The Calendar of Pelor
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The Calendar of Pelor

For the purpose of keeping Reynard's game journal, I invented a calendar, purportedly that kept by the faithful of Pelor, so that I would have some dates I could list for the events. At the present writing, a test session of some battles that didn't "really count" for experience points or earnings took place in the final month of the Year Five Thousand and One, whereas the first adventure took place in spring of Five Thousand and Two, and the second adventure in the summer of that year. Here are my notes -- subject to change as demanded by the DM -- for the calendar as Reynard reckons it.

The followers of Pelor mark their calendars by the year of the historic moment when Pelor Himself granted the Great Prophet Pammedi the Sun Tablets, upon which were inscribed Pelor's commands for His faithful followers. These Sun Tablets were placed within the Temple of the Golden Sun, where they are kept by the priests of Pelor.

This happened during the first year, as followers of Pelor reckon time, and now it has been over five thousand years since that date, if their chroniclers are to be believed.

The year of the Pelor calendar is 365 days long (366 on leap years), divided into twelve months (of thirty days each), and a single five-day week at year's end. (On leap years, this week becomes six days long.) Each month is divided into six weeks, five days long each. The last week ends the Pelor year, and is marked by the faithful as a week of fasting during the daylight hours, filled with rituals and prayer to usher out the darkness of winter and bring in the new hope and warmth of longer days of summertime.

The months of the calendar are as listed below. (Gregorian approximations are only listed as a rough guide of the order; given the difference in lengths of months, the days would not line up.)

Month of Pelor (Gregorian Approximation)
Month of Rains March
Month of Blooms April
Month of Flowers May
Month of Birds June
Month of Sunlight July
Month of Songs August
Month of Storms September
Month of Leaves October
Month of Harvest November
Month of Snows December
Month of Darkness January
Month of Thaws February
Week of Pelor -

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