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Amethyst Wizard's Spell Book

Component: Amethyst Dust
The Wizard concentrates, agitating the air with the power of mind over matter, until it bursts into brilliant flame! Place a fireball template anywhere within 12 squares of the caster within his line of sight. Any models, friendly or enemy, which fall under the fireball template are hit, suffering 5 damage dice of injury.

checkbox FORTITUDE
Component: Corundum Globe
Using the power of mind over body, the Wizard heals the wounds of himself or any one recipient, restoring all Wounds to maximum. The recipient must be the only model in the Wizard's Death Zone at the time of casting.
checkbox SOUL STEEL
Component: Suspension of Amaranth
With this spell, the Wizard or a recipient within 6 spaces is revitalized with the resilience of the Amaranth, adding +1 to Toughness until the next exploration turn.

Component: Sheet of Expensive Parchment
The Wizard tears the parchment in two. Combat seems to cease for a moment, then resumes as if nothing has happened. The Wizard may choose 1d12 enemy models within 6 squares. Each must make an Intelligence test. If the test is failed, the model changes sides; it is now controlled by the Wizard. This lasts until the end of the next exploration turn, then the model runs away.

You know only the above spells at the start of the game. Tick the boxes as you learn the spells below.

Component: Stiffened Velvet Tube
The Wizard holds the tube to his forehead to form a third eye. With it, he may see into a previously unexplored area. Generate the contents normally. If there are any monsters present, the Wizard may choose one and control his actions. (This may not be a special character.) The creature may be made to open doors, move into unexplored areas (revealing them to the Wizard as it moves), attack other monsters (which will retaliate), or perform any other action which isn't alien to its nature (like injuring itself). The spell is broken when the Wizard takes an action, or the monster is wounded.

checkbox SLEEP
Component: Amethyst Dust and Fine Sand
Throwing the amethyst dust and sand into the air, the Wizard hums gently. Place a fireball template anywhere within 12 squares of his position and within line of sight, like a ranged attack. Any models, friendly or enemy, which fall under the fireball template are hit and must roll under their Toughness to stay awake. For purposes of this test only, Large Monsters add +2 to their Toughness before rolling. Sleeping models will remain unconscious until physically disturbed. Unconscious models have a WS of 1 if attacked.

checkbox ROUT
Component: Griffon Feather
The Wizard whispers an incantation that only his chosen victim can hear, which can be any model to which he has whole or partial line of sight. The Wizard may force the model to run any direction he chooses. All models adjacent to the squares that the fleeing model moves must make Bravery tests. If failed, they will run the same direction.

Component: Suspension of Amaranth
A single model within 18 spaces and line of sight of the caster is subjected to a horrible vision, as purple energy seems to ooze from the caster's ears, nose and mouth, forming a misshapen mass that engulfs the victim, suffocating him. The victim must take an Intelligence test; if he passes, he either disbelieves, or successfully holds his breath. Failure means that he is "suffocated" by the imaginary mass, dropped to 0 Wounds instantly.
Component: Corundum Globe
The Wizard smashes the globe at his feet, bellowing a powerful incantation. As the sound of the breaking glass dies, the Wizard's opponents begin to doubt their cause and are thoroughly disheartened. All enemy models in the same dungeon section as the Wizard have their Weapon Skill, Bow Skill and Bravery reduced by -2 until the next exploration turn.

checkbox SOUL SHARE
Component: Amethyst and a Hammer
The Wizard forms a magical bond between himself and one of his companions, drawing upon the other's strengths to offset his own weaknesses. Shattering the amethyst with the hammer, the Wizard chants, and a steady beam of light shoots from the broken gem to one of his companions. The Wizard may choose any friendly model within six squares. Until the start of the next exploration turn, the Wizard's characteristics, with the exception of Fate Points and Wounds, are identical to the chosen model's.

checkbox SPASM
Component: Purple Dragon's Blood
The Wizard gulps down the poisonous dragon's blood, and is consumed by an inner pain. As his nerves burn and agony wracks his body, at the point of passing out, the Wizard points at his enemy; the pain is transferred to the target. The Wizard may choose a single model within 9 squares and line of sight. If the Wizard passes an Intelligence test, the model suffers 12 damage dice of injury; otherwise, roll only 9 damage dice.

Component: Stiffened Velvet Tube
At the direction of the Wizard, a heavy manacle of energy seems to form around an enemy within 24 spaces and line of sight of the caster. Roll three dice. This is the total points of Strength that may be confined by this illusory manacle. Any single model or group of models adjacent to each other may be bound, so long as their total Strength does not exceed this amount. The target cannot move from the spot, but is otherwise unaffected and can perform other actions normally. While this spell is active, the Wizard cannot cast it again; it lasts until the next exploration turn, or until dispelled.

This spell book is based on the Amethyst Wizard's Spell Book that appeared in White Dwarf magazine, but with descriptions shortened. "The Manacle of Caloe" and "The Choking Foe" have been added, based on spells in 4th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle. "Spirit Control" has been changed to be more appropriate to adventures with pregenerated dungeons.

Please note that many monsters, such as undead and daemons, are immune to psychology, and hence are immune to many of these spells (Alter Allegiance, Spirit Control, Sleep, Rout, Choking Foe, Disillusion, Spasm, Manacle of Caloe).

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