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High Wizard's Spell Book

Component: Silver Symbol
A wave of magical force ripples through the air, disrupting the forces of Chaos. A single unliving foe within 8 spaces within the Wizard's line of sight takes a number of damage dice of injury equal to its Toughness score.

checkbox HAND OF GLORY
Component: Mithril Ring
The Wizard raises a hand surrounded by glowing light and speaks words of power. An aura of harmonic energy flows from him across his comrades, cleansing them of fear. All allies within 12 spaces of the caster are immune to the effects of fear until the next exploration turn.
Component: Large Crystal
The Wizard restores one adjacent model (or himself) to full health with the power of pure magic. If the recipient is dead, this provides a temporary "resurrection" that only lasts for the remainder of ths expedition. The Wizard may not cast this while in an enemy's death zone.

checkbox DRAIN MAGIC
Component: Small Stone Tablet
All magic is drawn from the combat area, dispelling all spells (friendly or enemy) currently in effect, and preventing the casting of further spells by anyone until the next exploration turn. This effect cannot be dispelled.

You know only the above spells at the start of the game. Tick the boxes as you learn the spells below.

Component: Small Stone Tablet
The effects of a single spell may be negated. The Wizard rolls 1d12 and adds this to his Intelligence. The caster of the target spell must do the same, if present (otherwise, just roll 1d12). If the High Wizard's total is higher, the spell's effect is negated. This will not restore wounds inflicted by damage-causing spells or negate healing.

Component: Mithril Ring
The Wizard raises himself on high atop a pillar of white fire. He has the power to Fly until the next exploration turn, able to move 24 spaces each turn, with a clear line of sight to anywhere in the combat area.

Component: Large Crystal
The Wizard weaves a complex spell around the foe, twisting perceptions and confusing the senses so that they pass into a maze-like realm of mist and shadows. This may be cast on a single model up to 36 spaces away. Each time it wishes to move, it must pass an Intelligence test, or else be moved by the caster. This lasts until the next exploration turn.

checkbox THE TEMPEST
Component: Mithril Ring
The Wizard unleashes a mighty magical storm of terrifying intensity. All enemies must pass a Bravery test each turn in order to move. No creatures may Fly. All missile fire suffers a -4 modifier to hit. This lasts until the next exploration turn.
Component: Silver Symbol and a Diamond
The Wizard may place the fireball template within 12 spaces. All under the template, friend or foe, are hit by the flames. Each turn, the Wizard must pass an Intelligence test. If he succeeds, anyone in the area of effect takes 5 damage dice of injury. If the Intelligence test is failed initially or thereafter, or if combat ends, the spell immediately dissipates.

Component: Lock of a True Unicorn's Mane
The caster or an adjacent model is protected against magic until the next exploration turn. Any enemy spell cast upon the target will have no effect on a roll of 7 or greater. In the case of area-effect spells such as Fireball, this offers no protection to others caught in the blast.

checkbox DWEOMER
Component: Drop of Elixir
The High Wizard places an enchantment upon a single mundane weapon, lasting for the rest of the expedition. This will make a single weapon magical for the purpose of being able to harm Invincible creatures, but conveys no other bonuses. A sword so enchanted may be used by a Wizard normally.

checkbox DEADLOCK
Component: Small Stone Tablet
The High Wizard sets up a keening resonance of power to nullify a magic item or spell within 12 spaces. A single magic item is rendered powerless or a spell unusable until the next exploration turn.

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