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The following are house rules to account for the possibility of the acquisition of skills beyond mere raising of attributes between adventures.

In between adventures, a Hero may choose to undergo training in a new skill that may help him overcome some of his shortcomings, or broaden his options during an adventure. Unless stated otherwise, the acquisition of a new skill costs 200 Gold Crowns, or else the Hero can permanently sacrifice 1 Fate Point for the skill. Please note that some Heroes may already possess these skills, due to their profession or racial background, and thus would not benefit from further training.

A Hero may only train in one skill between each adventure -- not between expeditions to the same dungeon. This training may not take place while the Hero is also training to learn new spells or to raise an attribute; he will have enough to keep him busy already.

A starting Hero may choose to begin his adventuring career with skills from this list, but it comes at a cost. He must reduce one of his starting attributes (Weapon Skill, Bow Skill, Strength, Toughness, Intelligence, Speed, Wounds or starting Fate Points) by one, to reflect his change in focus, for each additional skill selected. No single attribute can be lowered by more than one point for this purpose.

  • Alchemy: Alchemists may spend a turn to determine the true nature of any potion encountered. For "random dungeon" play, this means you may roll on a chart for a potion's type before it is consumed. An Alchemist can successfully identify most potions, but in the case of particularly obscure or unique potions, the GM may secretly make an Intelligence test to determine whether it is identified correctly. Only Wizards may train in this skill.
  • Black Powder: This skill is required to be able to reload a black powder weapon, such as a pistol or handgun.
  • Literacy: While common people may not be able to read or write, it is assumed that the average Hero is able to do so. For certain Heroes, however, this is too much of an assumption. Berserkers and certain Chaotic races (Beastmen, Minotaurs, Ogres) are illiterate, and must train in this skill to overcome that handicap.
  • Survival: This skill allows a Hero to "Live Off the Land" in between expeditions, rather than visiting a settlement. No transactions may be made in the settlement, but the Hero is not required to pay personal Cost of Living expenses.

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