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Golden Wizard's Spell Book

checkbox FOOLS' GOLD
Component: Gold Ring
Any one model within 24 spaces is beset with visions of unbelievable wealth and unreasoning greed. The victim may fight in hand-to-hand combat as normal, but must pass an Intelligence test each time he wishes to take any other action. This lasts until the next exploration turn, and has no effect upon the Undead.

Component: Drop of Elixir
When this is cast, the Wizard makes a roll to hit any model in base contact. If successful, the victim is turned to gold, impervious to harm and incapacitated for up to 6 turns after the next exploration turn or until the caster ends the effect.
Component: Crucible
A golden robe of glittering energy protects the Wizard from harm until the next exploration turn, adding +1 to his Toughness score.

Component: Electrum Ingot
Golden bars erupt from the ground, preventing passage until the end of the next exploration turn. A yellow string up to 18 squares long may be used to represent the area which the cage encloses. No movement is allowed through the bars, though missiles and spells may still get through. The bars may be bent by spending an entire turn and rolling under Strength on 2d12.

You know only the above spells at the start of the game. Tick the boxes as you learn the spells below.

Component: Gold Ring
A burnished golden gauntlet materializes out of thin air and flies off to automatically strike a single target up to 12 spaces away, inflicting 8 damage dice of injury. Interposing models may be ignored for purposes of determining line of sight.

checkbox DETECT
Component: Crucible
The Wizard may discern the presence of magical items in the same dungeon section held by friend or foe. He may learn the form (amulet, magical weapon, etc.) but not its precise function or bonus.

checkbox ALCHEMY
Component: Electrum Ingot and Adamantium
Upon a successful Intelligence roll, a single weapon is made magical (able to harm Invulnerable creatures) but gains no other bonuses. A sword so enchanted may be used by a Wizard. A failed roll means that the Wizard takes 4 damage dice of injury. If this is cast outside the dungeon, Fate Poitns may not be used, and this injury will still remain at the start of the next expedition.

Component: Crucible
The Wizard takes on a golden glow and seems to melt away to nothing, reappearing in any unoccupied square in any explored section of the dungeon.
Component: Drop of Elixir
A single non-living, non-magical object (a door, a section of wall up to 5 spaces long, a chest, an idol, an enemy's weapon, etc.) fades and crumbles into a bright expanse of glittering dust. It will return to existence at the next exploration turn or (if cast during exploration) in 6 turns.

Component: Electrum Ingot
One non-magical weapon held by the Wizard or an adjacent model is imbued with magical properties until the end of the next combat. Fumble rolls may be ignored for this duration, and the weapon may harm creatures normally immune to mundane weaponry.

Component: Elixir and Adamantium
Upon a successful Intelligence roll, the Wizard or any one model in his death zone is restored to full Wounds. He may not have any enemy models in his death zone. A failed roll indicates no effect. If used on a dead model, this must be applied as the Wizard's first action after combat, after moving into position by the recipient.

Component: Gold Ring
A gleaming arrow launches from the Wizard's forehead. This is a ranged attack with range of 12 and 10 damage dice.

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