically melt the ice. This may be used to cross a chasm, as the water at the bottom rises to form an icy bridge.
checkbox WIND OF COLD
Component: Vial of Liquid Sky
A howling wind of cold shoots from the caster, blasting every target, friend or foe, in a 3 square by 3 square area with at least one square adjacent to or diagonal to the Wizard's location. All within the area take 6 damage dice of injury.

checkbox BRIDGE OF ICE
Component: Platinum Band
The Wizard may transport any number of models within a 5 square by 5 square area, friend or foe, to another unoccupied area within the Wizard's line of sight. The destination must be on solid ground, and the models may be rearranged as the Wizard sees fit in a 5 by 5 area centered on the first model placed.

You know only the above spells at the start of the game. Tick the boxes as you learn the spells below.

Component: Vial of Liquid Sky
From out of the air suddenly appear a flock of hawks fashioned from ice, wheeling about and striking fear into the hearts of the Wizard's enemies with their piercing cries. Until the next exploration turn, all enemies in the combat area are affected as if in a Fearsome Monster's death zone. Creatures that cause Fear or are immune to Fear are unaffected.

Component: Platinum Band
A raging snow blizzard emerges from nowhere, affecting an entire dungeon section within the Wizard's line of sight. The ice-laden winds bring all but the Wizard and his comrades to a halt. Those affected may take no action until the Wizard's next turn, and hand-to-hand or missile attacks are not possible in the area of effect.

checkbox DEATH FROST
Component: Vial of Liquid Sky and Diamond Dust
This spell may be cast against any one opponent in the Wizard's death zone. Parts of the opponent are frozen solid and turn into ice, causing terrible wounds or killing him outright. Roll 1d12 to determine the number of Wounds the victim automatically suffers. If an Intelligence test is not passed, halve the result (round down).

checkbox ICE SHARDS
Component: Meteor Dust
Sharp icicles fly out from the caster's hand toward a single model within 12 spaces, within line of sight. Upon a successful hit, 12 damage dice of injury are inflicted upon the target.
checkbox WALL OF FROST
Component: Platinum Band
A wall of magical, impenetrable ice stretches in a straight line up to 24 squares long and 1 square thick, immediately next to the Wizard. The Wizard may shift models in the way of the wall into adjacent squares. The wall remains until destroyed with a Fireball or similar spell, until the next exploration turn, or until the Heroes have time to flee the encounter.

Component: Meteor Dust and White Dragon Scales
A single model within 12 spaces in the caster's line of sight is frozen solid for the remainder of the expedition. The victim is protected from all attacks, though the block can be moved. This spell can be negated with any fire-type spell without causing harm to the victim. Upon a failed Intelligence roll, the victim is frozen only until the Wizard's next turn.

Component: White Dragon Scales
Shimmering crystals coalesce around the Wizard, protecting him and all in adjacent or diagonal squares around him from fire attacks (such as a Fireball). This protection comes into play the first turn in which a fire-type attack would affect the Wizard or any creature next to him. The protection then lasts until the next exploration turn. If no such attack occurs during the expedition, the spell wears off afterward.

checkbox BREATH OF ICE
Component: Diamond Dust
The Wizard breathes upon the wounds of a single model in an adjacent square, and a chill vapor emerges, healing and restoring Wounds to maximum.

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