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Dark Sorcerer's Spell Book

checkbox DOOMBOLT
Component: Human Bone
A bolt of black fire bursts from the caster's palm and streaks toward an enemy up to 18 spaces away, to which the caster has complete line of sight. The model suffers 7 damage dice of injury.

checkbox DRAIN LIFE
Component: Vampire Blood
Upon a successful close combat strike against an enemy, 5 damage dice of injury are inflicted, rolled against Intelligence instead of Toughness. For each two Wounds inflicted, the caster is healed one Wound.

Component: Silver Statue
The caster takes on a bestial, monstrous visage that strikes fear into any who gaze upon him. He is treated as a Fearsome Monster until the next exploration turn.
Component: Bat Wings
The caster is carried on howling black winds of magic, transported anywhere within line of sight, up to 48 spaces away.

For all Dark Magic spells that require an Intelligence test to initiate, if the Sorcerer fails the test, he immediately suffers 1 Wound from magical backlash. Undead monsters invoking these spells do not suffer this penalty.

Component: Human Bone
All Undead in the same dungeon section serving the caster are imbued with magic, driven in a macabre dance of destruction. They may immediately take one of the following actions, in addition to any they are allowed this turn: move, attack in melee, or attack with ranged weapons.

Component: Grave Dust
As the caster casts the dust, a baleful moaning fills the air. All Undead creatures in the same room or passage gain 1 point each of Strength and Toughness, and 1 extra damage die. This lasts for one combat turn; after that, the caster must make an Intelligence test each turn to maintain the effect.

checkbox BLADE WIND
Component: Miniature Dagger, Bat Wings
A dark glittering wind of twisting blades falls upon the caster's foes. Place the fireball template anywhere within 12 spaces and line of sight of the caster. Any model at least partially under the template is hit by 6 damage dice of injury that are applied against the WS of the victim, not against Toughness. If the caster fails an Intelligence test, this drops to only 3 damage dice.

checkbox HAND OF DUST
Component: Silver Statue, Grave Dust
The caster makes a close combat attack to grab the intended victim. If successful, the victim and the caster both roll 1d12 and add to their respective Strength; the victim's total is halved, rounding up. By each point the caster wins by, he scores one Wound against the victim. If the caster successfully passes an Intelligence test and the victim is slain, it is turned into a Wight under control of the Dark Wizard.

Component: Bone Powder; Bat Wings
The Sorcerer raises his arms, incants, and transforms into a roaring creature of Chaos! Upon a successful Intelligence test, the caster transforms himself into one of the following creatures: Chimera, Manticore, Hydra or Wyvern. This transformation lasts until dispelled, until the next exploration turn, or the caster is slain. While transformed, the Sorcerer cannot cast spells.

checkbox SOUL DRAIN
Component: Vampire Blood, Miniature Dagger
A storm of Dark Magic falls upon the caster's foes. Place a fireball template anywhere within line of sight and 24 spaces of the caster. Any model, friend or foe, at least partially covered by the template takes 5 damage dice of injury. Non-magical armor is ignored. If an Intelligence test is passed, for each 2 Wounds inflicted by this attack, the caster is healed 1 Wound.

Component: Bone Powder
The caster spills the powder on the ground, beckoning the dead to rise. 1d6 Skeleton Warriors emerge, and may be arranged in a block in any unoccupied space in the same passage or room as the caster, and last until the next exploration turn.
Component: Miniature Dagger
The Sorcerer points the dagger at a single model within line of sight. The target immediately loses 1 Wound and 1 point of Strength as skin starts to flay from its body. Each turn afterward, the target must make an Intelligence test. If it is passed, the spell ends. Otherwise, the victim loses another Wound and point of Strength. If either reaches zero, the victim is dead. The pain is so severe that the victim cannot cast spells while this is in effect.

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