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Celestial Wizard's Spell Book

checkbox FORTUNE
Component: Silver Charm
One model of the Wizard's choice will experience good luck in the form of being able to re-roll any undesirable die throws he makes on his first turn after the casting. Any re-roll result must be accepted, for good or ill.

checkbox PORTENT
Component: Deck of Cards
The Wizard rolls a 1d12. This is the amount by which he may alter any one die roll for any event which occurs between the casting and his next turn, whether it directly affects him or not.
Component: Sapphire Dust
A crackling shield of blue energy materializes out of the air. Any one model within the Wizard's death zone has +1 added to its Toughness until the next exploration turn.

checkbox LIGHTNING
Component: Blue Dragon Horn
With a clap of thunder, a bolt of searing cerulean lightning leaps out in a direction of the Wizard's choice, striking the first target in its path (friend or foe!) and inflicting 9 damage dice of injury automatically. A completely open line of sight is required.

You know only the above spells at the start of the game. Tick the boxes as you learn the spells below.

Component: Sapphire Dust
A sweeping arch of pure sapphire swirls into being. 5 models per turn may go through the arch to any explored section of the dungeon. The models are placed in a 5 by 1 square area centered around the first model placed. The arch lasts until the end of the next exploration turn.

checkbox FATE
Component: Silver Charm
Glittering mists coalesce around the Wizard as he draws upon the forces of fate to warp them in his favor, regaining one expended Fate Point.

checkbox ILL OMEN
Component: Deck of Cards
A chill wind blows as the image of Death is drawn from a deck of cards. At the Wizard's choice, the GM is forced to discard all dungeon counters held in hand or else one victim in line of sight is cursed, losing all Fate Points, or else he will automatically fail on one die roll of the Wizard's choice at any time during this expedition.

Component: Blue Dragon Horn, Copper Amulet
The caster's body is wracked with a fierce storm of light and energy. 1d12 lightning bolts lash out with a range of up to 24 spaces. Each bolt strikes the first model in its path, causing 4 damage dice of injury. The caster must then pass an Intelligence test, or fall unconscious. Each subsequent turn, he may attempt to regain consciousness by rolling 7 or more on 1d12.
Component: Large Crystal
The winds of fate close around a single model within 24 spaces. In each subsequent turn, the Wizard may move the model at its normal Speed; he may not force it to Run, or otherwise control its actions. This spell ends at the end of the next exploration turn.

Component: Silver Charm, Large Crystal
Tiny star-like forms of glowing energy issue forth from the Wizard's outstretched hands. Upon a successful Intelligence test, the Wizard or one model in his death zone has Fate Points restored to maximum. A model may benefit from this spell only once per adventure.

checkbox DISASTER
Component: Deck of Cards
The Wizard weaves the energies of fate as he draws forth ill portents for his enemies. He may take one dungeon counter from the referee, and apply it at any time during this expedition.

Component: Sapphire Dust, Copper Amulet
Upon casting this, the Wizard and comrades gain a vision of a possible future. Play out the next combat (or 6 exploration turns). Upon passing an Intelligence test, the Wizard may discard the results of this episode, and start over at the time when he cast this spell, as if none of these events had occurred. No fate chips or re-rolls may apply to this test.

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