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Component: Gold Dust
As the dust falls, it forms into 1 to 4 Henchmen that will fight for the Wizard until the next Exploration turn. Roll 1d12: 1-3 = 1 Henchman; 4-6 = 2 Henchmen; 7-9 = 3 Henchmen; 10-12 = 4 Henchmen.

Component: Lapis Claw Pendant
A Lion appears in a flash of light and burst of smoke, and it will serve the Wizard for the remainder of this Expedition. If the Lion is slain or dismissed, it will disappear in another flash. The Wizard may only cast this spell once per Expedition.
checkbox EYE OF RAITEN
Component: Giant Hawk Feather
A spectral hawk appears, and flies under the Wizard's direction into the next room, before vanishing again. The Wizard can see through the Hawk's eyes: generate the room and reveal its contents without initiating combat.

Component: Cedar Wand
A great cobra materializes and unerringly strikes one foe up to 24 squares away for 6 Damage Dice of injury that ignore Toughness.

You know only the above spells at the start of the game. Tick the boxes as you learn the spells below.

Component: Gold Dust
Out of a cloud of billowing smoke steps a Captain, who will serve the Wizard until the next Exploration turn. Only one Dust Champion may be on the board at a time.

checkbox RAITEN'S FURY
Component: Giant Hawk Feather and Gold Ring
With an unearthly screech, a Giant Hawk soars down from above. The Hawk will serve the Wizard until the next Exploration Turn. If the Hawk is in base contact with the Wizard, it can carry the Wizard to any unoccupied space during its move, instead of attacking this turn.

Component: Lapis Claw Pendant and Gold Ring
A glowing sword materializes next to the Wizard, and will remain until the next Exploration Turn. The sword strikes one foe each turn in the Wizard's Death Zone, with a WS of 10, critical on 12, no fumble, with 3 Damage Dice. The sword deflects any melee or ranged attack against the Wizard on a 7 or higher on 1d12.

checkbox SNAKE PIT
Component: Cedar Wand
Place the pool template anywhere within line of sight. Serpents pour forth from every crack and crevice, biting those in the area of effect for 4 Damage Dice, ignoring armor.
Component: Giant Hawk Feather
A great hawk swoops down, and carries the Wizard to any unoccupied square on the board section, regardless of intervening models or obstacles. The hawk then vanishes as it came, in a brilliant flash of light.

Component: Lapis Claw Pendant
A swarm of vermin pours forth from every crack and crevice, falling upon all enemy models in the Wizard's Death Zone - striking for 6 Damage Dice of injury.

Component: Cedar Wand
The wand transforms into a cobra that coils around the Wizard, hissing menacingly at any who approach. The cobra reacts with lightning quickness to deflect attacks. Until the next Exploration Turn, add +2 to the Wizard's WS for purposes of defense only; all ranged attacks are treated as being at one range extent further away.

checkbox SHABTI
Component: Gold Dust
The gold dust coalesces into a miniature servant that serves the Wizard by carrying treasure and items of equipment. The Wizard's carrying capacity is effectively doubled, as the Shabti will carry any extra items. The Shabti moves with the Wizard, has no combat ability, and remains for the rest of the Expedition.

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